Saturday, November 21, 2009

The American Taliban on the MARCH - Promoting under "Prisoners For Christ List"-Just another day in Paradise - The Rantings of a MAD...MAD WOMAN!!

The American Taliban is as strong as ever promoting their demonization of feminism, gender civil rights, and those who would support those principals in word and action.
The following site attempts to promote martyrdom and ask for financial support of those that these hate-filled misogynists have chosen as their messiahs.
Their "saviors" arrested or convicted for their brutal crimes against physicians who would provide abortion as an option or against those organizations that educate or provide abortion treatment or education:
Prisoners For Christ List

This despicable piece of work advertises himself as


Rev. Donald Spitz

Pro-Life Virgina
P.O. Box 2876
Chesapeake VA 23327

Encouraging donations for the defense of those who commit these horrendous acts....
Using photo-shopped pics and faked special effects, these lying sleaze are lower than the stuff one scrapes off their shoes after wading through a month old stagnant pool of raw effluent
They use terms like" babykilling mills" and" evildoers" (a call back to GW, now isn't THAT special?)

The un-Christian, inhumane, women hating Wrong Wing...The American Taliban

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