Monday, April 26, 2010

BOYCOTT ARIZONA! JUST Another Day in Paradise - Arizona, the land of AH SHIT! The Rantings of a Mad Woman

Letter to the Arizona Chamber of Commerce via email to:
Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry
1850 North Central Avenue
Suite 1433
Phoenix, Arizona 85004
ph: 602.248.9172
f: 602.265.1262

Concerning the recent signing of Arizona's SB 1070 by the governor, Jan Brewer, I am informing you that:

1. I have cancelled attendance to one convention being held in Tempe this month as well as 2 other meetings through the year to be held in Phoenix and Tucson.

2. I will not purchase anything from any retail or wholesale dealer, distributor or any company based in Arizona whether it be goods or services.

3. I have promises from family and friends to follow suit and will continue to work hard to bring strong economic pressure on the state of Arizona through full boycott as long as the state CONTINUES to promote blatant racial profiling and discriminatory actions against immigrants and citizens that are being singled out by the recent legislation.

The action of the government run by Governor Brewer is deplorable.

Since the state's representatives have no respect for human rights, those of us who do will cease to acknowledge the existence of the state by refusing to travel, through, or in (even layovers) Arizona; purchase anything from its businesses; or acknowledge sporting events, conferences, meetings or any other events based in the state until the state removes this heinous law from its books and works to restore human rights and understanding as a priority.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oh my, Oh my...What to do, What to do! To make the GOP relevant? Just Another Day in Paradise - The Rantings of A MAD Woman

Just another day in paradise...This morning, I awoke, turned on my connection to the world of communication and was confronted with the tweeting of the informed, ill-informed, uninformed, wanting to be informed

 A flash of message from a website called Post to GOP” 

From the site:
“This is a challenge.  A challenge to contribute your ideas and opinion on how America can return to true Liberty.  Scream it to the masses, and pass it on.  So join us, and post your ideas to the Grand Old Party.” inevitable curiosity peaked and brain running on the new high test caffeine tweak, my head started asking .....

What is it that the Grand Old Pariah needs to do, to say, to be in order to get back to the Grand Old Party.  How do they regain the Republican Party
Well, you asked, not so dear irrelevant old guys -

SO I gave....

And now I pose my commentary as a letter to the Grand Old Pariah

Dear Goppers-the angry old white guys and the followers thereof

So, you want to know what you need to do to become relevant.
What does the Grotesque Old Pariah need to do, to say, to be in order to get back to the Grand Old Party?  How can you regain the Republican Party?

You asked me; You actually solicited my advise....
SO here it is:

Clean out the neocons, faux conservatives and fanatics that took over the party with the REAGAN revolution and get back to the party you were in the 70's after the GOP allowed Nixon to destroy any credibility it had.  Get rid of Rove (who started under Nixon as a con man and scammer, dirty tricks master under Segretti); Cheney, all the Bushes with Wolfowitz, Bolton and their shills from the Project for a New American Century; the unChristian Right from the Family to Westboro, Huckabee to The Army of God; the extremist right from Ollie North, the convicted drugs for arms dealer,  to Hedgecock, the convicted J David felon, Buchanan to Farah, Corsi to Cantor, McConnell to Inhofe - they are truly the mindless shills for a corporatist oligarchy playing to the most willfully ignorant. Cut ties with FOX and the rest of NewsCorp, Goldman-Sachs and Wall Street, Dick Armey's army and get back to the REAL TRUE GOP of Lincoln, John Anderson, Eisenhower and John Dean, Margaret Chase Smith and Howard Baker (no not Bush's friend but of Watergate fame)

Quit playing to the crowd like some dog and pony show hauled out to sell snake oil to the willfully ignorant and start honoring the reality of the people and what they TRULY need; stop pandering to the partisans of the wealthy and start pushing for humanity, the environment and clean earth; stop the fear and hate mongering and start acting like the true supporters of the country we had sworn we would be in 1776 - stop vilifying Other and become the supporter of the values as inscribed on the base of the GRAND DAME  on Ellis Island ….

Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
"Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she
With silent lips. "Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

If you are not willing to do that, then get the hell out of the way, for like all dinosaurs corrupted by disease, rot and scandal; ignorance and an unwillingness to advance beyond your fantasy psychotic self;  your obscene exceptionalism and faux patriotism; hubris and denial, you will be swept away by truth and reality - go with a modicum of dignity instead of screeching like a over-bloated, sickeningly rich, petulant child who has been denied FAO Schwartz as it's playground.


We the remaining people of what once was the UNITED and Self-Determined  States  of America

***PS - ...and get rid of the Pompous Anti-woman Auxiliary unit - Liz Cheney, Sarah Palin,  Michelle Bachmann, et al - they only make the Old Angry White Guys club look like the Lewd & Licivious Drooling, Misogynist,  Old Angry White Guys club

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Why I Tried to Put the Cuffs on Karl Rove | | AlterNet

Why I Tried to Put the Cuffs on Karl Rove | | AlterNet

By: Jodie Evans (co-founder of Codepink: Women For Peace.)

Why I Tried to Put the Cuffs on Karl Rove

We could not allow this war criminal to tout his book around the country and get away with describing anything tied to Bush as courageous.

