Friday, September 11, 2009

What to do when in WYOMING...JUST Another Day in Paradise - The Rantings of a MAD WOMAN

From Michael Shay’s blog hummingbirdminds

Nancy Sindelar of Veterans For Peace in Laramie sends this:

“Big protest planned in Laramie against the dedication of the "Cheney International Center" on the University of Wyoming campus. If you know anyone who lives close enough to travel, please let them know. You're welcome to repost to UW and other local websites, and lists, too. I find it ironic to name a building after the guy who was so clueless about how countries get along with each other!”
The lowdown:
Rising up from his undisclosed location, the former veep will crawl out of his hole and be in Laramie Sept. 10 to dedicate the "Cheney International Center" on the UW campus. He will also be feted with a luncheon at the Laramie Country Club. The naming rights to the center were purchased with a gift of $3.8 million
Real Americans don't torture!! Bring empty milk jugs and 2-liter pop bottles, caps and labels removed, to demonstrate against water boarding (we will pantomime slowly pouring water). Meet in the free shuttle parking lot at 22nd and Willet Streets in Laramie at 9 a.m. for a rally and march to the ceremony, or in front of the old School of Nursing before 10 a.m.
We actually plan on being polite during the ceremony, which is much scarier than making predictable noise. We will also carry signs and banners denouncing torture and warmaking. Other small acts may crop up.
Nancy S., VFP Chapter 65, Wyoming
Posted by Michael Shay at 8:29 PM

World Can't Wait published this announcement on 9/9 for the protest rally planned during the Cheney event to be held at the University of Wyoming. Seems as though the University in Laramie decided to pay off their benefactor with a building n response typo the $3.8 Million given by The Dick Cheney** (we know the money was earned through his so-called "bliind" investments that tracked closely to the failing dollar He had a tendency to make JUST the right investments betting against the dollar while he and baby Arbusto slaughtered the US economy and gave billions in no bids to Haliburton and KB&R, both his former companies in which he continuied to hold lots of stock).

Personally, I believe a more fitting name would be The Cheney International Center For Torture, Constitution Shredding, Criminal Behavior and Usurpation of International Law

**$3.2 Million depending on the story. The Minneapolis Star Tribune,, states the money was given DURING his vice presidency).

As a follow up, The Chicago Tribune did a follow up on the 10th with an article,0,5318891.story?obref=obnetwork about the protest and the event noting 500 people attended the event with 100 of those attending as protestors.

The most comprehensive story was put out by Salon at

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