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We are much better off and Republicans didn’t ‘build that’ By Anomaly

Special thanks to the author, Anomaly -
feminist, activist, freedom fighter, "sister" -
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First published September 3, 2012, on FreakOutNation

While team Romney/Ryan launch an aggressive campaign strategy on spreading the question, “Are you better off than you were four years ago?” across South Carolina, a battleground state, and certainly a premeditated distraction from the Democratic National Convention -- we can help Mitt and Paul out here -- and then we should address an even more important question: Would we be better off with Mitt as President? Mitt Romney and the rock star boy wonder of the right, Paul Ryan want to replace our President using this question without revealing a clear plan of what they would accomplish, or how.

According to a recent Gallup poll, small businesses feel they are better off. In an analysis titled, "U.S. Small-Business-Owner Satisfaction Improves to '08 Level" Gallup reports:
Still, despite the challenges small-business owners face, 55% are extremely or very satisfied with being a business owner and another 29% are somewhat satisfied, for a combined 84% saying they are satisfied to some degree with being a small-business owner. Of course, small-business-owner satisfaction is self-defined. For example, some owners may base their satisfaction on growth and profits. Others may include the freedom to be their own boss and/or the ability to serve their communities and create jobs as part of their satisfaction with being a small-business owner.

How many other ways are we better off? Quite a few.

The war in Iraq is over.

Top Al-Queda leaders were eliminated. For good.

Bin Laden is history. After Bin Laden's kill, "U.S. intelligence officials said the death of the Libyan jihadist, who escaped from U.S. custody in Afghanistan in 2005, leaves al-Qaeda’s leadership ranks in Pakistan so depleted that there is no obvious successor."

The Affordable Health Care Law. - no matter how they spin this, Americans will not be dying from lack of health care, so bite me.

The automobile bailout was the cataclysm for its strong growth ever since. What's pathetic about the political conversation over the bailout, is that their guy, George W. Bush proclaimed, "I'd do it again." Bush initiated the bailout, and soon thereafter Obama completed it.

Don't ask, Don't tell, is history. Tammy Smith recently became the first lesbian General Officer.

Obama evolves on same sex marriage, and has thusly inspired other countries to do the same.

And then, we have the creeping message of Obama not keeping us safe, which is negated in the first few points above.

Tim Pawlenty stated:
Pawlenty responded that foreign policy is "not a popularity contest" – it's about keeping us secure. He said of George W. Bush, "I applaud Bush for this aspect of his presidency." He went on to explain that Bush had sacrificed popularity in favor of keeping Americans safe – implying that this would be Romney's approach to foreign policy, too.

It's almost as if Pawlenty is referring to President Obama. Still yet, even though many Republicans prefer to believe that an invisible George W. Bush swarmed in with Dick Cheney and personally killed Bin Laden dead, let's talk about being safe anyway. Let's talk about war.

A Romney administration. What could go wrong?

Vice President Joe Biden said that Republican rival Mitt Romney is "ready to go to war in Syria and Iran" while hurting the middle class. John McCain also made loud war noises at the Republican National Convention -- strangely toward several countries. Because we can afford it. Apparently. There is little doubt that Romney would take action against Iran, based on an unproven premise of nuclear weapons. Where have we heard this before? Ah yes, weapons of mass destruction.

Mitt Romney will repeal ObamaCare -- the health care law modeled on his own while Governor. Without health care, people die. It's a fact. With nothing to replace the new law with, they'll just kill it -- simply because it's Obama's signature legislation.

Income inequality will devastate this country. Corporate taxes will be lowered under Mitt Romney, and tax cuts for the wealthy will be made permanent. The middle class, or what's left of it, will be a bookmark in history.

The female gender? Pshaw, they say! Lyin' Ryan and Multiple Mitt have changed their stance on abortion in order to garner support. But, no matter how they spin it, the GOP's new platform -- which is oddly just like the old platform -- does not include exceptions for abortion in the case of rape or incest. Paul Ryan did not support the Lily Ledbetter Act, which advocates equal pay.

What Lily Ledbetter has to say about that point:
“That’s for families. That’s voting against American families, and American families right to get what they’re legally earning and entitled to under the law. And he’s also going to do away with Medicare, Social Security.”

“Paul Ryan scares me to death,” Ledbetter continued. “I did not like to hear him when he was just a congressman. The way he would talk about cut, cut, cut. We Americans in this country in middle class and down, we will not survive.”

Planned Parenthood would be no more, under President Romney. Because, it's evil to have women's health care provided in rural areas, where nothing else exists for miles.

A recent CNN poll concludes that Romney has a problem with the ladies, the middle class and his etch-a-sketch addiction.

As for immigration reform - no problem under Mitt's presidency. They can self-deport. Magically. All of Obama's accomplishments have been done under an unprecedented amount of obstruction. We built that, not Republicans and we did it together with Obama. Imagine what this country could accomplish without such extreme and partisan obstruction. With the GOP, it's not about the economy, stupid.

A vote for Romney is a vote for a corporate America -- if you don't support President Obama, consider Gary Johnson or Jill Stein. We cannot go to war again, and mostly especially not with a president who evaded going to war himself, but will send your children into battle. Fuck that.

Obama has shown his tax returns. Where are yours Mitt?

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