Sunday, October 16, 2011

"Tell Me What Democracy Looks Like"...Another Day In Paradise - The Rantings of A Mad Woman and Freedom Fighter

"Seven social sins: politics without principles, wealth without work, pleasure without conscience, knowledge without character, commerce without morality, science without humanity, and worship without sacrifice."

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi


Saturday, October 15, 2011, approximately 3000 brothers and sisters of the 99% met at Broadway and 14th Avenue in Denver – Lincoln Park, the PEOPLE'S PARK, surrounded by police was declared “closed”.
The movement is growing – the awakening of moms and dads, their kids, their parents, their aunts and uncles; their neighbors and co-workers; GI Gens to Baby Boomers to Gen X, Gen Y and Cyber….
AND we marched ….

Today we marched from that meeting place in view of the capitol building all nice and trimmed with white chairs and linens and a huge American flag to the left of the walnut podium and Colorado flag to the right.  The place where the governor,  Hickenlooper,  will be meeting with the veterans’ group in order to do his ‘governor” talk – talk of bravery and freedom; the greatness of the country and it’s flag and laws and grand Democratic values.

We marched down through the 16th Street Mall to the cheers of many of the workers and as the Saturday noon munchers were basking in the 80 degree sun.  We marched to the Fed and through the banking and financial district of Fidelity,  Great Western,  BOA and Wells Fargo - all those majors  in steel and concrete;  all dressed in Italian marbles and huge darkened panes of glass. 


We marched  keeping time on the narrow streets, the PEOPLE’S STREETS, passing film crews and bullhorns and gendarmes dressed in blue - many brothers and sisters standing on the statues and columns fists raised.  Chants echoed through the tall buildings and the concrete canyons...


We marched  our way back, about  2 miles in total, back towards the Capitol where we were stopped - The governor was speechifying on the Capitol lawn  - his photo op with the Vets was not to be interrupted by the mere citizenry -  Would be "unseemly" for the vets to watch us practicing our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. 

Hey, Hick,  do you THINK those Veterans, who watched the blood and guts and horror of war, don't appreciate what it was for which they had sacrificed their lives?

The police, sheriff and state troopers (mostly) have blocked LINCOLN PARK - the PEOPLE'S PARK - from anyone that isn't homeless or a tweaker....Guess Hick loves seeing drug deals and needle exchanges more than the faces of his countrymen, women, and children exercising free speech.
We have no issue with any of the 99% - the police, the troopers, the sheriff's department - many of whom support this movement but are ordered to stop our speech.

Many know they are part of the 99%. They are getting battered in their workplace as well and ordered to hold back the people under the Hickenlooper regime.  

Corporatist Hick would sell his mother for a shiny penny and sold a mountain to GE.  His bio reads of a common man - geologist and restaurateur - but rarely mentions his real estate development and business holdings...He is the voice of corporate personhood and protects its sleazy underbelly.
If there ever was a question as to why  Ritter was  only the one term  trying to be green, centrist Democrat made Gov, it can be answered here and now.  CO Democrats are purple and the political heads prefer their corporatists to the people. 

We saw it in Bennet, we saw it in Udall, we saw it in Salazar and we see it in Hick – all would sell our soul for 30 pieces of silver


We marched today for the 99% - our brothers and sisters joining as they come in trucks and vans and cars from places as far west as the Continental Divide, east as Nebraska, north as Wyoming and south as the Springs and beyond. Standing together in common cause with voices raised in harmony

Hey, Hick - THIS IS what democracy looks like


  1. Good on you Cosmic!We need more like you:-)


  2. Thank you! I appreciate your encouragement. I will be there again and again and again and again. #OccupyDenver #OCCUPYWALLSTREET #OCCUPYPLANETEARTH . We will prevail as long as we stand united