Saturday, December 27, 2008

On the MASS of the CHRIST - A Message for all: Justice is Justice REGARDLESS of HOW the WRONG WING Tries to Spin IT - The Rantings of A MAD WOMAN

Enough is enough.....

The ever self-righteous and ego-centric wrong wing would love to have us all believe that they are omnipotent and ever so holy.....
Their claims of CHRISTIAN Piety as they condemn anyone and everyone who does not live in their fear filled flat world of hate.
Oh how pious and how Christian as they publicly chastise all of those who would stand for the very word of the AMERICAN CONSTITUTION........
Oh, how greatly Christian as they sing their songs of holy grace.....
"OH, Holy us, the Forbearers of WE THE ONE TRUE GOD, Pray for their sins, now and at the hour we put them to death in OUR NAME'S SAKE........"
THOSE who would condemn to a life of torture and pain anyone who they deem to be unworthy of their all ominpotent grace......

From Lance Corporal Lance Herring...the guy that walked out after saying that he could not KILL anymore and he could not stand to watch those who were to be his "brothers in arms" slaughter and maim the innocent victims of IRAQ,...
Well Lance got his day in court and the military had to back off when the truth came out that HE WAS RIGHT and they were wrong....But do those overly pious ever beg foregiveness for their cruel error of judgment?
OH NO, those omnipotent beings can never admit wrongness, nor error, not a slip nor a weakness of character....They squirm and slither back to their holes with silent messages of...
"well, we are still right, you just wait and see, the demons will eat his soul and we will prove our righteousness and indignity...FOR we are the HOLY Father and Mother and can always cast the stones of hate to torture any and all who do not sitteth ant the right hand of me and we....since Jesus is in us...After all we created him!"

Where are those pious hate mongers now? On to their next victim?

"Let's go after the detainees of GITMO next...Those "terrorists"; those "animals" all guilty...YEP, all guilty and should be condemned to death or worse..."

That is their next target?

Those pious Christians of omnipotent grace...Those who would stone a man, woman or child because some cretin in the oval office decides to create an enemy....
Those blackened heartless souls who call themselves wonderous holy men and women of the "Conservative Right", not so conservative and definitely not so right. (Actually more radical than the most radical)....
Claiming to be better and more righteous than any who sees the evil inhumanity in torture and wish only that ALL MEN, WOMEN and CHILDREN be treated equal under the law. The very law written by those who used the blood of our forefathers to write the holiest of holies, the CONSTITUTION, of the country called the UNITED STATES of America.....

WRONG Winged "Conservative" zealots who call all, who would stand to protect humanity, their names of hate; spit like some foul vomit from their ugly soulless mouths....
Anyone who dares to stand for that doctrine written to protect all who are led to our shores and all who are placed in the hands of the U.S. for any reason are attacked as being "liberal" (the ultimate put down) or evil or anti-Christian, or un-AMARICUN!!!!!
For those of us who will stand for that protection of all and the humanity of all and the perfectness and rightness of all are truly a threat to those Self proclaimed Christians who claim such piety....

My one message to the Wrong Winged Conservative pious among us:

May the Universe finally consume your souls as it does those of us who walk willingly into it's open light.
Your fear and hate will not protect you from the burning truth...Eventually you will be consumed by it's cool hot fires.....but the choice will be yours as to how it will come to pass.
With full acceptance, open willingness and awe of wonderment; or with fear and loathing as you claw at the pull of the force and try to grasp that last bit of gutlessness in terror and hate....

