Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rancid Past - Dignity and Graciousness is the Future...The Rantings of A Mad Woman

Graciousness has not the forte of the Republicans for the last 14 years. What Obama has done, if nothing else, has brought graciousness and dignity to an event that lost it over the past generation or two.
The commentary and posts I have noted in recent days on both the McCain websites and the Obama websites, written by the obvious Republican supporters exemplify the current Republican response to dignity and to graciousness - Tear it down or sneer at it because they certainly cannot relate to it.
McCain went negative in his campaign but not on issues of policy or true concerns like the economy, security, healthcare. What he chose to do is to prop up old, stale, talking points with no substance then draw attention away with fantasy, innuendo, gossip and when that failed, let's try creating fear and pushing hate. McCain chose to use fear-mongering, saber-rattling and scam instead of honesty, intelligence and focus.
The "negative" used by Obama in his campaign was focus on FACT - McCain voted 90% with Bush and crowed about it until the polls showed it was unpopular; McCain lied about Obama's tax plan trying to make a case for what used to be called "fuzzy math" by his mentor; McCain chose to manipulate his supporters with rants about "suspending his campaign" to work on the economic crisis but spent a better part of the time filming interviews and playing political games from his condo in DC; McCain chose Palin as a running mate without vetting and without thought as to what a VP is and the world he would leave us with if he won and he was incapacitated - a useless, uneducated and untested unprofessional who knows nothing about law, Constitution, position or even how to cross a street in a big city.
Obama stands in front of a crowd of 100,000 in Manassas, in Denver, in other cities. In SMALL COLLEGE TOWNS, his numbers are 30,000; 45,000; 50,000.
No, THIS IS NOT any simple election.
This is NOT the usual campaign. We may not all agree on the specifics; We may not always agree on very issue but we are in it together and together we have created something Passionale and HUGE.
THIS IS a revolution. A peaceful, legal and legitimate Revolution and the MOVEMENT CRIES for a leader with dignity and that leader is OBAMA

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