Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Open letter to the Guy hiding behind his Mayor Title named "HANCOCK" - Just Another Day in Paradise...The Rantings of a Mad WOMAN and Freedom Fighter

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In 1773-1777, a MAN NAMED HANCOCK , supporting the first solid act of CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE in THE NEW WORLD;  against the corporate oppressor who enslaved the people; that lead to a Declaration of Independence signed by his hand in HUGE script to insure that manipulated government of the corporate oppressor saw him for the new patriot to the people he was.
Revolution ensued, carried out by the new patriots of the people, fighting for freedom from the oppressive regime.  THOSE  patriots won

In 2011, a MAN NAMED HANCOCK, joined with the corporate oppressor against the people;  promoting  the quashing of the voice of the patriots creating the new Declaration of Independence.
That man named Hancock has chosen to pledge his allegiance to those that oppress us, using his power of the office to create his private mercenary army ordered to beat and maim us, trying to shut down the voices he is afraid to hear.

In 2011, a MAN NAMED HANCOCK, acting as Mayor Hancock, has a choice to make. He can continue to “hold truck” with the corporatist 1% who keep their boot on the neck of the people; he can continue to use his DPD as his own private rogue security force; he can continue to hide behind his office and his secretaries and add more layers of call centers to take the voices of the people telling him of the loss of moral compass;
OR he can stand,  like a true patriot of the people, and use his voice for the people against those who want to silence us.

This is a revolution.
It started with a man in the Tunisian town of Sidi Bouzid.
A Spark started and grew to a flame that burned through the Middle Eastern countries of Tunisia and Egypt.

A Spark that caught the attention of people in Europe and North America, South America, Australia and Asia.
A Spark that grew into the civil disobedience of a small group of occupiers in NYC, KC, DENVER, OAKLAND, ALBUQUERQUE, DALLAS, MIAMI, LA, Boston, Philly,  Phoenix, Minneapolis, Madison, Des Moines, Topeka, OK City…It is growing and will not stop until we take back the power and voice of the people.

Your choice,  Mister  “Currently sitting at the desk  with the title of Mayor” Hancock


A Member of THE 99%

Occupy Denver
Occupy Wall Street
Occupy Together


OWS Livestream for Post-Eviction Day of Action | AlterNet

OWS Livestream for Post-Eviction Day of Action | AlterNet

The courts have ruled for the people. The people cannot be removed legally. The City under Bloomberg, acted unconstitutionally and illegally says a NY judge,.
Basic civics guys, the implied approval of the occupation for 2 months means the city cannot remove the protestors using laws that should have been enforced on the first day.
Sorry Bloomberg, looks like basic civics is not your forte.