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Busted: Republican candidate’s companion voted for 5 years….after her death (Arizona, Oh Arizona...why hast thou forsaken me?) - JUST Another Day In Paradise

Claiming rampant "illegal alien" and "Democrat" voter fraud as the reason for their dire NEED for their Voter ID Law, Stand With Arizona  and John Hill,  the Executive Director of Stand With Arizona, ( quoting the site, Stand With Arizona is "one of the nation's largest organizations opposing illegal immigration and amnesty. SWA's members have been instrumental in passing legislation in states and counties around the U.S., and blocking the DREAM Act in 2010. "), states:

"Democrats facing a tough election year are on the warpath – doing everything in their power to stop Voter ID laws in their tracks. The Obama Department of Justice has declared war on Texas and South Carolina – inventing non-existent “racial discrimination” to block popular voter ID laws in those states.
And always, we hear the bleating of activists that “there’s no significant voter fraud in America” . Meanwhile, Democrats officials (and their activist allies) are routinely caught committing it. And Roger Hedgecock detailed the extensive effort by the Democrats in 2010 to commit massive fraud in California in his must-read piece, Stealing the Election of 2012."

All those "Democrats" and "Illegal Alien"s committing voter fraud:

Republican Candidate for County Supervisor, John Enright, campaigning for election in Pinal County, Arizona (District 5 – Apache Junction and Gold Canyon), has withdrawn from the election, claiming it is due to a year long battle with cancer, among other things BUT there are some questions about the voting record of his companion, Sheila Nassar, who has been voting by absentee ballot for the past five years (after her death).

Per the article, “Pinal County supervisor hopeful John Enright quits: Fraud claims emerge after companion to Enright kept voting after her 2007 death” :

“His statement made no mention of the scandal unleashed in an anonymous, undated letter sent several weeks ago to the Pinal County Recorder's Office. As recently as this year, the letter alleged, someone had been filling out and mailing in absentee ballots addressed to a woman who died on Feb. 3, 2007. The woman, Sheila Nassar, and Enright lived together at the time of her death."

"Nassar was 60 years old at her passing. Enright described her as his "former life companion" and high-school sweetheart in a YouTube video posted Saturday in response to the allegations. They were in "constant contact" in the years that followed, Enright said, and he moved to Arizona in 1996 to care for Nassar, who had multiple sclerosis. They built a handicapped-accessible home in Gold Canyon, he said -- a residence he shares today with a wife.”

In a YouTube video from July 21, 2012, made in response to the allegations of fraud:

He states:
"I do not know who is responsible for this, and at this time, it is difficult to respond to what are now assumptions, assertions and innuendos," Enright said. "But what I can say is I look forward to learning more about these allegations. If they are indeed formal allegations, I will defend myself. I very much look forward to clearing my name.

"At this point, I simply ask voters in Pinal County to focus on the issues and take a critical eye towards allegations that are surfacing just ... weeks before the election voting process begins."
By the way – that’s his wife sitting next to him…
Pinal County Recorder Laura Dean-Lytle stated her staff took the charges seriously and turned the matter over to the Pinal County Attorney’s Office.
She is quoted as stating, "This, in my opinion, is an absolute act of fraudulent voting,"

By the way – Voter Fraud is a Class 6 felony pursuant to Title 13 of the Arizona Revised Statutes:

13-604. Class 6 felony; designation
A. Notwithstanding any other provision of this title, if a person is convicted of any class 6 felony not involving a dangerous offense and if the court, having regard to the nature and circumstances of the crime and to the history and character of the defendant, is of the opinion that it would be unduly harsh to sentence the defendant for a felony, the court may enter judgment of conviction for a class 1 misdemeanor and make disposition accordingly or may place the defendant on probation in accordance with chapter 9 of this title and refrain from designating the offense as a felony or misdemeanor until the probation is terminated. The offense shall be treated as a felony for all purposes until such time as the court may actually enter an order designating the offense a misdemeanor. This subsection does not apply to any person who stands convicted of a class 6 felony and who has previously been convicted of two or more felonies.
B. If a crime or public offense is punishable in the discretion of the court by a sentence as a class 6 felony or a class 1 misdemeanor, the offense shall be deemed a misdemeanor if the prosecuting attorney files any of the following:
1. An information in superior court designating the offense as a misdemeanor.
2. A complaint in justice court or municipal court designating the offense as a misdemeanor within the jurisdiction of the respective court.
3. A complaint, with the consent of the defendant, before or during the preliminary hearing amending the complaint to charge a misdemeanor.

Well ain’t this a fine mess we are in…A bona fide case of voter fraud, it appears.

I know, they told us them “ILLEGALS”....
Well, not quite

Well it had to be one of them “DEMOCRATS”…
Wrong again…

An “American hating socialist?"
An “Islamofascist?"

No, a Republican candidate that entered the race stating “"wanting to bring a voice to Pinal County government" (his and his dead girlfiend’s?)

Special Thanks to David Edwards, The Raw Story, July 26, 2012, “Republican candidate quits after companion caught voting while dead”

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