Friday, October 3, 2008

Disney works the Debate,....The New Generation of Animatronics...Just Another Day in Paradise - The Rantings of A Mad Woman

Either Disney has gone to a new generation of Animatronics or we now have proof of pod people taking over the country........Is SARAH PALIN For real?

The conventional wisdom, through the early evening yesterday, expected Sarah Palin to collapse in a heap, she did not.
Biden was expected to go off on a tangent, he did not.
Palin said she was not going to answer the questions asked and said she would "talk straight to the American people;” she did not answer any questions but instead regurgitated canned talking points and nonstatements downloaded into that limited memory showing little, if any, comprehension of what she spoke. She counted on using her faux folksy and flirtatious winks to manipulate the audience where Biden used depth and substance. Palin used generalities that were read from the notes on the podium (one could watch her do it). Biden spoke from the heart and the brain of specific points and plans. It is no wonder that McCain wouldn't allow follow up questions and they kept the podiums SO far apart.

Palin is a joke but she is a cruel joke on the American people perpetrated by the SAME people who succeeded in perpetrating the last joke on the American people called the financial crisis and the joke called the Iraq War and the joke called the Bush Administration....
ALL COSTLY, CRUEL, EVIL JOKES….I am NOT laughing, are you?

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