Saturday, December 11, 2010

JUST Another day in Paradise - An OPEN letter to President Obama - The Rantingts of a MAD Woman and Freedom Fighter

MR Obama- I have written to you before on the cruelty of the US government against others in the world but it is becoming painfully obvious that you have never intended to improve on our behavior towards all others. The exceptionalism exhibited by this nation is truly astounding when we use our power to do little good and terrible harm.

The worst thing we as a nation, can do, is lose our humanity and we have done JUST THAT!

You, Mr President, promised change and accountability and transparency but YOU, Mr President, have INCREASED the shadow and distrust, the secrets and the inhumane actions against others.

YOU lied...It isn't that you couldn't achieve, you refused or even try.
Closing GITMO - you focused your PR campaign on releasing facts about the crimes of the last administration and show-boated your battle while REMODELING AND EXPANDING BAGRAM!!!

YOU lied... you claimed piety and concern while gagging our justice department and strong-arming other nations into dropping their claims against those in the last administration who pridefully BOAST their war crimes; YOU LIED- your concern about "Constitution" and human tights while REFUSING to hold those criminals accountable who ARE responsible for torture, kidnapping, RAPE and murder! 

YOU LIED... to the American people and the world!

YOU, Mr President,  have destroyed your own credibility and you blame "the left" for your hard times...It isn't the Left and it isn't Wikileaks and it isn't even the obstructionists in CONGRESS. Instead of blaming us for being true to ourselves and the moral compass for which we fight, try looking in the mirror and the destruction you have wrought – it us YOUR fault you lost us, not OURS!!!

It is THIS president that doesn’t care for the nation but has used his obvious intelligence to manipulate and game the systems to protect his corporate/banking buddies and to continue a full on attack on what is left of the moral compass of America.

You, Mr President, sir don't deserve a 2nd term and don't deserve the support of the people you continue to harm.

I am not sure if we have a way out of the morass that has grown under your thumb...We know BUSH was horrendous but you, Mr President - your intelligence and ability to actually see reality - you showed so much promise but you chose to turn it all against the REAL people of the nation. You have destroyed your credibility and with it our trust, as you continue to create a new, improved corporatist state.

You have compounded the corruption, the murder, the destruction of the AMERICA I loved, but after 57 years, I can at least thank you for one lesson I had not had to learn in those nearly 6 decades, until now...

I will never, ever, ever trust a single word out of the mouth of anyone that claims he is “hope and change”.

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