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JUST Another Day in Paradise - and the Mad Psychopaths still roam free.....The Ranting of A Mad Woman Torture Photos Show Rapes of Detainees, Former Officer Confirms

Torture Photos Show Rapes of Detainees, Former Officer Confirms
The real reason Dick Cheney has become so loud: he's afraid

Toles Cheney cartoon WaPo
Cartoon by Tony Toles on Cheney and torture,
Washington Post has joined with the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund and the ANSWER Coalition to demand that the truth be told. We have filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the CIA, Department of Defense, Department of State and other agencies to reveal information in their possession about al-Libi’s imprisonment, torture, coerced false statements on Iraq and the circumstances of his death. To help support this effort, click here.
Each week brings shocking new revelations. The U.S. mass media is not reporting on the most explosive story of the week.

The world now knows why President Obama reversed his earlier decision to release the 2,000 photos of prisoners barbarically tortured, abused, and humiliated under the direction of the Bush/Cheney gang.

Some of the photos of the prisoners show U.S. personnel torturing, sexual assaulting and raping male and female detainees, including children. The existence of these photos was confirmed by former Major General Antonio Taguba. Taguba had earlier been in charge of the inquiry into the Abu Ghraib jail in Iraq.

On May 21, Cheney went on national television to defend torture and sickeningly attacked Obama for sacrificing "innocent lives to spare a captured terrorist from unpleasant things." We'd like to hear him explain how rape and sexual assault are just "unpleasant things" that have spared innocent lives. The last few months has proven that the abuses, the sexual assault, and the most barbaric violations of human rights cannot be attributed to a few bad apples. Such tactics were commonplace, officially sanctioned and elevated to the level of government policy.

The torture methods, like the war itself, have never been about saving lives. A recent column in the Nation echoed what IndictBushNow reported last week: "The Bush administration, hellbent on justifying its forthcoming invasion of Iraq, was ransacking the intelligence bureaucracy to find or produce two things that, it turns out, did not exist: weapons of mass destruction programs in Iraq and cooperation between Al Qaeda and the regime of Saddam Hussein."

The Iraqi people have never waged war on the United States and no Iraqis took part in the attacks of 9/11. Bush & co. wanted to go to war, and were just looking for an excuse.

So why, given the recent revelations, has Dick Cheney responded so publicly in defense of the Bush administration's war crimes? He's afraid! He's not just concerned about preserving the administration's "legacy" -- he's concerned about preserving his own neck.

Don't believe us? Take it from Cheney's daughter, Liz, who recently explained her father's outspokenness on CNN: "He certainly did not plan when he left office to be doing this... Then when [Obama] suggested in the Oval Office itself that he would be open to the prosecution of former Bush administration officials including many who weren’t political appointees potentially, you know really, I think, made my dad realize this was just fundamentally wrong. We had to speak out."

Our argument for prosecution is becoming irresistible. The fact is that every revelation lays bare a whole new level of criminality. The more details come about the Bush administration's heinous acts and deliberate deception of the American people, the more people are starting to talk about justice. Already, many people who once said, "we need to move forward" are beginning to reconsider: no one can move forward until we have come to terms with the country's past. That means accountability: the indictment of the criminals.

Cheney and his cabal of war criminals allowed to roam free while their victims are chained in a hell of pain and torment; Cheney and his merry madmen are given forum to spin their brand of treachery while their victims, even those removed from the leg irons and cubicles in black sites as well as Gitmo, have no voice.
Cheney and his buddies from Rupert to Kristol; Rove to Blakeman, are allowed to continue preaching hate and a psychotic fantasy of sure attack to keep his 1 in 5 in check, getting others to push his talking points...
FOR EIGHT LONG YEARS we were under the thumb of these neo-con war criminals who chose to murder, main and torture in the name of 330,000,000 citizens; FOR EIGHT LONG YEARS, they lied, using fear and anger to manipulate us to war; For EIGHT LONG YEARS they destroyed us bit by bit - our Constitution; our liberty; our moral compass
They lied us into an inhumane war that continues to this day at a cost of $5000 a second and more - selling us off to China and the House of Saud.
1.3 million and more are dead in our name - over4 4000 soldiers DEAD in our name; over 7 million Iraqis displaced from their homes in OUR NAME - setting brother upon brother; neighbor upon neighbor and nation upon nation.

