Wednesday, December 16, 2009

JUST ANOTHER Day in Paradise - An Open Letter to The Oval Office - The RANTINGS of a MAD WOMAN!!!

I am now thoroughly convinced that the scam perpetrated on the AMERICAN PEOPLE is beyond the idea that you simply surrounded yourself with the worst possible shills to big business and Wall Street.
We have been had.
I don't like being conned but I take my hat off to the man who lied so well and sold us straight to the insurance companies and pharmaceutical industry assuring that my husband and I, as well as millions of others will be looking at bankruptcy, homelessness and certain DEATH.
What do you get out of it?
Other than the Nobel given for a fantasy to a closet war monger and insurance salesman.
I am appalled. I am incensed. I am thoroughly disgusted by the lies committed under the guise of "health care". YOU CAMPAIGNED ON HEALTH CARE REFORM - you do nothing but make it easier and certain that the middle men in this country steal what is left after Wall Street got through with us.
Now I know why you did not want accountability for Bush and Cheney. You were afraid we would hold YOU to those standards.
You now have the blood of 122 deaths a day and I guarantee by the time you are through with us those numbers will rise.
You are now forcing us to buy insurance that will still over charge but now the uninsured will be penalized for being uninsured ; you will assure we cannot pay for health care and that we will not have coverage and you have for certain written our death warrant with your sham called "health care reform".
It's obscene that the Republicans have become obstructionists but it is pure EVIL that you promised us, you PROMISED us and even children gave their pennies to get YOU elected and you have stabbed Them in the back.

MORE OF THE SAME ………………More of the same
And why this is worse than the last 8 years?
We knew Bush was a cowardly liar. We thought you better

Most certainly and unabashedly

Thursday, December 3, 2009

An OPEN LETTER To President Obama - NO MORE WAR - Just Another day in Paradise..The Rantings of a MAD Woman


I am unclear as for WHOM you have decided to work but, certainly, it is not the American people.

Sure, you stated in your campaign that you wanted to remove troops from Iraq (not even close to that goal, even in anyone's wildest fantasy) and put focus on Afghanistan BUT, at the time of that statement, you had no knowledge of

1. THE HORRENDOUS CONDITION of the ECONOMY and the despicable manner in which the former administration destroyed it

2. The CORRUPTION rampant throughout BOTH Afghanistan’s government and our OWN military

3. The REAL ISSUES behind the war - a continuation of the perpetual warfare for which the past administration supported, set up and from which they all continue to make money.

4. The COST in human lives, financial health and continued psychological destruction WE are causing!

MR. PRESIDENT - You promised change but we have not seen anything of change. We are seeing a return not to Bush but to the corrupt policy of war set in motion by LBJ.


I beg you NOT to DESTROY the country we have left and the office in which you hold. YOU have that ability. USE IT

SAVE US if for no other reason than your ego if you haven't the moral compass to do it because it is the CORRECT, JUST and HUMANE thing to do