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rancid Past - Dignity and Graciousness is the Future...The Rantings of A Mad Woman

Graciousness has not the forte of the Republicans for the last 14 years. What Obama has done, if nothing else, has brought graciousness and dignity to an event that lost it over the past generation or two.
The commentary and posts I have noted in recent days on both the McCain websites and the Obama websites, written by the obvious Republican supporters exemplify the current Republican response to dignity and to graciousness - Tear it down or sneer at it because they certainly cannot relate to it.
McCain went negative in his campaign but not on issues of policy or true concerns like the economy, security, healthcare. What he chose to do is to prop up old, stale, talking points with no substance then draw attention away with fantasy, innuendo, gossip and when that failed, let's try creating fear and pushing hate. McCain chose to use fear-mongering, saber-rattling and scam instead of honesty, intelligence and focus.
The "negative" used by Obama in his campaign was focus on FACT - McCain voted 90% with Bush and crowed about it until the polls showed it was unpopular; McCain lied about Obama's tax plan trying to make a case for what used to be called "fuzzy math" by his mentor; McCain chose to manipulate his supporters with rants about "suspending his campaign" to work on the economic crisis but spent a better part of the time filming interviews and playing political games from his condo in DC; McCain chose Palin as a running mate without vetting and without thought as to what a VP is and the world he would leave us with if he won and he was incapacitated - a useless, uneducated and untested unprofessional who knows nothing about law, Constitution, position or even how to cross a street in a big city.
Obama stands in front of a crowd of 100,000 in Manassas, in Denver, in other cities. In SMALL COLLEGE TOWNS, his numbers are 30,000; 45,000; 50,000.
No, THIS IS NOT any simple election.
This is NOT the usual campaign. We may not all agree on the specifics; We may not always agree on very issue but we are in it together and together we have created something Passionale and HUGE.
THIS IS a revolution. A peaceful, legal and legitimate Revolution and the MOVEMENT CRIES for a leader with dignity and that leader is OBAMA

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just Another Day In Paradise: Bush, McCain & Reagan - triplets of the economic horror show...BOO! - Rantings of a Mad Woman

The McCain Campaign is out answering the internet blogosphere again......
A continuation of the policy of smoke and mirrors...

"So, Mr McCain, what about the Economy?"

"Uh...Uh...HEY! Look over there!!!!Obama stubbed his toe and he didn't bleed
- proves he's a vampire!!!Afterall,we knew he had to be...
He runs with
alien terrorists from MARS!!!!!
The Washington Post has films of the landing
and met with their leader.....
We are demanding right here and now....RELEASE

YES McCAIN and his Campaign are LIKE BUSH in one major way...

They will SAY anything (LIE); They think WE are STUPID; And when all
else fails, blame the Democrats!

Smoke and mirrors...
don't tell the truth...and as the old worn saying goes....
If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit

And their brilliant part - the last brillance of the Republican Party is not in politics.
Colin Powell walked away...
THE last great hope wanted to get as far away as he could from the rancid waste that had
consumed the GOP.
This mess didn't start with Bush, just like the economic meltdown was not of his making but he certainly opened the flood gates.

It takes quite a bit to bring a huge, wealthy country to her knees....

Ronald REAGAN has been promoted as the GOD on HIGH for Republicans but those of us who knew him from his California days knew he was FAR from that.
Ronnie, of the Bottle Red hair, was a McCarthy supporting, life ruining political hack, bought
by the GOP to espouse the very same economic plan that led us to this economic
The "Piss on the Middle Class" plan, called the "Trickle Down Theory," stole from the poor and made the middle class poorer; destroyed the very things that brought us out of the GREAT DEPRESSION leading to the deregulation of the corporations and banks and allowing them to mate into Super-hybridized monsters of corruption.

He "de-institutionalized" and released us from "warehousing" those with emotional problems (his term for dumping fully institutionalized SEVERELY ILL people on the streets with no after care, no support and no on-going treatment, leading to a jump in the homeless population and an increase in crimes against those people). He cut funding to major health organizations from facilities for mental health to those treating severe retardation making it impossible to maintain the care and treatment levels necessary to do anything but basic maintenance and in many cases forced those institutions to release their professional staff and replace them with untrained and unqualified non-professionals since those institutions could no longer afford anyone else.

