Monday, March 23, 2009

Torture , Mr. President - A crime of omission is as bad as a crime of commission - The Rantings of a Mad Woman

Dear Mr. President:
I voted for you.
I also expected to have a President that would hold our Constitution and our country in as high esteem as I.
I fear that I was wrong. I was terribly wrong.

MR. President, you are responsible to the country and to the laws of this land. YOU swore an oath (twice) to uphold the laws of this land and to support our Constitution, defending it from all enemies. You, sir, are failing miserably.

Mr. Cheney and Mr. Bush are self confessed war criminals. They have gone on record in front of the American people admitting to ordering torture. They supported and ordered TORTURE.
You have the International Red Cross, the CIA and the US Military giving evidence of their involvement in torture and the torture that was committed from waterboarding, sodomy, beatings, sleep deprivation, loud noise and music for days on end, torture that is too heinous to discuss.
NO living creature should EVER be subjected to this treatment and these detainees were tortured repeatedly, not for weeks but FOR YEARS AND YEARS - the Bush Administration knew it, approved it and encouraged it!!!!
TORTURE, Mr President...Not mild discomfort....TORTURE - LIFE destroying, mind destroying and body destroying torture! CHILDREN age 13 and old men age 98...TORTURE!!
You have the White House attorneys and legal advisors stating they advised the legality of torture and you have done NOTHING though your constituents have called for it - WE SCREAM for it!
We have called REPEATEDLY for you to stand for the laws of this land. WE HAVE BEGGED for you to do what is honorable and right. You have not.
The time is NOT later. The time is NOW!
A SPECIAL Prosecutor is warranted and it is demanded.
YOU MUST bring those involved to justice.
I don't care what the immediate complaints and whing will be.
HISTORY DEMANDS that YOU hold these people accountable. The world demands that you hold these people accountable and our NATION demands that you hold these people accountable.
If not, we might as well pull the plug and let Great Britain take us back.
We don't DESERVE to BE a nation. A nation with no laws is not a nation. A nation with no moral compass is not a nation and a President with no guts to do the job is NO PRESIDENT!

IF you continue to drag your feet and to block any attempts to bring these people to justice, you , sir are complicit. You are as guilty as if you ordered the torture yourself. Yours will be guilt by ommission. You will aide and abet war criminals to escape justice and you will lose the respect of a World that held such high hopes for you.
We will continue to be a rogue nation - debase and morality and no conscience.......
YOU MUST HOLD the last administration accountable for torture and the destruction of our constitution.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Just Another Day in Paradise - Something Evil This Way Came and Stayed- The Rantings of a Mad Woman

On Feb 19, 2009, a “leak” came out of the Dept of Defense (the Pentagon) about a report to be given to President Obama referencing Guantanamo, Camp X-Ray and the treatment of detainees. Of course it was leaked before it was ever given to the White House then made fully public on the 20th. The Wrong-Wing apologists as well as the Pentagon’s paid spin doctors and “consultants” have been VERY busy, working over time to jump on the claimed “unauthorized leak”.

From Reddit to Digg, Twitter to Newsvine…the spin was spun like a category 5 tornado blowing out every bit of reality in it’s path. The MSM spread it on front pages and Op-Eds were fast to follow.

Blog after Blog of “see we told you it was a resort!” Even quotes from Cheney “We’ll it is the tropics” came through faster than a speeding bullet to try to strike at the heart of those of us who have fought the HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES that have continued in our name.

The Pentagon, investigating GITMO…Kind of like PolPot investigating the actions of the Khmer Rouge; Hitler investigating the Gestapo…Stalin investigating the KGB…

The response internationally was quite the opposite. It is spun as Obama’s excuse to continue the practices of Bush

There are some of us fighting to get hell on earth closed and there are some of us who have taken the hits for doing just that. What Obama has done is at LEAST taken the time to question. Now we just have to MAKE that question turn in to action. NOT an easy chore with the Pentagon acting like the IAGO to his Othello. The Pentagon propaganda piece was a blow to the movement since we lost a lot of the fence sitting idiots more concerned with how their blinders match their latest Designer boots or whether or not they may need to scale back on eating out.

Bagram was an "unknown" to most Americans until recently….Talk about “OPEN DEMOCRACY”….The Military Machine likes to keep the truth covered as strongly as North Korea’s Kim Jong Il does.

What is more surprising is that most Americans think Abu Ghraib was a blip on the screen, closed and shuttered away as a single, short term, mistake... bad trip; Bagram is "new", though it dates back to pre-Guantanamo, and Guantanamo the "REAL" prison...They don't even know (and many don't CARE) that there are dozens more, possibly HUNDREDS. Even the former "vacationers" have named OVER 100 Black Sites ( for the CIA and FBI with a little help from their friends MI-5, with (or without) the cooperation of the country in which the prison sits.

We have had only a handful of the guards from Guantanamo with the conscience and strength to speak out; ONLY TWO continuing the march to get this hell closed. NO one from Bagram seems to have taken the chance as of yet….Got to love the Pentagon’s brain-washing and control of their minions. Chris Arendt is now traveling England speaking to bring attention to the issues. He did what he could here and went to try to bring the attention of the world…Now Brandon Neely has stood out a bit and has taken some chances in interviews outside of the program...Both are met with hostility, derision and threats to their life.