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What to do when in WYOMING...JUST Another Day in Paradise - The Rantings of a MAD WOMAN

From Michael Shay’s blog hummingbirdminds

Nancy Sindelar of Veterans For Peace in Laramie sends this:

“Big protest planned in Laramie against the dedication of the "Cheney International Center" on the University of Wyoming campus. If you know anyone who lives close enough to travel, please let them know. You're welcome to repost to UW and other local websites, and lists, too. I find it ironic to name a building after the guy who was so clueless about how countries get along with each other!”
The lowdown:
Rising up from his undisclosed location, the former veep will crawl out of his hole and be in Laramie Sept. 10 to dedicate the "Cheney International Center" on the UW campus. He will also be feted with a luncheon at the Laramie Country Club. The naming rights to the center were purchased with a gift of $3.8 million
Real Americans don't torture!! Bring empty milk jugs and 2-liter pop bottles, caps and labels removed, to demonstrate against water boarding (we will pantomime slowly pouring water). Meet in the free shuttle parking lot at 22nd and Willet Streets in Laramie at 9 a.m. for a rally and march to the ceremony, or in front of the old School of Nursing before 10 a.m.
We actually plan on being polite during the ceremony, which is much scarier than making predictable noise. We will also carry signs and banners denouncing torture and warmaking. Other small acts may crop up.
Nancy S., VFP Chapter 65, Wyoming
Posted by Michael Shay at 8:29 PM

World Can't Wait published this announcement on 9/9 for the protest rally planned during the Cheney event to be held at the University of Wyoming. Seems as though the University in Laramie decided to pay off their benefactor with a building n response typo the $3.8 Million given by The Dick Cheney** (we know the money was earned through his so-called "bliind" investments that tracked closely to the failing dollar He had a tendency to make JUST the right investments betting against the dollar while he and baby Arbusto slaughtered the US economy and gave billions in no bids to Haliburton and KB&R, both his former companies in which he continuied to hold lots of stock).

Personally, I believe a more fitting name would be The Cheney International Center For Torture, Constitution Shredding, Criminal Behavior and Usurpation of International Law

**$3.2 Million depending on the story. The Minneapolis Star Tribune,, states the money was given DURING his vice presidency).

As a follow up, The Chicago Tribune did a follow up on the 10th with an article,0,5318891.story?obref=obnetwork about the protest and the event noting 500 people attended the event with 100 of those attending as protestors.

The most comprehensive story was put out by Salon at

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HEALTH Care as a CIVIL RIGHT - Dennis Kucinich has it right-JUST Another Day In Paradise....The Rantings of A MAD WOMAN


By Dennis Kucinich

Dear Friends,

There is only one true health care public option: Single payer. It covers everyone, all basic health care needs, with doctor of choice. No more premiums, co-pays or deductibles. All health care assets in America would become not-for-profit. The bill already exists. It is HR 676. Congressman John Conyers and I wrote the bill. Our bill has the support of 85 co-sponsors in the House. And it is backed by a growing national movement of labor, doctors, and nurses. The movement needs you. Please join me for tomorrow's national conference call at 10:00pm EDT. Please call toll-free 1-800-230-1096.

The hour has arrived to begin anew the Civil Rights Movement, this time for Health Care for All. I am calling upon you to become a force in this movement. Go to Health Care as A Civil Right at to learn how you can circulate a single-payer petition and organize in your community. Please help fund this effort. Go to now, contribute.

The Preamble to the United States Constitution and Article One, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution both describe an originating purpose of our United States: to promote the general welfare. Health care is a legitimate function of our government. Health care is a basic right in a Democratic society. It is no more a privilege based on ability to pay than is the right to vote, which was once accorded only to property owners.

