Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just Another Day In Paradise: Bush, McCain & Reagan - triplets of the economic horror show...BOO! - Rantings of a Mad Woman

The McCain Campaign is out answering the internet blogosphere again......
A continuation of the policy of smoke and mirrors...

"So, Mr McCain, what about the Economy?"

"Uh...Uh...HEY! Look over there!!!!Obama stubbed his toe and he didn't bleed
- proves he's a vampire!!!Afterall,we knew he had to be...
He runs with
alien terrorists from MARS!!!!!
The Washington Post has films of the landing
and met with their leader.....
We are demanding right here and now....RELEASE

YES McCAIN and his Campaign are LIKE BUSH in one major way...

They will SAY anything (LIE); They think WE are STUPID; And when all
else fails, blame the Democrats!

Smoke and mirrors...
don't tell the truth...and as the old worn saying goes....
If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit

And their brilliant part - the last brillance of the Republican Party is not in politics.
Colin Powell walked away...
THE last great hope wanted to get as far away as he could from the rancid waste that had
consumed the GOP.
This mess didn't start with Bush, just like the economic meltdown was not of his making but he certainly opened the flood gates.

It takes quite a bit to bring a huge, wealthy country to her knees....

Ronald REAGAN has been promoted as the GOD on HIGH for Republicans but those of us who knew him from his California days knew he was FAR from that.
Ronnie, of the Bottle Red hair, was a McCarthy supporting, life ruining political hack, bought
by the GOP to espouse the very same economic plan that led us to this economic
The "Piss on the Middle Class" plan, called the "Trickle Down Theory," stole from the poor and made the middle class poorer; destroyed the very things that brought us out of the GREAT DEPRESSION leading to the deregulation of the corporations and banks and allowing them to mate into Super-hybridized monsters of corruption.

He "de-institutionalized" and released us from "warehousing" those with emotional problems (his term for dumping fully institutionalized SEVERELY ILL people on the streets with no after care, no support and no on-going treatment, leading to a jump in the homeless population and an increase in crimes against those people). He cut funding to major health organizations from facilities for mental health to those treating severe retardation making it impossible to maintain the care and treatment levels necessary to do anything but basic maintenance and in many cases forced those institutions to release their professional staff and replace them with untrained and unqualified non-professionals since those institutions could no longer afford anyone else.

With that human horror came other great CONcepts like:

  • Cutting food programs in
    schools (deciding that ketchup packets are a basic vegetable source and
    therefore meets standards for nutrition and could fulfill the vegetable
    requirement in any given meal);
  • Fighting abortion with statements that 5
    week old fetuses could survive away from the mother without life support
    therefore that aborting a 5 week old fetus is murder of a human being that could
    live on it's own outside the mother;
  • Calling on HIS war experience as a
    pilot to justify his policies on defense (though he seemed to forget that he
    never fought in any war and his entire experience was IN the US on a set making
    movies. His actions in the service were nothing more than war films and pimping
    for War bonds)

This has been the basis for the REPUBLICAN PARTY platform since the 80's - gradually getting more corrupt, less empathetic and more corporatist.No matter how they spin it and try to use "the democrat majority for two years," anyone with a brain knows that -

  • The Democrats only have a clear majority in the House and that has been for a total of 20 months.
  • The Republican block has filibustered and blocked any real legislation from getting through unless it was kissed by King Wanna Be Georgie Porgie;
  • Until August 2008, McCain was happy to promote that he voted 90% with GW but got scared when he saw the poll numbers and has tried anything to distance himself since (while STILL supporting BUSH on virtually everything); has supported deregulation of the banking and mortgage industry and used those deregulation hacks as his advisors for developing "his (Phil Gramm's and K Street's) economic and tax plan;
  • Will continue to....

SAY anything (LIE); Think WE are STUPID; And when all else fails, blame the

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