Sunday, September 6, 2009

OPEN LETTER TO THE US Chamber of Commerce - Just Another day in Paradise - The rantings of a Mad Woman

To what it may concern (soulless creatures are whats not whoms):

There was a time in my life, I had some respect for the Chamber of Commerce and it’s work on behalf of GOOD business practices in the country but there was a cancer that ate its way through your organization just like it did through business America, turning you against the small business owner and the average citizen.
You are no more than a shill and mouthpiece for the psychopaths trying to strip this country.
Your mother must be proud - so very proud - of your stance on Health Care…If she is alive once the insurance companies you are pushing, steal the last penny she has and kill her off by denying her care…..Your kids too…Hope they are healthy – diabetes…forget it…leukemia, sorry, too expensive

  • Government-run plan – you claim it will put many insurance companies out of business – UHC out of business; BCBS out of business – REALLY? You have such little respect for my mentality and that of the average American to think anyone with more than a 5th grade education and a brain is buying that? Insurance companies ARE the only corporations in the country allowed to be monopolies and trusts and they ARE BOTH!! No regulation, kicking out between 25-50% of all health claims, denying care for no reason and often AFTER an expensive procedure has been done, bankrupting the patient…if the patient doesn’t die from the disease for which he needs treatment, he surely will die in poverty and on the street once the carriers get through with him and his family!!!
  • Employer Mandate - You know, if you had a speck of compassion and understanding of the dilemma in which that more than 60% of the people in this nation are trying to survive, you would stand in the board rooms of every one of your corporate owners and scream at their inhumanity for suggesting such a thing. Or is it simply you don’t want to insure your own low level employees? Currently most large corporations give benefits to their full time employees at that level – their executives at A HIGHER LEVEL but the move these days is to cut people off of full time status so they receive NO BENEFITS.
WE are losing business daily to Canada, Germany, France, UK, Mexico….ALL COUNTRIES WITH a UNIVERSAL/SINGLE PAYER health program (France is Legal care as well and are rated number 1 in the world for the quality of care!). Why? SO THE COMPANY CAN SAVE NEARLY 50% or more of each and every full time employee’s salary costs which go to benefits. In the US, they offer health care and the costs are skyrocketing due to GREED and only GREED. The carriers are committing government approved rape and theft of the American worker and YOU are promoting it You should be so proud!

Every man, woman and child in this country who dies or becomes permanently harmed in any way due to the denial of claim by their insurance company is on your head as well as long as you continue to push for the corporate insurance company propaganda
  • Who pays? For the public option?It is on a sliding scale paid for by the insured. If the company wants to cover it for the employees they CAN but they don’t have to if they WANT TO KEEP THEIR PRIVATE CARRIER (and why would they? BCBS raised their rates 50-100% across the board for individuals and small businesses just in 2009 and they expect to do it in 2010 again until someone stops them.)
    Are you going to object on behalf of the people? Of course not, they might take your Pay off away.

I suggest you read the responses of the average American to your inane website postings to see how well your propaganda message is working…..You didn’t convince a soul. Most people are wise to the talking points and know them to be just that…no truth to them but they sound good to those who don’t know any better.

I hope you at the Chamber, who decided to sell the American worker down the river, keep in mind that Karma is a bitch and she does make a point of sneaking up on the greedy and the malicious when they least expect it.

SURPRISE! Tag you are it!

The Global Warming denying, wealthy slave holding and pollution spewing Masters you have – are they actually paying you off with enough to sell your souls?

So very sincerely -

YOUR CONSCIENCE - (you know, the one you left by the road side when you started getting that big pay off)

***This was sent as an email this evening to '' and

Dick Castner wrote that obnoxious post to which I linked....he is the Western Regional Director of the US Chamber

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