Health care is also a moral imperative. Forty seven million Americans are uninsured. Fifty million Americans are underinsured. People are losing their homes, their jobs, their life's savings, their retirement security and their financial health because they cannot pay medical bills, and despite this calamity Washington looks another way. We must not avert our eyes to this human suffering and this economic injustice.

Let's prepare a response which Washington will long remember as the time when the people reclaimed their government from the insurance and pharmaceutical companies. Join us. Contribute. Together, we can initiate an action plan to intervene and provide health care for all.

1. A National Health Care for All Conference Call from Washington, DC, at 10 pm EDT, Thursday, September 10th at 1-800-230-1096. Join us, so that we can discuss our new beginning and ways in which we can all help. Pre-registration is necessary in order to reserve sufficient phone lines. Please RSVP here. When you call in and the operator asks, "what conference call?" tell the operator, "Health Care for All."

2. On-line petition. Please contact your lists, your family and friends. Please sign the petition for a single payer system. I will deliver the petitions directly to your Congressperson.

3. Petition to download, print and circulate among friends and neighbors - including an instruction sheet.

4. Health Care Meet-Ups. Coming Thursday September 10 2009.

5. Tell A Friend. Every email forwarded will make a difference? Please use the "Forward Email" link below to circulate up to 5 emails at a time to your friends.

I need your help to initiate this action.

Dennis Kucinich is a congressman from Ohio and a 2008 presidential primary candidate.


The Mad Woman Speaks:

I find it interesting for those of us who have lived and worked and acted in this country to support this country - born, paid taxes, volunteered, gave of themselves in a variety of ways, to a country that CLAIMS on its basic doctrine - its holiest of holies...the CONSTITUTION...EVEN the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE from a tyrannical overlord-that we ARE OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, AND FOR THE PEOPLE......
I find it BEYOND ABSURD that as citizens, we have become so alienated, so unwilling to accept its place as the holdovers and sole owners of that government that they deny...fully and completely deny any part!

WE THE PEOPLE have the right to dictate to that government that it is FOR the PEOPLE - not a separate entity to pass laws and set programs that have nothing to do with us; A GOVERNMENT that sets limits and bars of achievement that we are not able to attain by the simple fact of our existence....

  • WHEN did we become separate? When did WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, retract our declaration?
  • When did it become OK for us to give up our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of HEALTH?
  • It is NOW OK to be slaves for the government to screw us out of everything for which my forefathers fought in 1775 and 1812; 1861 (for 5 bloody YEARS of self mutilation) and 1917 and again 1941 to assure that ALL CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES
  • would have and hold?

NOTHING could be further from the truth...We tell ourselves that each and every day, from dawn to dusk as we feverishly dream the truth that eats at our soulless existence...We have usurped our OWN POWER!

Think outside that politician defined cell of slavery that has been created by our own refusal to be involved in self-governance.

Stop being the lazy kowtowing, noninvolved Renfield allowing our "elected" officials to continue sucking us dry and binding us with smooth rhetoric and whiney "oh we can''s too expensive:"..."oh, no- we can't regulate corporations - free enterprise ya know"; "oh no, we have to maintain the system status quo" - If we don't.....we will....." IMPLODE!!!!!!

Anything else is

and any other
"ISM" with which to baffle a mind mushed minion...

DUMBING DOWN of America is to CONTROL America. A systematized manipulation to keep us OPPRESSED and to stop us from demanding the SAME rights we demanded from KING GEORGE in 1775!

Grow a pair and demand our rights FINALLY!

For over 200 years we rant and rave and throw our exceptionalist ideal that we are bigger, better, best and greatest country because we have LIFE AND LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.....

"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

Don't let those self anointed, mass appointed, completely disjointed assholes, who have gotten us to put them in Washington, continue that scam on us...

WE are the government and we need to take back that responsibility with all the hell and nightmarish, awesomeness that it brings...WE ARE the people who are to be proud and worthy of such an awesome power - to use it and not abuse it any longer.

