Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What is it about the GOP that they don’t get “Mind your own business!” (Just Another Day In Paradise)

The Uterus Police
Cartoon by Matt Bors February 2012

In light of the virtual shitstorm of insanity surrounding the blatant stupidity of Todd Akin and his distinct, unmitigated ignorance and fear of women (yes fear, boys and girls – imbuing women with a magical power to prevent pregnancy with our golden vagina! We won’t even get into the whole Vagina Dentata syndrome as described by dear old Otto Rank), why is NO ONE actually dealing with the real issue?

Updating Otto Rank - Is this what the GOP fears?

That issue:
The not-so-hidden and SPECIFIC attempt, by the GOP (and to be fair, a number of Democrats), to insert government in the middle of MY FUCKING UTERUS!?!

The Republican Party, pandering to the “small government” narcissistic males and (and the very few scared, masochistic females), claims to be all about “shrinking government” and getting rid of the “Nanny State” .

The Republican Party continues to whine and kvetch that OBAMA is HUGE government spender … And destroying “FREEDOM”

FACT: Obama has spent LESS of OUR money than the last EIGHT PRESIDENTS. Even FORBES (not known as a bastion of liberalism) and the Wall Street Journal’s Marketwatch (another not known for their socialist leanings) say quite the opposite stating, “Government outlays [under Obama] rising at slowest pace since 1950s“

The REPUBLICAN PARTY CONTINUES to whine and kvetch that they and they alone want to return to “small” government

FACT: It is the GOP with Personhood USA trying to promote “Personhood” in states from Colorado to Oklahoma to Virginia to Mississippi, and at the Federal level. So far in 15 states have tried and, so far, been unsuccessful in forcing "personhood" up the "birth canal" of women in America.

Personhood USA (Based in Arvada, CO) has been trying to force the acceptance of “life at conception” thereby increasing government control and placing government right in the middle of every pregnancy, every ultra-sound, every miscarriage and every abortion…That’s a fact.

The GOP, now led by Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, has tried to shut down government more than once on the issue of Abortion. Akin-Ryan are two hypocritical peas in a misogynist pod AS EVIDENCED by their attempt at their "Personhood Bill", the "Sanctity of Life Act" H.R 212, proposed to put government in the middle of – guess what? A WOMAN’S UTERUS!

When the GOP proposes bill after bill, even put in their fucking platform, push in state after state their right to enslave all women through their reproductive organs – RAPE is OK as long as the woman "asks for it” or is "not forcible" ('cuz women won’t get pregnant if it's "forced", it’s obvious!).

Making it OK for them to poke and prod; decide what is IN THE MINDS and HEARTS of the woman of the planet and decide the best course for us all.

What is it that allows any woman in this nation to believe they deserve to be treated as a brood mare? As chattel?  As slave to man?

And what immature fear is it in the males of the GOP that makes them actually believe that they are better, smarter, stronger and more capable of making decisions for any woman who can think and act for herself?

It is nothing less than laughable that John Ashcroft, Kit Bond, Roy Blunt (one of the more laughable since he proposed the BLUNT Amendment to the AHC Act… Here is what the National Women’s Law Center has to say about the Blunt Amendment – a virtual disaster for women of the US. It was voted down by a nearly crippled Senate-That’s how bad it was) and others, to include the Koch Unionized boys calling themselves the “Tea Party”, in the MO GOP have called for Akin to step down – a virtual who’s who of misogyny and xenophobia.

Most hilariously, the call for Akin to step away by Mitt and his boy horror (whore?), Paul Ryan – who has single-handedly tried to destroy every program that supports women and children in the nation.

I suspect that the foolish and ignorant of the US have allowed themselves to be fooled again and they have handed power to the LEAST among us.

Bigoted misogyny promoted by the blatant hypocritical lying of the GOP leaders is part of the same hate, fear and xenophobic angst that is institutionalizing racism, sexism, and homophobia and is no more than fear of women, hate of the feminine and fear of "other". ....

And that fear is destroying us.

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