Friday, December 10, 2010

JUST ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE- Obama is a Republican and he cut his balls off in a show of support to his corporate masters - Rantings OF a FUCKING MAD WOMAN and FREEDON FIGHTER

So, FUCK You pariah
You cut the balls off the president and are serving them to the American people for Christmas

You capitulating shills of your corporate master.
Pricks one and all.
Starting with your fantasy war on Christmas to keep your willfully ignorant exceptionalist 20% white boys on the defensive, you fuck the American Worker and the rest of the world.
FUCK you all
Merry Christmas you shitheads...This is a call for the people to stand against you

By the way, the last person that should be presiding is REPUBLICAN in DEM clothing, Michael Bennet ( the liar billionaire from CO only long enough to destroy the teachers of DPS and get elected.
Bennet was the first to stand up and say HELL YEAH...MORE BREAKS for ME and fuck my constituents (18% of the people in DENVER are below poverty level....4% HIGHER than the national average...they get just over $200 dollars..,.They can buy that  hamburger to live on once a month..............but  him, 139800++ for 1 million plus)

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