Sunday, December 16, 2012

"A Message For Humanity" - Party at Ground Zero Part Deux (or part "DUH")

Sir Charles Spencer "Charlie" Chaplin - actor, writer, producer, comedian, and genius - was run out of the US with accusations of  "being a Communist"  1950's.

He was a rich man, a man with a popular international  voice,  and a threat for his political stance - he stood on the left in an era that brought a drunken  paranoid,  named McCarthy, into power creating HUAC (House Unamerican Activites Committee) and the persecution of anyone from Unionizers to Socialists; from Jew to European under the guise of catching "Communists".

One of the most powerful pieces of Chaplin's Career was "The Great Dictator " -  released in 1940, the comedy-drama film was one of Chaplin's first "talking" films (though "Talkies" were released with the creation of 'The Jazz Singer" in 1927 and became popular in the 1930's, Chaplin continued the "silent" medium for his work until 1940).

As star, writer, producer, composer and director of the film, Chaplin made the film a powerful political statement on the times -  Europe's WWII and the fascism of  Mussolini, Hitler and Franco.  

Enough said on the history of the man, for his genius and his words carry across the generations - his message never more powerful, poignant and cutting than it is today...........

The following film is Chaplin doing The Little Dictator's speech from his film.  The video contains the imagery of today with Chaplin's powerful message.

As we head out of 2012 – after a year that brought a divisive political season and slaughters in movie theaters, houses of worship and of babies in a grade school; After screeching rhetoric, criminal acts of betrayal to the people of America by politicians and major corporations,  and the corporatization of our former Democratic Republic, I will end on a note of hope.  The hope that, if we are willing, if we take the initiative and seize our power, we can effect change – For that change must come if we ever are to be truly free.

Party at Ground Zero - ”A Message for All Humanity”…………………………

Special thanks and SOLIDARITY!   Global Citizen's United (and Samantha Appleseed)

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