Saturday, November 21, 2009

The American Taliban on the MARCH - Promoting under "Prisoners For Christ List"-Just another day in Paradise - The Rantings of a MAD...MAD WOMAN!!

The American Taliban is as strong as ever promoting their demonization of feminism, gender civil rights, and those who would support those principals in word and action.
The following site attempts to promote martyrdom and ask for financial support of those that these hate-filled misogynists have chosen as their messiahs.
Their "saviors" arrested or convicted for their brutal crimes against physicians who would provide abortion as an option or against those organizations that educate or provide abortion treatment or education:
Prisoners For Christ List

This despicable piece of work advertises himself as


Rev. Donald Spitz

Pro-Life Virgina
P.O. Box 2876
Chesapeake VA 23327

Encouraging donations for the defense of those who commit these horrendous acts....
Using photo-shopped pics and faked special effects, these lying sleaze are lower than the stuff one scrapes off their shoes after wading through a month old stagnant pool of raw effluent
They use terms like" babykilling mills" and" evildoers" (a call back to GW, now isn't THAT special?)

The un-Christian, inhumane, women hating Wrong Wing...The American Taliban

Friday, November 6, 2009

JUST Another Day in Paradise - OPEN LETTER TO ALL OF CONGRESS - THE Rantings of A Mad Woman


DEAR (Congresswoman Congressman, Senator)!

Thank you! Thank YOU!

I am ecstatic that the CONGRESS has FINALLY listened to the people and voted in the NEW FULL SINGLE PAYER HEALTH CARE legislation that will now assure all of us from the richest, to the poorest; the youngest to the oldest - will NOW have full health care!

We no longer have to worry about going broke, filing bankruptcy only to find that we are not relieved of a single penny of the debt that is killing us.

We can finally buy that loaf of bread about which we have been dreaming.

We might be able to rent a studio apartment and get out from under that cardboard box we set up residence when we were hit with all those bills left after my “health insurance” denied coverage for many of the required medical visits before and after surgery (radiation, chemo, after-care, psych treatment) and they cut off payments they felt were unnecessary, like the heart monitor, the rehab, the surgery, the radiation treatment, the medication since there was no generic, the detox from months of pain medication after the car accident that nearly killed me and ruptured 6 vertibrae, the baby’s birth since being female was a “pre-existing condition”, the meals since they were not “part of required treatment”, the tests because they were not pre-approved, the emergency room after the accident because it was out of network, the helicopter taking us from the top of Mt.McKinley because they thought it was an unnecessary expense (I guess we could have crawled down and hitched a ride)..

We can finally believe that all women are held with the same esteem as men and that our government respects our rights for choice; our control of our own destiny; our ability to act on behalf of ourselves and our families based on our intelligence, knowledge and moral conscience without interference by anyone else - least of all a male with a desire to control all women

Now those 122 dying every day can live; that 47 million holding their breath hoping they stay in perfect health because the flu or a bacterial infection will make certain they can’t pay rent or buy food for their children.

Yes, I am so proud to be an American where my government is “of the people, by the people and for the people” – my government is caring only about what WE the people actually NEED to survive and live a life befitting the taxes we pay; a government that puts my rights and those of all humanity above the almighty dollar or the power it can buy; a government where it’s officials and elected representatives pays REAL attention to what is for the COMMON GOOD and NOT have their heads turned by the pariah on K Street offering my representatives a political life for their souls….

I am happy to know that when I go to sleep, my rights are secure, my health in the hands of trained and qualified physicians and my money in secure and fully regulated institutions….

That life , liberty and the pursuit of happiness are assured for all……


That IS right, isn’t it?

Yours truly

The Citizens of the United States of America


The Senate will be debating health care today - that is IF they can get 60 to support debate and keep the obstructionist shills for the insurance industry and the Pets of Rush, otherwise known as the Grand Old Pariah, from stopping it.

That bill is a mess but it is better than what we currently have - which is worse than nothing

The best part are the controls that may be placed on insurance companies - the worst is that it is still written to protect them

Single Payer? Never allowed.

Never considered by Baucus who even went to the extent of having the single-payer lobby forcibly removed from chambers when testimony was given to get "all possible options" a voice

The final option for single-payer destroyed in the House when Weiner stopped his amendment from going to the floor at the 11th hour - after Kucinich and Conyers backed off to ALLOW Weiner's; amendment after Pelosi gave the nod to put it in and gave the time for an up or down on ONE AMENDMENT to be voted before the main event...WEINER didn't present it, allowing Stupak his single shot at fame and a huge campaign fund influx from Catholic Bishops and the Insurance industry lobby

His excuse?

I don't Buy it

And people call him a progressive....I question his loyalties......

The Senators aren't much better - Sanders, the sole independent in a sea of obstructionists and the party of spineless, is the only one I feel I can trust and what can he do?

Propose another single payer option but where will it go?

The way of all proposals that don't meet the standards of the Health Care and insurance industry....Buried

Health Care the Insurance Companies and women haters can BELIEVE IN!