Saturday, December 31, 2011

Filming a Revolution - Reviewing the Occupation 2011 - Just Another Day in Paradise

End of the year of 2011. 

According to those who make much of the Mayan calendar's end of cycle (5125 years), the last cycle saw the revolution that brought forth  the "great civilizations" from the Mayans to the Egyptians, Chinese to Persian.

End of the world or just a change in the paradigm that brings a new surge in the thought, philosophy and technology?

As it is said to have happened before, a new worldwide revolution begins as the current paradigm is shown for the false creation that it is, laid bare to be seen in all its ugliness of greed and fear; ignorance and destruction.  The class war that has raged for centuries is being fought openly and with new vigor.

2011 is prophesized to begin the final push towards the rapid conclusion of the cycle.

Are we seeing the actual "ending"?  

I truly believe it is not the physical ravaging and destruction of the planet but a shift in all its awesome power. A shift to a new paradigm and we are either a part of it or we can try and sleep through it.

I don’t know if the Mayans actually came up with an understanding or if it is a universally understood collective memory and need that comes through in multiple cultures at the same time – the Mayans are not the only civilization to have this prophesy (The Hopis, the Celts, the Chinese all have similar ideas)

Sides were drawn a long time ago – Those who oppress us and those who are oppressed….  The silent and the screaming.  The POWER must SHIFT just like it is said has happened before.

A NEW REVOLUTION - A year  that is marked as the beginning of change throughout the world.
From a street vendor in Tunisia to Madison, WI, stance against the governor who betrayed the workers of the state; From a Spring in Egypt’s Tahrir Square to the streets of New York City; from the streets in Yemen to Liberty Park in Denver; From the capitol of Bahrain to the capitol  of Israel; From London to Oakland, Athens to Atlanta, Rome to Portland.

The people are taking their voice back.

Ain’t no power like the power of the people ;’cuz the Power of the people won’t stop

In the BEGINNING.............
We had Greece responding to austerity and London responding to austerity but then we have the explosion that sets the fire burning all over the world....

 Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Libya as the Arab Springs.....

And in Israel.....

All summer the rage continues through Europe and moving to the US Day of Rage September 17th - New York City and throughout the world..

OCCUPY WALL STREET is joined in solidarity by people all over the world...

A spark was lit in all of the oppressed to stand in Solidarity

And we keep growing...we continue to occupy but the 1% doesn't like it.....

Brutality is the last resort for those who know they are afraid and losing...............

October 25 - Oakland
And we have our heroes too -Scott Olsen

Sargent Shamar Thomas

In some cities, the LONG history of Police Brutality becomes part of the protest......
Compilation of brutal assaults on Occupy Wall Street 

October 14 - Denver is Raided #1

October 29 - Occupy Denver - raided again

October 31 - Occupy Denver attacked again

November 12, 2011 - Occupy Denver attacked again

December 19, 2011 -  Occupy Denver (Boss White's First Blood) attacked again

But the people will not be silenced...


Occupy Wall Street
Occupy The Planet
Occupy Together


Friday, December 23, 2011

Denver Snowed In - Or just snowed? Just Another day in Paradise

On Wednesday night, December 21, 2011, we began a Denver every-5-years, Holiday snow storm. This year we have 14" that fell in 24 hours through Thursday.

And every year, the media comes out with the litany of excuses from city officials as to why they won't deal with the snow.
This year is that "they can't afford it" since Denver alone costs $300,000 to remove snow from streets beyond the major thoroughfares.

BUT, Boss White, the new face and hired gun for the Denver Police Department, can afford to spend tax dollars on the overtime, the equipment and massive numbers of over-charged "DPD" security force, dressed in their shiny black riot gear - serving only the few, the corporate, the moneyed wealth - to attack the encampment of 40 to 50 activists and some of Denver's "throw aways", the homeless,  in the 22 degree cold at Civic Center Park, Tuesday night.   While the new Boss - same as the old Boss - stood in the background surveying his creation of mayhem, his "officers" (and I use the term loosely) fell upon those huddling and sleeping occupiers.

I guess the mighty and fully armed force, numbering about 6 to one,  with big Boss White, leading from behind, were afraid the tiny homeless, schizophrenic woman, standing in the snow was of extreme threat to their padded and belted, testosteroned and steroided, manhood as they pushed her violently to the ground; or were afraid the guys sleeping, huddled in the small shelter were of grave threat to national security as they ripped the top from the shelter, attacking and forcing them out into the snow with a threat of pepper balls and glaring light; or were afraid the subversive materials of the occupation - like the Toys for Tots collected to give poor Denver children, without which there is no Christmas gift  - were of grave threat to the survival of the American way of must be destroyed by backhoes and bulldozers.