With that human horror came other great CONcepts like:

  • Cutting food programs in
    schools (deciding that ketchup packets are a basic vegetable source and
    therefore meets standards for nutrition and could fulfill the vegetable
    requirement in any given meal);
  • Fighting abortion with statements that 5
    week old fetuses could survive away from the mother without life support
    therefore that aborting a 5 week old fetus is murder of a human being that could
    live on it's own outside the mother;
  • Calling on HIS war experience as a
    pilot to justify his policies on defense (though he seemed to forget that he
    never fought in any war and his entire experience was IN the US on a set making
    movies. His actions in the service were nothing more than war films and pimping
    for War bonds)

This has been the basis for the REPUBLICAN PARTY platform since the 80's - gradually getting more corrupt, less empathetic and more corporatist.No matter how they spin it and try to use "the democrat majority for two years," anyone with a brain knows that -

  • The Democrats only have a clear majority in the House and that has been for a total of 20 months.
  • The Republican block has filibustered and blocked any real legislation from getting through unless it was kissed by King Wanna Be Georgie Porgie;
  • Until August 2008, McCain was happy to promote that he voted 90% with GW but got scared when he saw the poll numbers and has tried anything to distance himself since (while STILL supporting BUSH on virtually everything); has supported deregulation of the banking and mortgage industry and used those deregulation hacks as his advisors for developing "his (Phil Gramm's and K Street's) economic and tax plan;
  • Will continue to....

SAY anything (LIE); Think WE are STUPID; And when all else fails, blame the

Friday, October 3, 2008

Disney works the Debate,....The New Generation of Animatronics...Just Another Day in Paradise - The Rantings of A Mad Woman

Either Disney has gone to a new generation of Animatronics or we now have proof of pod people taking over the country........Is SARAH PALIN For real?

The conventional wisdom, through the early evening yesterday, expected Sarah Palin to collapse in a heap, she did not.
Biden was expected to go off on a tangent, he did not.
Palin said she was not going to answer the questions asked and said she would "talk straight to the American people;” she did not answer any questions but instead regurgitated canned talking points and nonstatements downloaded into that limited memory showing little, if any, comprehension of what she spoke. She counted on using her faux folksy and flirtatious winks to manipulate the audience where Biden used depth and substance. Palin used generalities that were read from the notes on the podium (one could watch her do it). Biden spoke from the heart and the brain of specific points and plans. It is no wonder that McCain wouldn't allow follow up questions and they kept the podiums SO far apart.

Palin is a joke but she is a cruel joke on the American people perpetrated by the SAME people who succeeded in perpetrating the last joke on the American people called the financial crisis and the joke called the Iraq War and the joke called the Bush Administration....
ALL COSTLY, CRUEL, EVIL JOKES….I am NOT laughing, are you?

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Integrity - John McCain and The Rantings of A Mad Woman

From John McCain's website, a post submitted called Integrity:

Posted at 11:52 AM on 7/23/2007 by Ben Olson
Integrity Over at Real Clear Politics, Ralph Peter’s writes today about "John McCain's Integrity Problem...he has too much of it." Peters continues that America needs three things in our next president and commander-in-chief; three qualities which John McCain would embody as President: 1) "Strong, conscientious leadership"; 2) Honesty to tell you where they really stand; 3) "The ability to unify our nation after the election." These are just three of the many valuable qualities John McCain would embody as president that are highlighted in Peters' article.
John McCain has dedicated his life to serving our country, and it will truly be a shame if we can't recognize the value he would bring to the presidency. Voters must realize the difference between a "parrot" candidate ("someone who merely tries to please the audience at the moment") and a president. Right now John McCain is the only candidate who can be a president for he will not base his campaign around the talking points provided to him by his staffers

Webster and the Dictionary published with his name have defined the noun as "Moral soundness" first appearing in English Lit about 1350 ...So the word is not new and therefore should be known by most Americans with a good grasp of the language.

And yet, in the context of THIS post? NOT so MUCH...I submit that John McCain is not a man that exhibits moral soundness or integrity...

