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Three Myths About Oil -

Three Myths About Oil

Alex Epstein, 06.18.10, 03:13 PM EDT

The reality is that we are not addicted to oil, we need it.


The Alex Epstein fairy tale, published by Forbes, for all of it's fanciful fantasy, is what Forbes uses for justification of the continued destruction of civilization?

By the title, I honestly thought it would be a satirical look at the corrupt industry but soon realized, the writer actually believed this obviously flawed illogical defense.

BLAME the environmentalists...those evil Greenpeace Nazis, them Commie Oceana and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society activists, and that lying illegal alien Frenchy Cousteau!

It is ALL THEIR FAULT that BP and friends Halliburton (why doesn't that name surprise me? Every hellish nightmare in the past decade and that name pops up, The Dick Cheney's Halliburton) and Transocean, blew the hell out of the ocean floor gushing millions of barrels of grotesquely toxic sludge into the Gulf of Mexico - over 1/3 is now too toxic and oil laden for fishing, dispersants breaking it up only to suspend it further into the current and to flow more rapidly to shore and points north - Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida - around the Keys and ever further. In a few months, look towards Nantucket Sound


"The reality is that we are not addicted to oil, we need it."

HUH? Are you kidding me?

A slick Forbes-ish special....The continued denial and justification of hard core addiction by full blown addicts, their dealers and their co-dependents.

"Myth No. 1: Because oil is finite, it will inevitably run out and destroy our economy."
"The amazing exhibition of oil is a temporary and vanishing phenomenon." --State Geologist of Pennsylvania, 1885.
"Reality: There's a lot more oil than you think--and a truly free market would enable us to find superior substitutes long before we run out."

For 150 years, we have been sucking the goo out, distilling and separating it to create new things, each process has left "new and improved" concentrations of toxins and each new "invention" or use has created a landfill of unused, "throw away" crap that cannot break down without more highly concentrated toxins filtering in land, sea and air; Bottles, boats, bubbles and balloons with half lives of centuries seeping gases and chemicals; Islands filling the oceans with plastics breaking into more toxins, killing the oceans, the lands and creating more illness and disease....but they are still creating all this "helpful " crap with virtually NO attempt at trying to find alternatives, or Squelching them at every turn.

Even Carter tried to give grants for the first electric mass producible electric car...Oil and petroleum lobbyists screeched...KILLED
Hydrogen - killed; Solar - killed; Wind - killed....

30 more years with no research, no attempts by anyone other than the oil companies to buy off, put out of business or tie up in court any attempt to produce a new model of energy.
To those who scream "Bio-fuels", the wave of the future? Sure the petroleum industry jumped on it...a program that is just as wasteful and toxic. Corn takes more water and energy to produce than the energy it produces ...and guess what, it requires petroleum to ship and create it.

All attempts to date require petroleum to produce and ship, create and run...
The fantasy is all yours, Alex.

Myth No. 2: Curbing consumption of foreign oil would help stop terrorism."
"Reality: Terrorist threats must be addressed through direct, decisive action--not by starving ourselves of vital foreign oil."

Bullshit - we are in the midst of a resource war in the Middle east that is spreading through the world.
Our "enemy" is not some fantasy boogey man, the enemy is you. You the people who would kill and murder for your precious elixir of life; you who would sell your first born to go to that battle and kill , maim and murder some brown guy you have created into an enemy

Alex, your exceptionalist hubris and willful ignorance, and that of the rest of your kind, are the enemy of humanity

"Myth No. 3: Because the burning of oil produces CO2, oil is a deadly pollutant that must be severely capped and replaced by "green" energy sources."

"Reality: A carbon cap is much more ominous than global warming." 

This is the most ridiculous statement of them all.
But then  illness, cancer and pollution as well as global warming doesn't exist....Can't happen here, right?
Nope, not here.

"industrial energy protects us from climate challenges and makes catastrophes noncatastrophic."

Huh? As silly as your original "we are not addicted, we NEED it" comment...

BUT LOOK, you are from the Ayn Rand Institute ....why is that not a surprise.  Nut Jobs on the faux objectivist band wagon while the inadequate personality disorder they promote as their ghoulish banshee goddess, the specter of Alisa Rosenbaum,  laughs at her little children trying to justify greed, no moral compass, and inhumanity as the Amarcun way - when she, herself, thought the US a joke..

The Ayn Rand Institute ( aka,In Sociopaths and Inadequate Personality Disorders We Trust)

Until we, all of the industrialized world, admit to our sloth that has become nearly genetic over the past 150 years; Until we, each and every one of us, decide we focus on the absolute MANDATORY and URGENT NEED for alternative resources, we will be looking at a total collapse of this country and possibly the ignorant pampered civilization over the next century.

Those "benefits" of "oil" are ONLY DUE to the single-minded focus with no attention to alternatives. There hasn't been an attempt to find any other "benefits" from other things .
A single example, there are millions of plant species that have benefits yet to be tapped because of the single-mindedness of mankind being drug around by the ring in their nose put there by the petroleum industry.

It is FORBES, their propagandists, and those like them, from the Chamber of Commerce to the Madison Avenue Renfield's and their K to M Street minions, creating a false world with no substance or value, hiding reality behind their smoke and mirrors, that will push mankind over the brink as they laugh their ways to the bank .

It is humanity, in their blind willful ignorance and sloth, that will be doomed, unable to look past their toxic landscape, brightly painted with their strong petroleum based enamels ...

The ONLY MYTH here is that promoted BY FORBES and the petroleum industry - this country (along with most industrialized nations) bought it.

We will pay for it with the lives of our children - asthma, cancer, birth defects, emphysema, starvation, not to mention the perpetual resource wars already begun.