Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mirror Mirror by John Boehner and the GOP Obstructionists - JUST Another Day In Paradise - The Rantings of A MAD Woman & Freedom Fighter

The GOP Obstructionists gaming of America
preferring to follow in the perpetual gazing into the shining surface in order to stand mesmerized by the fantasized reflection of "gorgeousity" - Can you hear then?  Can you hear the chant?

Mirror, Mirror in my hand..
Let us see our tiny band
in the gorgeous beauty we pretend
to be the World's salvation

Our deluded hate and mistrust

of anything responsible, accountable and just
Promoting its destruction, we MUST!
Willful ignorance is our mantra

Promotion of the corporate brand we prefer

the lack of moral compass we endure
as long as we can claim that we are pure
AND destroy those who are not us

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