Let's just take one part of the fabrications promoted by his campaign and as "John McCain", he "approves" their messages (not the man as described in that post by Mr Olson.......)

One issue that looms LARGE in his campaign...fed to us daily like a bitter pill, that campaign can't go n hour without trying to tell uw he is the All Amaricun Hero...That great warrior and loved by his comrades in arms.....

The number of veterans supporting McCain is much lower than he ever indicates. He counts generals and of course his Swift Boat buddiesLet's start with Col David Hackworth, the most highly decorated veteran in US history, was consistently investigating McCain to check on his statements and the "McCain Story" since he not only distrusted him, he believed his "story" was a good part exaggeration by his spin doctors. He did not support his candidacy in 2004. Unfortunately, the Colonel is now deceased but one wonders if he is spinning in his grave whenever McCain's story gets played (every tine McCain sneezes the diatribe starts again........). It's the one thing that Palin can get halfway straight

Then there is Dr Phillip Butler, PhD Sociologist and Navy Air retired, 8 years at the Hanoi Hilton, knew McCain from Annapolis (lived across the hall) and McCain was in the same POW camp with him. He distrusts McCain and makes no bones about it in multiple articles and interviews, some printed on Vietnam Veterans Against John McCain...But most importantly, here is what and why he is not so well liked, especially by those returning to find they cannot get treatment, may have difficulty finding jobs, homes or even recogmnition as a serviceman or woman.... Why? Ask JOHN MCCAIN....

Here is how John McCain has stood on recent legislation supported by major veterans’ organizations: McCain veterans voting record:

• McCain failed to show up for the vote on Sen. Webb's historic New GI Bill. In 2008, McCain was at a campaign fundraiser when seventy-five Senate colleagues voted to pass legislation affording today's veterans education assistance comparable to that provided veterans of World War II.
• McCain Was One of 13 Senators To Vote Against Increase In Veterans' Healthcare. In 2006, McCain was one of 13 senators to vote against an amendment to add $430 million for outpatient and inpatient health care and treatment for veterans. Amendment passed 84-16. [HR 4939, Vote #98, 4/26/06]
• McCain Voted To Cut Funding For Veterans' Healthcare. In 2006, McCain voted against an amendment to strike a provision in the 2007 Budget that will hold farm programs, veterans, Social Security, and Medicaid hostage to rising health care costs by creating automatic cuts once an arbitrary level of spending is reached in the Medicare program. The amendment failed 50-50. [SCR 83, Vote #70, 3/16/06]
• McCain Voted Against Increasing Veterans' Funding By $10 Billion. In 2006, McCain voted against an amendment to eliminate a tripling of fees for veterans in the TRICARE health care program by raising the discretionary spending limit by approximately $10 billion. The provisions would have been fully offset by eliminating certain corporate tax breaks. The amendment failed 46-53. [SCR 83, Vote #67, 3/16/06]
• McCain Voted Against Veteran's Healthcare Program. In 2006, McCain voted against an amendment to make veterans' health benefits a mandatory program, spending $104 billion over five years. The funding would have been offset by closing corporate tax loopholes and rolling back the Bush tax cuts for millionaires. Amendment rejected 46-54. [SCR 83, Vote #63, 3/16/06]
• McCain Voted Against A $1.5 Billion Increase In Healthcare For Veterans. In 2006, McCain voted against an amendment that increased the discretionary spending limit by $1.5 billion to $874.5 billion to provide an increase in funding for veterans' medical services. It would be offset by ending certain corporate tax breaks. Amendment rejected 46-54. [SCR 83, Vote #41, 3/14/06]
• McCain Failed To Vote To Support Healthcare For Veterans In Lieu of Tax Breaks For Millionaires. In 2006, McCain failed to vote on a motion to instruct conferees to insist that the tax reconciliation conference report includes funding to support health needs of veterans and military personnel in lieu of an extension of capital gains or dividends tax breaks for individuals with incomes of more than $1 million. Motion failed 40-53. [HR 4297, Vote #15, 2/13/06]
• McCain Voted Against $19 billion For Military And Veterans' Hospitals. In 2006, McCain voted against an amendment that provided $19 billion for military and veterans' hospitals, offset by limiting the dividend and capital-gains tax rates to individuals earning less than $1 million. Amendment failed 44-53. [HR 4297, Vote #7, 2/2/06]
• McCain Voted Against Mental Healthcare For Veterans. In 2005, McCain Voted against an amendment that provided an additional $500 million per year for the next five years for mental health services for veterans. The funding would be offset by deferring tax cuts for those making $1 million per year. Amendment rejected 43-55. [S 2020, Vote #343, 11/17/05]
• McCain Voted Against Considering Inflation In Veterans Funding Formula. In 2005, McCain voted against an amendment that would establish a future funding formula for health care for former members of the Armed Forces takes into account changes in population and inflation. Amendment failed 48-51. [HR 2863, Vote #251, 10/5/05]
• McCain Voted Against A $10 Million Increase In Readjustment Counseling for Veterans. In 2005, McCain voted against an amendment that would provide an additional $10 million for the Readjustment Counseling Service, offset with a $10 million reduction in the HealthVet account. The amendment failed 48-50. [HR 2528, Vote #242, 9/22/05]
• McCain Failed To Vote For A $1.5 Billion Increase In Veterans' Healthcare. In 2005, McCain failed to vote for an amendment that would add $1.5 billion of funding to the Department of Veterans' Affairs for medical services provided by the Veterans Health Administration. Amendment passed 96-0. [HR 2361, Vote # 165, 6/29/05; HR 2361, Vote # 166 , 6/29/05; HR 2361, Vote # 168, 6/29/05]
• McCain Voted Against $1.9 Billion In Emergency Funding For Veterans' Hospitals. In 2005, McCain voted against an amendment that designated $1.9 billion in emergency funding for veterans' hospitals. The $1.9 billion provided for the VA by the underlying amendment will help the VA to cover the costs of caring for these new veterans, and ensure that the VA is able to provide them with the care they deserve. The amendment failed 46-54. [HR 1268, Vote #90, 4/12/05]
• McCain Voted Against A $2 Billion Increase In Veterans' Funding. In 2005, McCain voted against an amendment that would increase funding for the Veterans Affairs Department by $1.98 billion and designate it as emergency spending. It would stipulate that $840 million be used for veterans' regional health networks; $610 million be used to address the needs of service members deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan; and $525 million be used to provide mental health care and treatment. Amendment failed 46-54. [HR 1268, Vote #89, 4/12/05]
• McCain Voted Against Creating A Reserve Fund For Veterans' Health Care. In 2004, McCain voted against an amendment that would create a reserve fund to allow for an increase in veterans medical care by $1.8 billion, the amount determined by Veterans' Affairs Committee to meet existing needs; and is fully offset by closing tax loopholes. Amendment rejected 46-51. [SCR 95, Vote #40, 3/10/04]
• McCain Voted Against Increasing Veterans' Health Care Program. In 2003, McCain voted against an amendment that would increase spending on the TRICARE program by $20.3 billion over 10 years to give members of the National Guard and Reserves and their families greater access to the health care program. The increase would be offset by a reduction in tax cuts. Amendment rejected 46-51. [SCR 23, Vote #81, 3/25/03]

[Check Thomas and look them up by their bill number. You will see the vote….]

It is certainly true that his affectionate and respectful RHETORIC for America's servicemen and women takes a back seat to no one. But when it comes to improving the health and education of our veterans, McCain's record leaves them stranded by the side of the road without change for a phone call or any tow truck in site

Senator McCain claims to have received awards from all the veterans' organizations in America
The recognition McCain has received from veterans groups is not awards but failing grades:

-Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America gave McCain a grade of D for his record of voting against veterans. (By contrast, Obama got a B+.)

-Disabled Veterans of America noted McCain's dismal 20 percent voting record on veterans' issues. (Obama had an 80 percent.)

