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JUST Another Day in Paradise -- "Appoint a prosecutor for war crimes" by Jonathan Turley - The RANTINGS of a MAD WOMAN

Jonathan Turley, considered by many to be THE FOREMOST expert on Constitutional Law in the country and considered a bit liberal for being just that (though speak the the extreme on the right - if one can "speak" to them without getting a tirade, sermon or pure hostile vomit- they would argue that only good, clean "Amarucuns" would know a thing about that esteemed document and that it was not written for the likes of them pink commie haters of American values like the professor ).....
Professor Turley wrote a column on October 18, 2009, published by the LA Times and on his website, concerning the continued refusal by the Obama administration to hold Cheney and Bush accountable for the war crimes committed in our name....The latest?
How can anyone accept the Nobel Prize while ignoring what was done in our names by the last administration? All the national and international laws against humanity broken by Bush, Cheney and their entire administrative from the Oval Office through the CIA, pentagon and all the way down to the guards in the prisons?

HOW can we, as a nation, turn a blind eye and accept these crimes committed, "move forward", ignoring them like they don't matter, they never happened?
How do we have the arrogance, the HUBRIS, to think that the world will ever forgive or forget?
Professor Turley...

To truly earn the Nobel Peace Prize, President Obama needs to transform himself from a barrier to a beacon when it comes to human rights and international law.

The most obvious start would be to fulfill our obligations under treaties and international law to appoint a special prosecutor, without limitations, to investigate and prosecute any war crimes committed by U.S. officials. Obama already has acknowledged that waterboarding is torture and that torture is a war crime, yet his administration is blocking investigations that are the prerequisite to justice. Obama has promised CIA employees as a group that they would not be prosecuted for torture for following orders, despite the long-standing finding from the Nuremburg trials that “just following orders” is no defense for a war crime. Appointing a special prosecutor would show that Obama will not continue to circumvent principle for politics. He could further demonstrate his commitment to international law by dropping his opposition to the release of photographs and other records showing our abuse of detainees.

Doing the right thing often demands decisions that are neither popular nor easy. If Obama wants to show that the peace prize is more than the superficial triumph of a cult of personality, he can start by showing that his own country is willing to pay the price demanded by the law of nations.

Jonathan Turley is a law professor at George Washington University and has served as lead counsel in various major national security and constitutional cases.

Los Angeles Times — October 18, 2009

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Another Day in Paradise -Secret meetings: Another broken Obama campaign promise - Rantings of a MAD Woman

Secret meetings: Another broken Obama campaign promise | Capitol Hill Blue

Secret meetings: Another broken Obama campaign promise


President Barack Obama's campaign promise of an open government disappeared shortly after he took office and the closed-door, secret negotiations on health care reform demonstrate all too clearly that politics in Washington remain "business as usual" in his administration.

The secrecy that surrounds White House actions rivals that of the often-criticized administration of former President George W. Bush and key decisions on health care reform now are not being made in the open but in behind the scenes negations involving three Democratic Senators: Majority Leader Harry Reid, Christopher Dodd and Max Baucus.

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is also participating in the secret sessions along with other members of the White House health care team: A far cry from the open door government that Obama promised while campaigning for office.

Washington Post staff writer Perry Bacon Jr. reports that the closed door sessions are "a setting that is anything but revolutionary in Washington."

Writes Bacon:

The group will make such key decisions as whether to include a government-run insurance plan designed to compete with private insurance companies. The bill passed in July by the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, which Dodd led while Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) was ailing, included such a provision, but the legislation passed last week by Baucus's Finance Committee did not.

The secret sessions are a far cry from promises Obama made 90 days before the election when he said "I'm going to have all the negotiations around a big table," adding that the negotiations would be "televised on C-SPAN, so that people can see who is making arguments on behalf of their constituents and who are making arguments on behalf of the drug companies or the insurance companies."

Republicans, of course, are not happy with the secrecy:

"This bill is being written in the dark of night," House Minority Leader John A. Boehner of Ohio told the Post. "The president ought to keep his promise to the American people and open this process up."

Few in Washington expect that to happen.

**********From Capitol Hill Blue October 18, 2009**********

Business as Usual - Of course. What did we expect?

Obama IS a politician. We elected a right of center politician, did we really think it was going to change THAT significantly?

The system is entrenched and will take a major upheaval of revolutionary proportion to get it changed.

It is not the fault of the people in DC. Not really.

IT IS the fault of you, me and everyone else in the country that continually ignored it for decades until it got so bad we could not ignore it any longer. We have placed official after official in that rancid muck hole to destroy this country while we were too busy deciding what to eat, where to eat it, what mindless drivel with which to fill up our time, what to buy next to fill the empty hole in our bellies in which that moral compass once lived

We need a good shock to pull us out of the doldrums and bring us kicking and screaming, clawing back reality…..We went off the precipice and thought we could fly but are crashing to the bottom and don’t even recognize that the ground rising to meet us is actually us falling.

We are responsible for the failings of Washington since we ARE Washington – voting in crooks, liars, scam artists while accepting their inhumanity and lack of morality. They are representative of the people since we have all lost our own willingness to stand for what we say we believe, what we say we exemplify, what we say we are.

We are fat, lazy, immature, whining scared little children who need to grow up and grow up fast or we just might lose what we claim to be so precious…if we haven’t already.

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Fault Lines - Obama's war - 20 August 09 - Part 2

Fault Lines - Part 2 - OBAMA's WAR

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Fault Lines - Obama's war - 20 August 09 - Part 1

Fault Lines - Part 1 - OBAMA's WAR

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FRONTLINE | Obama's War | PBS

The War in Afghanistan is no longer the neo-con's war, Obama made it THE war. His morally justifiable blood-letting....

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JUST Another Day In Paradise - How much do you know abpout the detainees and how they got to BE detainees?

Were those who were renditioned and detained at US Black Sites actually guilty of terrorism?
Yes, most were caught in the act of commiting terrorist activities
Yes, most were caught after significant evidence had been collected
Yes, most were caught on the battlefield
Yes, most were turned in by highly trusted informants
No, most were turned in as a result of paid bounties to anyone with a name
No, most were innocent of any wrong doing and eventually returned to their homes
No, most had no direct connection with any Terrorist or radical organization
No, Most were just in the wrong place at the wrong time free polls