Monday, March 23, 2009

Torture , Mr. President - A crime of omission is as bad as a crime of commission - The Rantings of a Mad Woman

Dear Mr. President:
I voted for you.
I also expected to have a President that would hold our Constitution and our country in as high esteem as I.
I fear that I was wrong. I was terribly wrong.

MR. President, you are responsible to the country and to the laws of this land. YOU swore an oath (twice) to uphold the laws of this land and to support our Constitution, defending it from all enemies. You, sir, are failing miserably.

Mr. Cheney and Mr. Bush are self confessed war criminals. They have gone on record in front of the American people admitting to ordering torture. They supported and ordered TORTURE.
You have the International Red Cross, the CIA and the US Military giving evidence of their involvement in torture and the torture that was committed from waterboarding, sodomy, beatings, sleep deprivation, loud noise and music for days on end, torture that is too heinous to discuss.
NO living creature should EVER be subjected to this treatment and these detainees were tortured repeatedly, not for weeks but FOR YEARS AND YEARS - the Bush Administration knew it, approved it and encouraged it!!!!
TORTURE, Mr President...Not mild discomfort....TORTURE - LIFE destroying, mind destroying and body destroying torture! CHILDREN age 13 and old men age 98...TORTURE!!
You have the White House attorneys and legal advisors stating they advised the legality of torture and you have done NOTHING though your constituents have called for it - WE SCREAM for it!
We have called REPEATEDLY for you to stand for the laws of this land. WE HAVE BEGGED for you to do what is honorable and right. You have not.
The time is NOT later. The time is NOW!
A SPECIAL Prosecutor is warranted and it is demanded.
YOU MUST bring those involved to justice.
I don't care what the immediate complaints and whing will be.
HISTORY DEMANDS that YOU hold these people accountable. The world demands that you hold these people accountable and our NATION demands that you hold these people accountable.
If not, we might as well pull the plug and let Great Britain take us back.
We don't DESERVE to BE a nation. A nation with no laws is not a nation. A nation with no moral compass is not a nation and a President with no guts to do the job is NO PRESIDENT!

IF you continue to drag your feet and to block any attempts to bring these people to justice, you , sir are complicit. You are as guilty as if you ordered the torture yourself. Yours will be guilt by ommission. You will aide and abet war criminals to escape justice and you will lose the respect of a World that held such high hopes for you.
We will continue to be a rogue nation - debase and morality and no conscience.......
YOU MUST HOLD the last administration accountable for torture and the destruction of our constitution.

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  1. Amen Cosmic Surfer.

    Thank you for stopping by Sirens Chronicles and giving us your pov. ;)