Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The American Taliban - Terrorism in the US - Just Another day In Paradise - The Rantings of a MAD Woman

Act Now to Stop War & End Racism (ANSWER): Dr. Tiller's Murder: Fascist Terrorism and its Pampered Apologists

The American Taliban - Those self-righteous, hate mongering venomous so-called "christians"...

No Christ would tolerate the behaviors of these up-standing enslavers of women...Who defile the meaning of life with their calls to slaughter those who CARE for any woman who has made such a difficult choice.

STAND for the rights of all people against the perpetrators of this evil...

We cannot let them destroy the GOOD that has been done.

We cannot allow them to drag us back to the death alleys of back street abortionists and wire coat hangers - infections and disease, death and pain...

We cannot allow them to destroy the millions of women who may never use the option but always will have a choice available...

WE must stand against power hungary, misogynist MEN and their enslaved that would dehumanize us.

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