Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The American Taliban - Terrorism in the US - Just Another day In Paradise - The Rantings of a MAD Woman

Act Now to Stop War & End Racism (ANSWER): Dr. Tiller's Murder: Fascist Terrorism and its Pampered Apologists

The American Taliban - Those self-righteous, hate mongering venomous so-called "christians"...No Christ would tolerate the behaviors of these up-standing enslavers of women...Who defile the meaning of life with their calls to slaughter those who CARE for any woman who has made such a difficult choice.
STAND for the rights of all people against the perpetrators of this evil...
We cannot let them destroy the GOOD that has been done.
We cannot allow them to drag us back to the death alleys of back street abortionists and wire coat hangers - infections and disease, death and pain...We cannot allow them to destroy the millions of women who may never use the option but always will have a choice available...
WE must stand against power hungary, misogynist MEN and their enslaved that would dehumanize us.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Just a Another Day in Paradise-The Middlle Class? Lost to Memory or Good Times gone Bad...Rantngs of the MAD Woman

The "Middle Class", born of the late 1800's with the industrial revolution hitting full stride, expanded at its highest rate in the late 40's with the war and then peaking in the 1950's with the tax rate on $400,000 or more a year at 90-92%, socializing the country with highways, fire departments, schools, water and public works, and utilities...the growth in military (and the onset of control by the military industrial complex) was under Truman...(the second best Republican president we ever had) and Eisenhower (who actually learned to fear them and warned us of them in his farewell speech). Still growing but slowing in the 60's, the Middle Class held its own as the tax rate for the wealthy began to drop, first under Kennedy then Johnson (the BS of the Grand Old Pariah that the Democrats are all about tax and spend never did hold but then they have always been liars).

The Middle Class got its first, nearly fatal wound under Nixon...then healed a bit then shot again, closer to the heart, under Reagan with continued tax cuts only to the rich while the Middle Class paid all the bills. The beginning of the breakup of utilities by the Republicans continued sucking the life out by sucking the money and giving it to the power brokers of the baby bells (Onset of Qwest, SW Bell, PacBell, etc) and the selling of the power grid and what they held, they never bothered to keep up…Xcel Energy, to this very day, is under staffed refusing to hire trained personnel and under-paying those they get in to train so that they leave BEFORE they learn the grid (How many realize that there are only a handful of people in over ½ of the nation that actually KNOWS how to deal with the grid… working 10-12-24 hour days extending into weeks and months because there is no one to take over who can do it) and pretty much held together with bailing wire and duct tape since the companies would rather pay those high salaries and bonuses to the useless, uneducated Exec before spending it on the grid or the infrastructure upgrades needed.....No more public works for utilities...In march the speculators and middle men allowed by the deregulation of the power and utility companies…Enron, et all, begin their games of controlling the gas, oil and other power markets, buying low and selling back at 10 to 20 times the value, driving the west into the ground and the middle into bankruptcy…Utility hikes are NOT due to shortage…The “shortage” hasn’t started yet as long as we can still depose leaders of sovereign nations in order to steal resources, we don’t care about the finite resources until they…well, finish being there. The hikes are due to greed.

Now we have the Middle Class shrinking to levels not seen since WWII but the upper classes continue upward…millions and millions spent on salaries and bonuses for people hired to run corporations who know NOTHING about the industry they are in; rewarding for failures at our expense; executives who created nightmares for the country being hired or appointed to Federal cabinet posts or department positions without real positive experience ….Transferring and churning their take ever higher while the worker starts getting pay cuts and layoffs… Reagan cutting the wealthiest to a tax rate of 28% - setting off a “California style earthquake” in the economy that spiraled out of control – just like he did as governor…obviously, he learned nothing..they hover between 28 to 33% (going up under Clinton to set off a new mini boom for the economy…more money in the coffers and more money for people in the middle

THEN walks in the Black Bart of the DC scene….Phil GRAMM (you know – the K street lobbyist that McCain had design his economic plan and who was to be appointed as McCain’s economic leader if he won?)….The man who with the rest of the Republican Contract ON America shills put the last bullet into the Middle Class…He schemed and manipulated and churned the K street lobbyists into a frenzy…Like a rock star of greed when he manipulated the death of Glass Steagall…The law that clearly brought us out of the mess in the 30’s with the banks (the law that put oversight on the oversight..the law that kept the banks solvent and told them they could not spend our money without telling us and without accountability), and rammed through Gramm Leach Bliley which allowed the rich and wealthy to take over and breed with the banks, creating unregulated bastard hybrids that raped and pillaged their way through the first part of the decade..The new 21st century depression was in the works….As we slowly were eaten away on the back as we were sold nutritionless fluff to gorge on in the front with credit cards and come ons that even the smartest of us bought (because it was AMARICUN! Dammit!) we put ourselves into a fix…The Fed even pushed the use of Credit to pay off tax bills (ever call the IRS with a problem? The first thing they ask is “do you have a credit card?”). The only way to buy anything was with a credit card…Some people stopped taking cash and they wouldn’t allow cash to be mailed! Credit cards were required as ID....required to show one’s credit worthiness…Credit..Credit…Everything must be on credit…That was part of the scheme…
We can bitch all we want about people being “irresponsible” but the fix was in and the war on the Middle Class went to a new phase…Force them into debt..Then the FINAL bomb was dropped…Like a poisonous gas on what was left….Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005. Reformed only for the credit industry (what a farce claiming it to be “consumer protection”…well I guess it was protection of the Credit card companies from the consumer)…Bankruptcy laws were gutted and there was no more relief for those falling further and further into despair..Low paying or no jobs, manufacturing left to the 3rd worlders; we are now unable to get relief from our own emergencies…Cancer? "Tough! Get your treatment and go live on the street! Starve, sell your children and your kidneys, we don’t care anymore…..you should be happy we allow you to live in America, even if it is in a cardboard box under a bridge!"

That rattle and hum? The death throes of the American middle class are being heard around the world…