Friday, December 23, 2011

Denver Snowed In - Or just snowed? Just Another day in Paradise

On Wednesday night, December 21, 2011, we began a Denver every-5-years, Holiday snow storm. This year we have 14" that fell in 24 hours through Thursday.

And every year, the media comes out with the litany of excuses from city officials as to why they won't deal with the snow.
This year is that "they can't afford it" since Denver alone costs $300,000 to remove snow from streets beyond the major thoroughfares.

BUT, Boss White, the new face and hired gun for the Denver Police Department, can afford to spend tax dollars on the overtime, the equipment and massive numbers of over-charged "DPD" security force, dressed in their shiny black riot gear - serving only the few, the corporate, the moneyed wealth - to attack the encampment of 40 to 50 activists and some of Denver's "throw aways", the homeless,  in the 22 degree cold at Civic Center Park, Tuesday night.   While the new Boss - same as the old Boss - stood in the background surveying his creation of mayhem, his "officers" (and I use the term loosely) fell upon those huddling and sleeping occupiers.

I guess the mighty and fully armed force, numbering about 6 to one,  with big Boss White, leading from behind, were afraid the tiny homeless, schizophrenic woman, standing in the snow was of extreme threat to their padded and belted, testosteroned and steroided, manhood as they pushed her violently to the ground; or were afraid the guys sleeping, huddled in the small shelter were of grave threat to national security as they ripped the top from the shelter, attacking and forcing them out into the snow with a threat of pepper balls and glaring light; or were afraid the subversive materials of the occupation - like the Toys for Tots collected to give poor Denver children, without which there is no Christmas gift  - were of grave threat to the survival of the American way of must be destroyed by backhoes and bulldozers.

The city claims it would cost $300,000 to remove snow from your street and all the streets of Denver.  They claim they can't possibly afford to bring in the crews and pay them a living wage to scrape the snow out of the streets in order for citizens to get out of our homes BUT, Boss Mayor Michael Hancock, the face of Denver's elite, can afford ( spending nearly $800,000 to date on attacking protest in Denver while blaming it on the protestors...)  to prevent the people's voice by attacking protestors who have done nothing but claim there is no time limit or curfew on FREEDOM!


  1. Great post, you nailed it. This is just yet another example of the kind of behavior the Milgram experiments and Nazi Germany have warned us about. The fact that out of hundreds of police officers, not a one stopped to question the morality of the decision to remove a bunch of homeless people (some voluntarily so, others have been for years) from their slightly warm shelters and blankets and throw them into the freezing Denver streets in the middle of a snow storm!

    And if that wasn't enough, DPD proceeded to march the Occupiers through the streets for hours in the wee hours of the morning, dozens of riot cops following right behind them (from the luxury of their cars, of course) threatening them with arrest the whole time.

    Whether or not you agree with the Occupiers, either their political stances or their personal behavior, one thing is certain: The police are the real problem, here. Oh wow, some homeless people yelled "fuck the police" and were obnoxious. Yeah, but the trained riot police were the real immature assholes here, exacerbated by the fact that they should be held to a higher moral standard than civilians.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts.

    Too many believe only what they hear or read from the local MSM and have only accepted the version that does not upset their preconceived view of Occupy. Facts, those pesky things, don't play well.

    The Occupation of Civic Center Park, just like Lincoln Park before it, is much more than is portrayed by the mouthpiece of those who would keep us afraid to speak or march or even think. It is life theater performed showing the truth of our nation if we would just awaken to see it for the truth it really is!
    Theater as acted out by the politicians and police throughout the Occupation in Denver, and the rest of the occupations on this planet, should be showing the world EXACTLY the point. The police continue to prove they are not serving the People; Hancock proves he is not serving the People; White has now proven he does not serve the people; Hickenlooper proves he does not serve the people....BUT Occupy DOES SERVE THE PEOPLE