-In a list of "Key Votes," Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) notes McCain "Voted Against Us" 15 times and "Voted For Us" only 8. (Obama voted for VVA 12 times, and against only once.)

[ Fact Checking McCain on Vets Groups , July 8, 2008, Matthew DeLong “The Washington Independent”]

Even the organizations he claims support him are seriously disappointed in him. A man who should be the voice on the hill for the veteran is leaving veterans to trry to fend for themselves...

Friday, September 26, 2008

And the Fools On the Hill See the Sun Going Down on America - Rantings of A Mad Woman

Fools on the Hill......
I love that those all-knowing Grand Wizards of all things important, sitting on the Hill in D.C., are JUST figuring out what many have known for 10 friggin' years.

The so-called housing bubble, that churn and burn growth of a market based on air, was the ONLY thing propping up an economy that has needed to do an adjustment since 1998; Staved off by the Republicans in their bids to keep the sleazy corporatists going without oversight.....

Unfettered growth without any natural controls is called Cancer....

Housing was the only thing that grew for years. Everything else dropped or stagnated in a sea of slime that pulled jobs away from citizens and benefits away from workers; Taking them to the eastern /Asian sweat shops and slave camps as well as manipulating the use of undocumented workers to fill the coffers of the largest TRUSTS created by a corporate feeding frenzy gobbling down little "mom and pop shops"; CEOs making millions for screwing their employees, lying to the government and reaping the rewards of insider trading.
EVEN Cheney had his own scam going while using the secret information coming through Washington to make millions off the Euro and keep his shares in Halliburton and KB&R strong.

We are the richest 3rd World Country in the World...No Exported goods and based on all imported products; we have no economy based on production, using most of the World's resources, borrowing and living on credit, and giving nothing back but war and pestilence.

And if things aren't bad enough,
Super JOHN announces he will be the SAVIOR of the Free World again, rushing into Washington (a 1 1/2 hour flight that took 22 hours since he had to run around giving interviews and press conferences announcing his great act of bravery).
With his American Flag cape, he strides into the Capitol, creates mayhem, and encourages rebellion in order to disrupt any real attempts to manage the issue...

Those who believe we must just let the whole thing collapse obviously were products of the Bush family's "No Child left Behind" educational system or, at least, flunked recent World History...That has been tried before...

The last time a lazy President did that very thing in response to the last economic crisis, in the late 20's, ushered in the Great Depression (It is not lost on me that it was another Republican created mess)....

The elderly and the young lost then and they are losing now. No healthcare, no assistance and their safety nets destroyed.

Again we have no healthcare, no assistance and the vast population's safety nets destroyed by the Republicans who went in over the last generation and dismantled all the checks and balances put in place to solve that great dilemma. From REAGAN (the false savior of the world and his laughable "trickle down"...The only thing trickling down is the pissing on the American Middle Class by those in power and the Corporatists they unleashed) to Bush the Elder and Junior King Wanna-Be, they had no clue and are completely tone deaf to the cries of starvation and pain within our own borders!

I am a believer in anold American tradition...There once was a time politicians, caught in their greedy, criminal behavior and manipulation, were tarred, feathered and run out on a rail...
Sounds good to me starting with GWB, Cheney and the rest of the cabal and running through the House and Senate with each and every Republican and Democrat that voted in Gramm-Leach-Bliley, repealing Glass-Steagall (this includes the best Republican president this country has ever seen, William Jefferson Clinton), removing the oversight and controls that kept banks as banks, investment firms as investment firms and separated the lines so they could not bastardize the system.

Bush was warned during the G8 conferences and Economic Summits over the past 8 years but chose to ignore it...The Republicans and the Democrats were warned in 1999 through today and did nothing....

WE NEED ACTION but not appeasement and not the political gamesmanship brought about with election campaigns taking precedent over the American people and the people of the world...Whether we like it or not...As the American economy goes, so goes the rest of the World. WE are responsible and we have the ball....