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Out of the shadows comes a candidate not owned by Big Money……… (Just Another Day In Paradise)

In a nation that has assured that nearly every candidate seeking office is wealthy or has access to extreme wealth, how can we expect the people, the REAL people of the country to have a voice that understands us?

No matter how much the newly chosen "leader" of the GOP, Mitt Romney, and his ilk try to explain they “understand the common man”, how can they?

Sure, Ann Romney did her interviews and speeches to prove the Romneys are certainly in touch with hardship - having to dip into their stock portfolio during those lean months as Mitt went to school.

And Congress? 47% of the entire Congress are millionaires or billionaires as compared to the rest of America at only 1% in that lofty realm - Marrying into wealth, born into wealth, it doesn’t matter HOW.   It is the fact that Congress is heavily skewed by wealth.

"The vast majority of members of Congress are quite comfortable, financially, while many of their own constituents suffer from economic hardships," said Sheila Krumholz, executive director of the Center for Responsive Politics.

The American people don’t enjoy such prosperity; NOR do they have the inside information that Congress enjoys; NOR do they have the added benefits of golden health care plans, security up the ass, free travel, meals, and pomp that go along with the “job” (and paid for by the “WE folk” of America – as in WE the PEOPLE).

In Illinois, specifically District 16 (Ottawa, IL), US House of Representatives, it appears the people have a chance to gain a voice that does understand the “common man” and better yet, in light of the perpetual and now escalating “war on Women,” the “common woman”…..

Wanda Rohl, social worker, a voice rising from the PEOPLE:

“I want to keep this a true grassroots campaign. We want to keep this to local small donations and support from local organizations,” she states in a recent meeting in front of 60 participants.

“I want there to be no mistake that my loyalties are to the people of this district and not to corporate special interests, unlike my opponent.”

Her opponent, Rep. Adam Kinzinger, has already received $200,000 from SuperPACS and out of state contributors.

She is the exceptional person that proves the rule – if we respect everyone and work together to provide for the least among us, we can do better and are better.

Wanda Rohl is NOT the “lazy welfare queen”, the scam artist living on the dole so many on the right would have us believe those on assistance to be.

Out of hardship she rose to become a social worker, with graduate credentials and now she takes it to the street and, hopefully, to Congress.

Wanda Rohl speaks in a meeting with progressives in Illinois April, 2011, about her candidacy:

And again with Stephanie Miller on Miller’s Talk Show, July 6, 2011:

The poor in America have become pariahs. They have had their voices stifled; they have lost the assistance necessary for the basics of life.

Homelessness... Joblessness... Education? WTF is that? As that “47% are millionaires or billionaires” Congress promotes defense spending over spending on the defenseless....

As that overly pampered 1% promote their well-being and wealth over the survival of the 99%.....
In a system that has a growing populace impoverished from out-sourcing; tax breaks for the wealthiest; and over – the –top health care costs....

As the people on the bottom bear the brunt of paying for those who pay less and less every tax year....

WHO is speaking for them? Wanda Rohl appears to be one who will try, at least, to speak for the people…

Looks like we need to find another 434 just like her to win seats in the House of Representatives….
Once that is done, we can start on the Senate and the White House

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