Monday, October 26, 2009

JUST Another Day in Paradise -- "Appoint a prosecutor for war crimes" by Jonathan Turley - The RANTINGS of a MAD WOMAN

Jonathan Turley, considered by many to be THE FOREMOST expert on Constitutional Law in the country and considered a bit liberal for being just that (though speak the the extreme on the right - if one can "speak" to them without getting a tirade, sermon or pure hostile vomit- they would argue that only good, clean "Amarucuns" would know a thing about that esteemed document and that it was not written for the likes of them pink commie haters of American values like the professor ).....
Professor Turley wrote a column on October 18, 2009, published by the LA Times and on his website, concerning the continued refusal by the Obama administration to hold Cheney and Bush accountable for the war crimes committed in our name....The latest?
How can anyone accept the Nobel Prize while ignoring what was done in our names by the last administration? All the national and international laws against humanity broken by Bush, Cheney and their entire administrative from the Oval Office through the CIA, pentagon and all the way down to the guards in the prisons?

HOW can we, as a nation, turn a blind eye and accept these crimes committed, "move forward", ignoring them like they don't matter, they never happened?
How do we have the arrogance, the HUBRIS, to think that the world will ever forgive or forget?
Professor Turley...

To truly earn the Nobel Peace Prize, President Obama needs to transform himself from a barrier to a beacon when it comes to human rights and international law.

The most obvious start would be to fulfill our obligations under treaties and international law to appoint a special prosecutor, without limitations, to investigate and prosecute any war crimes committed by U.S. officials. Obama already has acknowledged that waterboarding is torture and that torture is a war crime, yet his administration is blocking investigations that are the prerequisite to justice. Obama has promised CIA employees as a group that they would not be prosecuted for torture for following orders, despite the long-standing finding from the Nuremburg trials that “just following orders” is no defense for a war crime. Appointing a special prosecutor would show that Obama will not continue to circumvent principle for politics. He could further demonstrate his commitment to international law by dropping his opposition to the release of photographs and other records showing our abuse of detainees.

Doing the right thing often demands decisions that are neither popular nor easy. If Obama wants to show that the peace prize is more than the superficial triumph of a cult of personality, he can start by showing that his own country is willing to pay the price demanded by the law of nations.

Jonathan Turley is a law professor at George Washington University and has served as lead counsel in various major national security and constitutional cases.

Los Angeles Times — October 18, 2009

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