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Stealing the White House The New GOP Way - Can Election 2012 be Election 2000 all over again? (Just Another Day In Paradise)

In 2000, GW Bush and his daddy’s friend, Dick Cheney, took the nomination of the GOP - a virtual horror show of unmitigated stupidity, blustering narcissism, bad jokes and psychotic fear mongering out to win an election by hook or crook (with emphasis on that crook).

Jeb and Big Bro GW

The state of Florida was run by then Governor Jeb Bush . A position that allowed Jeb to control much of the process and outcome of the state. He promised to deliver to his big bro and he did with the assistance of a 100,000 person voter purge , Katherine Harris (Jeb’s Secretary of State), the hanging chad. When it became clear that those chads were hanging too close to Gore, he helped delay until the DC muscle, lead by Chief Justice William Renquist, were able to assure the final "coup de gras" with a judicial "coup d’etat" (and the Republican's claim to hate the French for its “socialism”?)

Katherine "The Chad Killer" Harris:
Delivering Florida then gets delivered a 
Senate Campaign as a Pay Off?

According to CNN:
“In the days leading up to the presidential election, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush promised his brother, Republican nominee George W. Bush, that he would nail down Florida's 25 electoral votes -- a promise on which he could still deliver.” “Jeb Bush walks political tightrope over electors, ”
The Florida courts, state senate and house hemmed and hawed, delayed and played with the US Supremes stepping up to play a 3 show set to interject their voice and throw their weight around:

1) “Bush v. Palm Beach County Canvassing Board" - In an attempt to end the "election crisis" created by the challenges to voter tally (from the shock of the media in claiming the win for Gore per exit polls, then Bush, then Gore...The close results in the popular vote and challenge to the count) , the Supremes decided to put a stop to the Florida Supreme Court's decision to extend the time for certifying the vote past the period set by state law. Hoping to prevent further consideration of the vote count ( the GOP's embarassment, not to mention baby bro Bush's) and to force the state to certify results as they stood at that moment – Bush over Gore and screw the hanging chads, uncounted votes and questioning of the count - the Supremes began the process of taking control away from the state and forcing the certification of results. Fortunately, for the Supreme's, the Florida court ended up doing it all for the Supremes and, unanimously, certified those VERY questionable results.
But just when the Supremes thought they could take it off the road for an early holiday retreat, the Florida court brings it all back and the Bush boys demand an encore…
2) “Bush v. Gore” Act I – For one whole week the decision seemed set and certification complete, then the Florida court demands a statewide recount of ballots in a 4-3 splits so the Supremes come in for an encore show.
3) “Bush v. Gore” Act II - Just a few days after the Supremes ordered their stay of the recount, they came in for their final show that left the country in a state of dazed vertigo. Those Supremes, led by William “Dianna Ross” Renquist, belted out their infamous "song"...
The Supremes committed their 2nd ever act as King maker (for more information, check out the 1876 election of Samuel Tilden as the President … ) by throwing out precedent and policy, respect for the state and respect for the people’s voice.
Quoting the late Marable Manning, "Stealing the Election: The Compromises of 1876 and 2000" , comparing the 1876 election to the 2000 election:

“The election of 2000 was decided not by the popular will of voters, but in Washington, D.C., by a narrow five-four conservative majority of Supreme Court justices. Chief Justice William Rehnquist's refusal to acknowledge evidence of blatant voter fraud against African Americans was no surprise. Back in 1962, when Rehnquist was a young attorney in Arizona, he led a group of Republican lawyers who systematically challenged the right of minority voters to cast their ballots in that state. Called "Operation Eagle Eye," Rehnquist successfully disenfranchised hundreds of black and brown voters in Phoenix's poor and working class precincts. In 2000, Rehnquist supervised the disenfranchisement, in effect, of the majority of American voters.
Under no conditions can George W. Bush be considered the legitimate president of the United States. The Supreme Court has certified an electoral robbery in Florida. Gore was elected by the plurality of America's voters, but Bush was selected by the courts. As columnist Julianne Malveaux has quipped, perhaps instead of saying "Hail to the Chief," we should salute the faux President with "Hail to the Thief." History has repeated itself, and it is up to us to challenge this "Compromise of 2000," which threatens to usher in a new period of racial inequality.“
Jeb Bush) to promise them their state no matter what, and they did not have the brilliance and the leadership but they did have the Supremes in their back pocket.
4 years and the worse record in history, the GOP team of Bush and Cheney succeeded again in gaining an election with questionable practices:

More GOP lies and manipulation than a con man scamming old ladies out of their social security checks...

For more on the tale of Blackwell, O'Dell and the tricky electronics:

SO...It appears we have discovered the NEW GOP way.

 Mitt "I never had a position I didn't change" Romney and Paul "Alissa Rosembaum" Ryan
 or the Let Them Eat Cake Tour 2012

Today, 2012, in a new election year, Romney and Ryan have created the Republican "Let Them Eat Cake" Tour.
Mitt Romney has changed his position on nearly every issue more than once - from auto bail outs, social security, budgets, abortion and birth control - I won't even go into ROMNEY Care.
Paul Ryan is like a steroided Ground Sloth stuck in the La Brea Tar Pits tar pits clinging to radical right wing positions from overturning Roe v Wade (and making abortion, not only, illegal, but also, criminal for anyone to include the victims of rape and incest) to shredding what is left of the social safety net (to include the destruction of Medicaid - he calls "entitlement", the privatization of Social Security, the privatization of Medicare) . ...
And what have we seen so far?
The GOP governors promising to deliver the election AGAIN:

Though we may see Obama and Biden as a lock and the clear leader in the race of 2012, never under estimate the new "GOP Way" to steal the White House while we watch.

If there were ever a time for the people to be vigilant, it will be November 6, 2012.

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