Wednesday, October 31, 2012

With the 2012 Election looming: The Question is - What is "Presidential"?

In the past few days, we have been treated to a litany of speeches and sound bytes... lies and gaffes but the image of president will all come down to one thing...

So just what is presidential?

That is the question we must ask ourselves.  What is a leader of this nation supposed to be?

One who spins bald faced lies and uses them repeatedly in commercials?


Even Chrysler calls Romney out on his outright lie as reported here.

OR is it someone like we see here? The candidate as President – cancelling speeches and appearances; stopping his campaigning in order to act. Who spends his remaining week before elections with the people.


Do we support the candidate Romney who refuses to answer for his statements on FEMA?  The one who sets up a "photo op" at the last minute with a quick "support" effort (supporting Romney's  "LOOK at ME!" "aren't-I-a-caring-humanitarian-afterall" effort) in Ohio?  A photo op hastily put together in an attempt to counter "Mitt the would-be FEMA destroyer" and to show Mitt as a "humanitarian".

Mitt even refuses to address his comments - his stance on dismantling FEMA the only program that actually organizes and offers immediate assistance for the people on a national scale.
OR do we support the candidate that works a time of crisis, so that even his greatest detractors give praise?


We can wrangle and kvetch, bluster and brag all we want - we can complain that we aren't pulling in big bucks after 4 years of trial with a tanked economy just barely...barely keeping its head above water with a Congress stacking the odds against the people.
BUT, for my money, I know who I would want covering my back.

It isn't the bravado and the nonsense;  It isn't someone who has no experience in national and international affairs ; it isn't the guy who flip-flops on every position and will say ANYTHING in order to get a vote; It isn't the guy that shouts fire in a theater (going to Ohio and claiming Chrysler is moving to China when the people are JUST starting to get a sense of security back).

As a screaming liberal and pragmatist, I have to say, that when it comes to decisive and humanitarian response;  When it comes to quick thinking and setting priorities for the people, there is only one candidate in the race and one candidate who is the clear choice.

I am throwing behind the guy who is "presidential".


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