"He wanted to do a book signing and she wanted to arrest him," was the lead on KCBS TV in Los Angeles. Dozens of activists attended the book signing in Beverly Hills of Karl Rove and his new book, Courage and Consequence. After almost an hour of his lies I leapt up with a set of handcuffs and my full page arrest complaint followed immediately by the event security. I managed to get very close to Rove, even tricking the security to let go of me, causing Rove to dash away while I reached for his wrist with the hand cuffs. My words followed him. But he only went a few steps and was greeted by Dede Miller, her nephew Casey Miller, son of Cindy Sheehan was killed in Iraq 6 years ago April 4th. She told him his lies killed her nephew while holding up a photo of Casey. Patricia Foulkrod, director of the Ground Truth stood by him with an Arrest the War Criminal banner as the event unraveled and he announced to the organizers it was over.

We at CODEPINK could not allow this war criminal to tout his book around the country and get away with describing anything tied to Bush as courageous. Not to mention that there has been no consequence for his constant lies. Serious lies. Lies that led the US to invade an innocent country at the cost of over 100,000 US casualties and an estimated million Iraqi lives and another 4 million displaced. Not to mention the two elections he shamelessly stole. We can't sit back and allow him to continue to spread more lies; we heard many more of them last night. Until these war criminals face justice, until they are held accountable for their crimes, the lies continue to spread creating an unreality that is at the root of the teabaggers' anger.

Everyone should treat these criminals the same, the courts may not try them, but the courts of public opinion must. Without the rule of law it is all darkness. We can't let these war criminals continue to collect $30,000 to $300,000 speaking fees while spreading more lies. This is CODEPINK's 6th attempt to arrest Rove and we invite you to join in as he continues with his book tour. Check to see when he will be near you, and can get helpful citizen arrest tips at Or get a deck of our war criminal cards and find one of the 52 war criminals near you.

We at CODEPINK refuse to stop working for accountability, we cannot turn our back on Justice, by doing so we empower more liars. Government, politics, Wall Street, the media are flooded with them.


KUDOS to CODEPINK for having bigger balls than the White House, DOJ, CIA, FBI and Congress combined

They are the ONLY people, publicly, seeking accountability...
Karl Rove and Marc Theissen  - former Bush speechwriter- have become the front men to rewrite history.  Both given full positions with major media outlets, they are sharing the spotlight, the talking points and continuing the hate filled, fear-mongering rhetoric that was standard operating procedure of that 8 years of terror and criminal behavior perpetrated by the drunken faux born again Bush Boy and his side kick Darth.
Rove is sitting on the political Op Ed staff of Rupert's conservative paper turned neocon tabloid schlock, the Wall Street Journal; Theissen has been given a seat on the staff of The Washington Post (Ben Bradlee must have had a complete break with his moral compass and truth meter to have allowed that to happen though he is no longer editor and now sits on the board.)

The spin and lies are out nearly daily in form of columns that try to promote
1. Torture as the absolute necessary and fully moral and just manner to treat the "evil-doers" out to destroy the country (though all the people forced to deal with the matter state repeatedly it did not work; Psychologists and Psychiatrists ad well as researchers throughout the US and elsewhere have stated the opposite is true for over 30 years now)
2. Anyone who says differently is a traitor and part of the secret world trying to destroy the nation. (the US Code Title 18 begs to differ as do Reagan, The US military after WWII), John McCain until he tried to run for President)
3. Iraq was justified because of not WMDs "we never said they had WMDs" then back to the WMDs again (disproven by Joe Wilson, The UN, The US military as to whether or not Saddam had them. As to what they said...Read any of Rove's fictional accounts, Bush's own statements, the Downing Street Minutes - that Rove now claims don't exist and are fabricated ...they do exist and they are not fabricated; Also Lawrence Whittaker, General Colin Powell, and a number of others more honest and trustworthy than the king of Rat-Fucking Rove)
4. Cheney is the new savior incarnate. Jesus in an over-sized $3000 suit. (Lizzie is trying to promote this as well as are the AEI, The Weekly Standard and other Neo-Con mouthpieces)
5. No one that was a REAL REPUBLICAN outed Valerie Plame - it was Armitage (nope, it was Cheney - the  conventional wisdom says Cheney...motive mode, and opportunity says Cheney...Scooter wouldn't sacrifice himself for Armitage; Cheney wouldn't sacrifice Scooter baby for Armitage....The only loyalty of Cheney is to the PNAC and Scooter, not Armitage, is part of that corrupt group of fear and war mongering psychopaths).

So Jodie, you are the hero of the day...the week...the month...the year.
You tried to do that about which Bugliosi only writes; that which the DOJ and the WH won't address or even acknowledge, that from which most passive aggressives in this country hide.

You tried to make this war criminal and promoter of the Common Evil accountable.  He had 100 sycophants and little children surrounding his Pied piper act and you stood to actually arrest his sorry, blood covered ass...
Sorry you couldn't complete the job...
May be next time....

JODIE EVANS and CODEPINK have more balls than the combined total of all Congress, the DOJ, the White House, the ICC, the UN, the CIA, and the FBI combined - NOT BAD for a bunch of uppity women!