OWN it; BE it...but stop giving it away....

- TAKE BACK what we pay for every second of every day
OR just shut off the lights...WE the People don't live here anymore...Just pack our bags and move out...leave it to the corporations to fight over- We don't deserve to be here any longer

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OPEN LETTER TO THE US Chamber of Commerce - Just Another day in Paradise - The rantings of a Mad Woman

To what it may concern (soulless creatures are whats not whoms):

There was a time in my life, I had some respect for the Chamber of Commerce and it’s work on behalf of GOOD business practices in the country but there was a cancer that ate its way through your organization just like it did through business America, turning you against the small business owner and the average citizen.
You are no more than a shill and mouthpiece for the psychopaths trying to strip this country.
Your mother must be proud - so very proud - of your stance on Health Care…If she is alive once the insurance companies you are pushing, steal the last penny she has and kill her off by denying her care…..Your kids too…Hope they are healthy – diabetes…forget it…leukemia, sorry, too expensive

  • Government-run plan – you claim it will put many insurance companies out of business – UHC out of business; BCBS out of business – REALLY? You have such little respect for my mentality and that of the average American to think anyone with more than a 5th grade education and a brain is buying that? Insurance companies ARE the only corporations in the country allowed to be monopolies and trusts and they ARE BOTH!! No regulation, kicking out between 25-50% of all health claims, denying care for no reason and often AFTER an expensive procedure has been done, bankrupting the patient…if the patient doesn’t die from the disease for which he needs treatment, he surely will die in poverty and on the street once the carriers get through with him and his family!!!
  • Employer Mandate - You know, if you had a speck of compassion and understanding of the dilemma in which that more than 60% of the people in this nation are trying to survive, you would stand in the board rooms of every one of your corporate owners and scream at their inhumanity for suggesting such a thing. Or is it simply you don’t want to insure your own low level employees? Currently most large corporations give benefits to their full time employees at that level – their executives at A HIGHER LEVEL but the move these days is to cut people off of full time status so they receive NO BENEFITS.
WE are losing business daily to Canada, Germany, France, UK, Mexico….ALL COUNTRIES WITH a UNIVERSAL/SINGLE PAYER health program (France is Legal care as well and are rated number 1 in the world for the quality of care!). Why? SO THE COMPANY CAN SAVE NEARLY 50% or more of each and every full time employee’s salary costs which go to benefits. In the US, they offer health care and the costs are skyrocketing due to GREED and only GREED. The carriers are committing government approved rape and theft of the American worker and YOU are promoting it You should be so proud!

Every man, woman and child in this country who dies or becomes permanently harmed in any way due to the denial of claim by their insurance company is on your head as well as long as you continue to push for the corporate insurance company propaganda
  • Who pays? For the public option?It is on a sliding scale paid for by the insured. If the company wants to cover it for the employees they CAN but they don’t have to if they WANT TO KEEP THEIR PRIVATE CARRIER (and why would they? BCBS raised their rates 50-100% across the board for individuals and small businesses just in 2009 and they expect to do it in 2010 again until someone stops them.)
    Are you going to object on behalf of the people? Of course not, they might take your Pay off away.

I suggest you read the responses of the average American to your inane website postings to see how well your propaganda message is working…..You didn’t convince a soul. Most people are wise to the talking points and know them to be just that…no truth to them but they sound good to those who don’t know any better.

I hope you at the Chamber, who decided to sell the American worker down the river, keep in mind that Karma is a bitch and she does make a point of sneaking up on the greedy and the malicious when they least expect it.

SURPRISE! Tag you are it!

The Global Warming denying, wealthy slave holding and pollution spewing Masters you have – are they actually paying you off with enough to sell your souls?

So very sincerely -

YOUR CONSCIENCE - (you know, the one you left by the road side when you started getting that big pay off)

***This was sent as an email this evening to '' and

Dick Castner wrote that obnoxious post to which I linked....he is the Western Regional Director of the US Chamber