The city claims it would cost $300,000 to remove snow from your street and all the streets of Denver.  They claim they can't possibly afford to bring in the crews and pay them a living wage to scrape the snow out of the streets in order for citizens to get out of our homes BUT, Boss Mayor Michael Hancock, the face of Denver's elite, can afford ( spending nearly $800,000 to date on attacking protest in Denver while blaming it on the protestors...)  to prevent the people's voice by attacking protestors who have done nothing but claim there is no time limit or curfew on FREEDOM!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Open letter to the Guy hiding behind his Mayor Title named "HANCOCK" - Just Another Day in Paradise...The Rantings of a Mad WOMAN and Freedom Fighter

Thanks to Free2BeTV & Denver Dave

In 1773-1777, a MAN NAMED HANCOCK , supporting the first solid act of CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE in THE NEW WORLD;  against the corporate oppressor who enslaved the people; that lead to a Declaration of Independence signed by his hand in HUGE script to insure that manipulated government of the corporate oppressor saw him for the new patriot to the people he was.
Revolution ensued, carried out by the new patriots of the people, fighting for freedom from the oppressive regime.  THOSE  patriots won

In 2011, a MAN NAMED HANCOCK, joined with the corporate oppressor against the people;  promoting  the quashing of the voice of the patriots creating the new Declaration of Independence.
That man named Hancock has chosen to pledge his allegiance to those that oppress us, using his power of the office to create his private mercenary army ordered to beat and maim us, trying to shut down the voices he is afraid to hear.

In 2011, a MAN NAMED HANCOCK, acting as Mayor Hancock, has a choice to make. He can continue to “hold truck” with the corporatist 1% who keep their boot on the neck of the people; he can continue to use his DPD as his own private rogue security force; he can continue to hide behind his office and his secretaries and add more layers of call centers to take the voices of the people telling him of the loss of moral compass;
OR he can stand,  like a true patriot of the people, and use his voice for the people against those who want to silence us.

This is a revolution.
It started with a man in the Tunisian town of Sidi Bouzid.
A Spark started and grew to a flame that burned through the Middle Eastern countries of Tunisia and Egypt.

A Spark that caught the attention of people in Europe and North America, South America, Australia and Asia.
A Spark that grew into the civil disobedience of a small group of occupiers in NYC, KC, DENVER, OAKLAND, ALBUQUERQUE, DALLAS, MIAMI, LA, Boston, Philly,  Phoenix, Minneapolis, Madison, Des Moines, Topeka, OK City…It is growing and will not stop until we take back the power and voice of the people.

Your choice,  Mister  “Currently sitting at the desk  with the title of Mayor” Hancock


A Member of THE 99%

Occupy Denver
Occupy Wall Street
Occupy Together


OWS Livestream for Post-Eviction Day of Action | AlterNet

OWS Livestream for Post-Eviction Day of Action | AlterNet

The courts have ruled for the people. The people cannot be removed legally. The City under Bloomberg, acted unconstitutionally and illegally says a NY judge,.
Basic civics guys, the implied approval of the occupation for 2 months means the city cannot remove the protestors using laws that should have been enforced on the first day.
Sorry Bloomberg, looks like basic civics is not your forte.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

"Tell Me What Democracy Looks Like"...Another Day In Paradise - The Rantings of A Mad Woman and Freedom Fighter

"Seven social sins: politics without principles, wealth without work, pleasure without conscience, knowledge without character, commerce without morality, science without humanity, and worship without sacrifice."

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi


Saturday, October 15, 2011, approximately 3000 brothers and sisters of the 99% met at Broadway and 14th Avenue in Denver – Lincoln Park, the PEOPLE'S PARK, surrounded by police was declared “closed”.
The movement is growing – the awakening of moms and dads, their kids, their parents, their aunts and uncles; their neighbors and co-workers; GI Gens to Baby Boomers to Gen X, Gen Y and Cyber….
AND we marched ….

Today we marched from that meeting place in view of the capitol building all nice and trimmed with white chairs and linens and a huge American flag to the left of the walnut podium and Colorado flag to the right.  The place where the governor,  Hickenlooper,  will be meeting with the veterans’ group in order to do his ‘governor” talk – talk of bravery and freedom; the greatness of the country and it’s flag and laws and grand Democratic values.

We marched down through the 16th Street Mall to the cheers of many of the workers and as the Saturday noon munchers were basking in the 80 degree sun.  We marched to the Fed and through the banking and financial district of Fidelity,  Great Western,  BOA and Wells Fargo - all those majors  in steel and concrete;  all dressed in Italian marbles and huge darkened panes of glass. 


We marched  keeping time on the narrow streets, the PEOPLE’S STREETS, passing film crews and bullhorns and gendarmes dressed in blue - many brothers and sisters standing on the statues and columns fists raised.  Chants echoed through the tall buildings and the concrete canyons...


We marched  our way back, about  2 miles in total, back towards the Capitol where we were stopped - The governor was speechifying on the Capitol lawn  - his photo op with the Vets was not to be interrupted by the mere citizenry -  Would be "unseemly" for the vets to watch us practicing our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. 

