Saturday, December 31, 2011

Filming a Revolution - Reviewing the Occupation 2011 - Just Another Day in Paradise

End of the year of 2011. 

According to those who make much of the Mayan calendar's end of cycle (5125 years), the last cycle saw the revolution that brought forth  the "great civilizations" from the Mayans to the Egyptians, Chinese to Persian.

End of the world or just a change in the paradigm that brings a new surge in the thought, philosophy and technology?

As it is said to have happened before, a new worldwide revolution begins as the current paradigm is shown for the false creation that it is, laid bare to be seen in all its ugliness of greed and fear; ignorance and destruction.  The class war that has raged for centuries is being fought openly and with new vigor.

2011 is prophesized to begin the final push towards the rapid conclusion of the cycle.

Are we seeing the actual "ending"?  

I truly believe it is not the physical ravaging and destruction of the planet but a shift in all its awesome power. A shift to a new paradigm and we are either a part of it or we can try and sleep through it.

I don’t know if the Mayans actually came up with an understanding or if it is a universally understood collective memory and need that comes through in multiple cultures at the same time – the Mayans are not the only civilization to have this prophesy (The Hopis, the Celts, the Chinese all have similar ideas)

Sides were drawn a long time ago – Those who oppress us and those who are oppressed….  The silent and the screaming.  The POWER must SHIFT just like it is said has happened before.

A NEW REVOLUTION - A year  that is marked as the beginning of change throughout the world.
From a street vendor in Tunisia to Madison, WI, stance against the governor who betrayed the workers of the state; From a Spring in Egypt’s Tahrir Square to the streets of New York City; from the streets in Yemen to Liberty Park in Denver; From the capitol of Bahrain to the capitol  of Israel; From London to Oakland, Athens to Atlanta, Rome to Portland.

The people are taking their voice back.

Ain’t no power like the power of the people ;’cuz the Power of the people won’t stop

In the BEGINNING.............
We had Greece responding to austerity and London responding to austerity but then we have the explosion that sets the fire burning all over the world....

 Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Libya as the Arab Springs.....

And in Israel.....

All summer the rage continues through Europe and moving to the US Day of Rage September 17th - New York City and throughout the world..

OCCUPY WALL STREET is joined in solidarity by people all over the world...

A spark was lit in all of the oppressed to stand in Solidarity

And we keep growing...we continue to occupy but the 1% doesn't like it.....

Brutality is the last resort for those who know they are afraid and losing...............

October 25 - Oakland
And we have our heroes too -Scott Olsen

Sargent Shamar Thomas

In some cities, the LONG history of Police Brutality becomes part of the protest......
Compilation of brutal assaults on Occupy Wall Street 

October 14 - Denver is Raided #1

October 29 - Occupy Denver - raided again

October 31 - Occupy Denver attacked again

November 12, 2011 - Occupy Denver attacked again

December 19, 2011 -  Occupy Denver (Boss White's First Blood) attacked again

But the people will not be silenced...


Occupy Wall Street
Occupy The Planet
Occupy Together


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