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The GOP: Proving they are no more than a little boys club afterall

Holy Ayn Rand, Batman, 
we got to stop those bleeding heart liberals from offering health care, food and shelter 
to those leeching poor, meek, the disabled....
If we don't, then there won't be more for us!

It is fairly common for grade school aged boys to go through their cycle of girl-hating. That age between infancy and adolescence when girls have cooties and are “dumb”and just plain "weird".   Creating those super secret clubhouses posted “no girls allowed,” filled with comic books and secret finds, set with traps and pitfalls for any silly “GIRL!” that might happen by….

That period from 5-10 years of age controlled by angst and anger as the little boys are forced to separate from mommy and as they are pushed into awareness of those around them (not to mention comparing the size of their club's members);  As they begin noting differences between the genders and act out in expected bigotry from ignorance and fear.  It is a time fraught with anxiety as well as excitement -  pure sensation driven with exploration and experimentation.  A fascination with explosions and car chases and creepy crawlies ...And  they see little girls as alien creatures treated differently - not just by choice, but by adults around them.

Those silly “Boys of Summer,” in their little circle jerks (both literal and figurative); their elaborate planning of attacks on their sisters and any female class mate that threatens their male dominance, generally grow out of the syndrome as their voices crack, their pubic hair grows and their more frequent nocturnal emissions begin to include little swimmers.  In other words, with puberty and maturity ...

Well, most boys grow out of it but then there are the few who don't.

I don't want to grow up!

Republicans of the 21st century....

We are treated daily, at times hourly, with more quips and comments, speeches and interviews by members of the GOP in which they show their continued disdain for anyone female, anyone not them and anyone not in their Old Boy's Club.

Todd Akin, GOP candidate for Missouri Senate:

"It seems to be, first of all, from what I understand from doctors, it’s really rare. If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut the whole thing down"

From arrogance and ignorance of female anatomy to sexist comments about Ms. McCaskill not being "ladylike" and comparing her to "a dog", Todd Akin is proving to be a stereotype of the little boy's of the GOP.  The RNC's response?  In the media, they tried to distance from Akin's misogyny and bigotry but the money is flowing again and the support from the Boy's Club is strong.

Joe Walsh doesn't disappoint -  A vocal bully from within the boy's club, he has echoed the ignorance of anatomy as well, as his overt disdain for women, and may well be the tiniest minded of the little "Boy's of Summer in their ruin".

The blatant misogyny heard from the mouth's of the current crop of little boys is not new by any means.  It has become the modus operandi for the GOP over the past 3 decades.
As noted in a previous article and evidenced by the changes in the GOP Platform that held the ERA prominently within it's pages, the GOP - once led by Barry Goldwater who noted that the issue of abortion had no place in politics; once led by George Romney who cared about making money but also cared about the community at large and how his companies interacted within the community since the community was the working members of his company - the new idea GOP courted and slept with the right wing's most dogmatic religious zealots.  At first it was a marriage of convenience in which they manipulated the fundies into supporting them then ignored them once elected.  Later it became more difficult to ignore them and now, they have slept with them, merged with them and morphed into a party of dogmatic zealotry without moral compass.

The republican party took the worst of both worlds as they killed support for women, support for equality, support for humanity, support for justice, support for peace and replaced it with lack of insight, lack of caring, self absorption, immature sensation seeking (in the form of power and greed) and a perfection of their narcissistic sociopathy.

The conservative republican was replaced by the neo-conservative republican - the little boys of summer committing OUR ruin.

In 2000, the little boys club placed their best example of themselves in the role of candidate for the presidency of the United States and "won".

George W. Bush, besides his history of womanizing, alcoholism,  coke snorting and his destruction of every company he ever ran, his less than adequate intelligence with a degree bought with his father's money and power, impressed some less intelligent voters with his charm - a great guy "to have a beer with"...and got elected.

He had the power and money of criminals and liars as well as the power madness of the war-mongering PNAC  behind him and leading him (as they ultimately became his advisers and cabinet).  A great way to choose a world leader - AND HE GOT ELECTED AGAIN!

A man who destroyed our economy (as Cheney said "Reagan proved deficits don't matter"), spent us into a depression, attacked a sovereign nation without cause after lying to Congress and the American people about WMDs and Saddam Hussein's association with Bin Laden; who lied to everyone about his budget and the money spent - leaving a debt of $10.6 trillion; continued to act out like a child playing war and spent more time on vacation chopping wood than any other president since  before FDR (FDR - 985 days in 12 years,  Eisenhower  456 days; Reagan 335, Clinton 28, Lyndon Johnson, who spent 484 days, Bush 1,020 days in 8 years - President Bush spent 32% of his presidency on vacation, and Obama 78  by the end of 3 yrs in office) I won't even get into the lobbyist power rising, the corporate greed becoming openly acceptable and the middle class getting their ass handed to them with no chance of assistance.

In 2008, it was John McCain, all mavericky and with his choice of "a woman"...any a VP running mate - all based on the perception of  "first woman vice president" - no one bothered to vet her.

John proved no substance and all show throughout his campaign from offering up his wife in the Sturgis Miss Buffalo Chip contest to running away from  Letterman, making up a story about being called to DC due to the tanking economy when he actually was in NYC doing another interview.  When he DID show up to discuss the economic issues in DC and to be "involved", he was  definitely "unavailable" even at the meeting to discuss the stimulus.

In 2012, it is Romney-Ryan and the war on Women...
Romney-Ryan and the war on Social Security...
Romney-Ryan and the war on "entitlements" (code for social programs)...
Romney Ryan and the need for greed.

Romney-Ryan and their "Let them Eat Cake Tour" of 2012.

There isn't a day that goes by without some story "on the trail" with Romney-Ryan that doesn't prove the premise.  Romney's caught-on -tape moment discussing the leeching 47% (hey, Mitt - I can guarantee many Americans making less than $100K annually pay higher percentage of their income in a variety of taxes than you pay- from sales to local tax to payroll tax; and undocumented workers using a false social security number - even more as they have payroll taxes taken from their pay that are never seen again)  - not to mention his opinion of immigrants ("[If] you have no skill or experience…you're welcome to cross the border and stay here for the rest of your life."); Palestinians ("I look at the Palestinians not wanting to see peace anyway…and I say there's just no way.") - as well as Ryan's adamant disdain for the 30% that he deems to be takers (but Ryan certainly isn't a taker he claims, since he actually has created a business of being a candidate and elected official and educated himself from social security funds to which he was "entitled" after the death of his father).

And the GOP, as they sit in their little club house, planning new ways to assure their win of all the cookies; new schemes to fuck the voters through voter suppression and voter ID laws; new means in which to act against and demean women with laws removing our personal right to choice, denial of contraceptive care, forced medical rape and threats of prosecution for acting on our choice; new ways to oppress the middle class and kill off the poor through denial of health care for  workers, the unemployed and their families as well as the continued destruction of the public education system on which this nation was built;  new ways to create real death panels by implementing plans of cutting and privatizing everything from social security to Medicare - not to mention the destruction of medicaid that will assure the removal of life saving care for the needy and the elderly; new ways to assure their titillation through declarations of war and manipulation of power so they can play games with people's lives, turn the young into cannon fodder and blow the fuck out of non-Americans in the Middle East and any place they deem on top of  their minerals; new ways to gain more money in their off-shore accounts and keep their investments in the war machine lucrative; new ways to keep the 1% on top and the middle class small and ineffectual.

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