The anger at the U.S. for it’s abuses and imperialistic aims is quite justified but do not make the mistake of thinking that the stupidity and mindless destruction from the last 8 years and the imperialistic aims over the last 60, is the same as the desire and want of the people; That the imperialism set off after WWII has anything to do with the citizens who came to trust what they were told by a media owned by those castrated moguls living in the pockets of impotent evil old men who actually believe their own propaganda.

THE FOCUS needs to remain on those who brought this hell to fruition and not blame those who are working to bring it down. WE MUST stand together, nationally and internationally, to bring about the change that is needed. Bagram and Guantanamo are symptoms of the illness and not the illness itself. We can eradicate both but the illness will remain.

The illness, OUR illness, a childish and unjustified fear of all things "other"; all things that do not reinforce our opinion of self; our view of our omnipotence and our perfection is a product of too many tears of wanton laziness brought about by our false sense of exceptionalism, entitlement, faux spirituality; our egotistical self-importance leading to our self-righteous indignation when confronted with anything that doesn't fit into our view of self. We have become an immature, misguided and down right lazy society with a moral compass buried in fear and distrust of anything outside. A complacency has set in over years and years, decade after decade, as we gradually turned over our rights and response-ability for easy ignore-ance and comfort. Growing fat gorging our selves upon the sugary, toxic syrup and lusciously poisonous praise heaped on by those who have never had our best interests in mind but rather wanted all the power and wealth to commit some of the most heinous crimes in OUR NAME. As long as we can be shown a fantasy world of security and safety; as long as we get assurances of our goodness and rightness; as long as we get the crumbs thrown at the right intervals, we are willing to allow TORTURE, DESTRUCTION, and MURDER; Stripping the Earth, the Sea and other living beings of everything that will promote our over bloated, conceited and self-involved existence.
WE have become the pawns for some very evil men on ALL sides and we are the only ones who can ultimately take that power away from them and regain ourselves to bring about education, awareness and understanding of all and stop the insanity of hate for hates sake and fear grown from ignorance - willful or not.

The U.S. had 8 years of tyrannical control by Cheney and Bush as a front for the PNAC who used fear and their exceptionalist propaganda to put themselves into power, again. Bin Laden, the Taliban and others are doing the same. Those who hate us don’t even care to know us and those of us who hate you don’t even care to know you…It is in the best interest of the rabid fear-mongers to keep knowledge away from those they want to control.

The election in November placed Obama in office over “more of the same” McCain. To the outside world we did nothing different but the truth is that intelligence won over stupidity. Pragmatism over blind arrogance.

Contrary to the implications made, Obama is NOT the Pentagon, the Pentagon is its own entity that, after 60 years of greed and manipulation, has been allowed too much power, going rogue. They are not to be trusted; they thrive on war and strife; AND it is in their interests to promote bigotry and hate. They WILL pick the scabs off any injury until it bleeds again and again so they can stay in power. THEY must have hate and fear to keep their money and toys coming in. If there is not a war in process, they will start one. It IS their primary Directive - IT is their ONLY directive and without it they will cease to have purpose and use.
The PNAC (Project for a New American Century) is a new name for the old Military industrial Complex led by the Chicken Hawks of the McCarthy Era that got us in to Korea, Vietnam and now Iraq and Afghanistan. (; ) They attack ANYONE that doesn't march lock step with the NEO-CON principals and will use propaganda and spin buying their way in to the news media, manipulate elections, set up educational sites and charitable organizations to promote their brand of fascism. And no wonder...Their guru was Leo Strauss.
Their members have sold arms to one nation then the audacity to turn around and complain that those "evil" nations have arms….That is what they did to Iraq and Afghanistan; China and North Korea; EVEN GERMANY pre-WWII. (Bin Laden, Mao, Hussein, and on and on....)
But it is NO different than those who would call us the evil Imperialists egging on a fight and acts against the people of our country….They are exactly the same. IDENTICAL in their power hunger and hate; Manipulation and war mongering. Trying to manipulate people into their propaganda for the same goals and the same purpose.

The jury is still out on whether Obama will buy in to the crap spewed by the war-mongering generals or will see through it and do something about it. Will he just cower and let them continue their control like some military junta with a pretend “president” as a figure head to make the people feel like they live in a democracy of sorts; or will he show the strength of character and intelligence to put these over zealous, genital deprived, blustering delinquents from the stone age out of their misery and clean house?

You can call me a fool and you can attack me for what you believe I represent but the truth of the matter is that until we ALL learn that we are all the SAME, every single creature on this planet and on every other, there will be no end, no peace and no understanding….Only Hate, war and pain for the innocents while the promoters of the hate on both “sides” will continue to live in luxury, safety and relative comfort as they pull the strings of their puppets.

WE have to confront those who would use us to do their bidding; stop being their minions and start acting on our own moral compass….Dig it up, dust it off and make sure each of us still has one that works. Then get the balls to stand up against those who would oppress us and that claim to be our friend