Hey, Hick,  do you THINK those Veterans, who watched the blood and guts and horror of war, don't appreciate what it was for which they had sacrificed their lives?

The police, sheriff and state troopers (mostly) have blocked LINCOLN PARK - the PEOPLE'S PARK - from anyone that isn't homeless or a tweaker....Guess Hick loves seeing drug deals and needle exchanges more than the faces of his countrymen, women, and children exercising free speech.
We have no issue with any of the 99% - the police, the troopers, the sheriff's department - many of whom support this movement but are ordered to stop our speech.

Many know they are part of the 99%. They are getting battered in their workplace as well and ordered to hold back the people under the Hickenlooper regime.  

Corporatist Hick would sell his mother for a shiny penny and sold a mountain to GE.  His bio reads of a common man - geologist and restaurateur - but rarely mentions his real estate development and business holdings...He is the voice of corporate personhood and protects its sleazy underbelly.
If there ever was a question as to why  Ritter was  only the one term  trying to be green, centrist Democrat made Gov, it can be answered here and now.  CO Democrats are purple and the political heads prefer their corporatists to the people. 

We saw it in Bennet, we saw it in Udall, we saw it in Salazar and we see it in Hick – all would sell our soul for 30 pieces of silver


We marched today for the 99% - our brothers and sisters joining as they come in trucks and vans and cars from places as far west as the Continental Divide, east as Nebraska, north as Wyoming and south as the Springs and beyond. Standing together in common cause with voices raised in harmony

Hey, Hick - THIS IS what democracy looks like

Saturday, October 15, 2011

#OCCUPYDENVER - State Troopers called in - WE ARE THE 99% - Just Another Day in Paradise - The Rantings of a MAD WOMAN and FREEDOM FIGHTER

#OccupyDenver has been on the ground since Mid September......

On October 13, in the warm afternoon sunshine of "Indian Summer", Governor Hickenlooper ("Hick" to his campaigners, buddies and proudly promoted in the commercials to make Johnny boy look like a good, down to earth, one of the masses, nice guy) decided to take exception to this. Afterall, he just sold our soul (and a mountain) to GE for an "alternative energy" plant - Guess he must appear he has a control on his state....

THE Hick stated that there is a curfew in Denver and the protestors are in violation...A SERIOUS matter, it seems. This is what he has put forth as to his objection to the occupation of Lincoln Park by the 99%.

Oh, yeah, he finally mumbled something about  veterans having a "do" planned at Civic Center Park this weekend.  I guess the Vets can't be troubled with the People practicing their CONSTITUTIONAL rights - They might get offended by THE PEOPLE thinking that those rights are important...  Never mind that this is exactly what those vets put their lives on the line to protect.

Maybe the HICK doesn't know how to connect those "dots."

There have been no riots, no obstruction of roads and traffic,  no disorderly conduct,  no violence or abuse,  no violations of laws other than that pesky, all important curfew....

A curfew that has been on the books for quite some time but not enforced on much of any scale, and only used when they want to bust people and don't have just cause.

Now that curfew was expanded to start at 10 pm to 6 am during the DNC but they allowed protestors to camp in the parks then. They dropped the expanded curfew after the convention and even hold events lasting until well past curfew time at parks - 4th of July, New Year's Eve, Cinco de Mayo...All those events demanding special dispensation (in other words - money ) as well as allowing all bars, restaurants and businesses to stay open as long as they want as long as booze is stopped by 3 am.

The People have camped in Lincoln Park for 4 weeks since Mid-September, along with the hundreds of homeless who live in the parks, next to the police station, next to City hall and up against the Mint, and even on the grounds of the Capital building, and no one said a word about curfew until Hick decided to play stormtrooper on the People's ass Thursday night and Friday morning.

I have never seen the homeless hauled in to a warm jail for breaking curfew. They stay camped out all day and all night - winter, summer, Spring and Fall - outside breaking that important and "so enforced" curfew all year round except during the convention when they were all rounded up and dumped in the suburbs - not seemly to have a sterno drinker disrupt the senators fun, ya know

The 99% - The people kept their heads Friday morning as they were stormed by men in riot gear and helmets - the PEOPLE stayed peaceful. Lincoln Park was surrounded by troopers still in gear all day Friday and they wouldn't allow a soul into it...
THAT IS against the Law - The PEOPLE'S RIGHT

There is the Civic Center Park to the East, across Broadway with a wide sidewalk and the people - the 99% - assembled there with the media. The police won't do a thing now but are ordered to hold curfew and bust them if they stay past 11 pm. No one can camp in Civic Center (except the tweekers and the homeless) or Cheesman (again except the homeless and the tweakers - and hookers plying their trade) or other areas

I guess the Hick can't sell us off and look at us at the same time. Poor Hick...King of LoDo, the servant to the 1%

Photos: Occupy Showdown in Denver | Denver Post Media Center — Denver, Colorado, Photos and Video