Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Mainstream Media's double standard - Obama and Biden Debate Performance

On October 3, 2012, the first presidential "debate" was held in Denver Romney and Obama took the stage greeting a poorly prepared Jim Lehrer, the moderator. From there, it degraded to 90 minutes of uncontrolled viscous attacks, flip flops on positions for which Romney had made claims (especially his tax plan to cut taxes by 20% ), bald face lies on health care (pre-existing conditions) and other programs, a refusal to get specific on any program (other than to kill all that funding to NPR that will certainly pay for doubling the defense budget) on a quiet and somewhat sullen president.

The moderator lost control after Obama wished his wife a "Happy Anniversary" and never regained it.

Romney lied, Obama sighed and professionalism as well as courtesy died on that stage.

Romney was belligerent, brash and downright braggadocios (as well as rude, arrogant and demeaning).

Romney was declared winner and praised for his hard hitting demeanor,determined attitude and strong resolve. Mostly, the left and center were angered by Obama's apparent lack of interest and guts.

Last week we had Paul Ryan and Joe Biden face off in front of a very adept Martha Raddatz.

In this debate, Martha Raddatz kept control, was often confrontational, and asked tough questions. We were regaled with Ryan's claims and treated to Biden's justifiable righteous indignation. Biden didn't allow the bragging style and arrogance of the boy to get by with much as he confronted inconsistencies and outright lies; defended the Obama administration and gave much better than he got. He wasn't about to allow Ayn Ryan to pull the Romney arrogance without ripping off Ryan's head and spitting down his neck.

Biden obviously won that bout as we were treated with more Ryan lies, petulance and smugness in 90 minutes.

But the media - even the semi-liberal Thomas Frank - were appalled that Joe would actually treat Ryan without "respect," get down and dirty and call him out 

Guys, guys...a bit of a double standard here? Obama was expected to come out with a street fighting attitude and Biden to do what? Sit with legs crossed, pinkie out and sip tea?

You complain that Obama took it, wouldn't confront and wouldn't look up as the arrogance poured from Romney yet you bitch and moan about Biden being just what you expected from Obama?

Joe Biden spoke what many of us have been thinking and feeling since Romney/Ryan took to lying, manipulating and attacking the people of this nation with their arrogant "us vs them, " "47% feel they are entitled," and "30% takers" diatribes.

Joe Biden spoke for many of us and to many of us.

Ryan was pompous, turned arrogant and lied - what a surprise!

Joe Biden is a man of the people - what don't you get about that?

Consistency? Can we ever get consistency and actual comprehension from Corporate run media and their talking, I mean heads? Nah, doesn't make good hype.

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