Saturday, October 15, 2011

#OCCUPYDENVER - State Troopers called in - WE ARE THE 99% - Just Another Day in Paradise - The Rantings of a MAD WOMAN and FREEDOM FIGHTER

#OccupyDenver has been on the ground since Mid September......

On October 13, in the warm afternoon sunshine of "Indian Summer", Governor Hickenlooper ("Hick" to his campaigners, buddies and proudly promoted in the commercials to make Johnny boy look like a good, down to earth, one of the masses, nice guy) decided to take exception to this. Afterall, he just sold our soul (and a mountain) to GE for an "alternative energy" plant - Guess he must appear he has a control on his state....

THE Hick stated that there is a curfew in Denver and the protestors are in violation...A SERIOUS matter, it seems. This is what he has put forth as to his objection to the occupation of Lincoln Park by the 99%.

Oh, yeah, he finally mumbled something about  veterans having a "do" planned at Civic Center Park this weekend.  I guess the Vets can't be troubled with the People practicing their CONSTITUTIONAL rights - They might get offended by THE PEOPLE thinking that those rights are important...  Never mind that this is exactly what those vets put their lives on the line to protect.

Maybe the HICK doesn't know how to connect those "dots."

There have been no riots, no obstruction of roads and traffic,  no disorderly conduct,  no violence or abuse,  no violations of laws other than that pesky, all important curfew....

A curfew that has been on the books for quite some time but not enforced on much of any scale, and only used when they want to bust people and don't have just cause.

Now that curfew was expanded to start at 10 pm to 6 am during the DNC but they allowed protestors to camp in the parks then. They dropped the expanded curfew after the convention and even hold events lasting until well past curfew time at parks - 4th of July, New Year's Eve, Cinco de Mayo...All those events demanding special dispensation (in other words - money ) as well as allowing all bars, restaurants and businesses to stay open as long as they want as long as booze is stopped by 3 am.

The People have camped in Lincoln Park for 4 weeks since Mid-September, along with the hundreds of homeless who live in the parks, next to the police station, next to City hall and up against the Mint, and even on the grounds of the Capital building, and no one said a word about curfew until Hick decided to play stormtrooper on the People's ass Thursday night and Friday morning.

I have never seen the homeless hauled in to a warm jail for breaking curfew. They stay camped out all day and all night - winter, summer, Spring and Fall - outside breaking that important and "so enforced" curfew all year round except during the convention when they were all rounded up and dumped in the suburbs - not seemly to have a sterno drinker disrupt the senators fun, ya know

The 99% - The people kept their heads Friday morning as they were stormed by men in riot gear and helmets - the PEOPLE stayed peaceful. Lincoln Park was surrounded by troopers still in gear all day Friday and they wouldn't allow a soul into it...
THAT IS against the Law - The PEOPLE'S RIGHT

There is the Civic Center Park to the East, across Broadway with a wide sidewalk and the people - the 99% - assembled there with the media. The police won't do a thing now but are ordered to hold curfew and bust them if they stay past 11 pm. No one can camp in Civic Center (except the tweekers and the homeless) or Cheesman (again except the homeless and the tweakers - and hookers plying their trade) or other areas

I guess the Hick can't sell us off and look at us at the same time. Poor Hick...King of LoDo, the servant to the 1%

Photos: Occupy Showdown in Denver | Denver Post Media Center — Denver, Colorado, Photos and Video

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