Sunday, May 17, 2009

JUST Another day in paradise - A Call for Accountability where there is none - Rantings of A Mad Woman

Dear Mr. President.

The administration of "change"; the administration of "transparency and accountability" has promised much and delivered little.

The facts, as they currently stand, on human rights are as appalling as the last administration’s. NO transparency; no accountability; no assurance of an end to the torture that is done in MY NAME and in the name of my countrymen. The black sites still open and the criminals are still running the country.
At this point in time, I find little reason for hope for the nation of my forefathers. I, who was one of your supporters, deeply regret that we have more of the same criminal neglect and hate towards others as we did before January 20th. Cheney allowed to run from interview to interview when he has openly admitted to crimes against humanity that verify the documents YOU hold, proving same.

AND what of you, Mr. President? Your daughters in 10 to 15 years time. Will they be able to be proud of a father that allowed TORTURE and allowed those responsible to continue in their 'positions" and continue to have a forum from which they can spread their diseased ideology of hate and venom?? That allowed criminal sadism to walk free and to gain a place in our history as acceptable and honorable? Obviously so, since you continue to allow them to speak for our country.

Your continued refusal to deal with the fact that WE - YOU and the REST of the GOVERNMENT as well as every citizen in this country- TORTURED HUNDREDS! Your choice of inaction, in fact your ACTION of protecting criminal sadists that ordered, planned and carried out the abuse, proclaims your acceptance of responsibility for causing any deaths of detainees at Gitmo and the other sites as well as causing the lifetime of pain, suffering many more; asserts your complicity as conspirator to protect the criminals; assures you to be associated with the cabal that planned and ordered the waterboarding, the beating, the sensory deprivation, the freezing, the suffocation, the confinement coffins, the stress positions, the sleep deprivation, the attacks by dogs, the “medical” rape and the continued horror that these BOYS , from 13 to 18, and men, 18 to 98, were and are forced to endure. You are allowing the criminals to walk with no responsibility. You are allowing the sadists to be free while you condemn the victims to a life sentence of pain.

You should be as ashamed as I; thoroughly ashamed at what my government continues to do in our name - you do not speak for me since you have chosen to speak for that sick minority of American Exceptionalists that continue to attempt to justify and spin the excuses and revise the truth…the lies and the manipulation to torture. YET, you have condemned ME to the life as a war criminal too; breaking our laws and the laws of the world, our treaties, our promises, and our assertions, along with you. It is quite alright if you choose the responsibility but to force me to do so is quite unacceptable!

You lied about having respect for others and a moral compass in order to get in to office and for that, too, I am ashamed that I bought in to the con.
PROVE me wrong! Get off your well pampered ass and do what screams to be done....Make those responsible, responsible!

Change, indeed!

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