Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Party at Ground Zero – This is The End (Gonna Party Like it’s 2012…Mayan Calendar Style)

From the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City
Maya mask
OK…Are you ready for it?

End of the world – all comin’ fast.

You have 17 more shopping days until the whole thing is gone…

Did you hear?

Of COURSE you heard!

The Mayan Calendar says the whole planet is gonna be destroyed December 21, 2012….
(or not......)  

From the Dresden Codex 
(not really from Dresden - stolen and put in Dresden
 and not really "The Codex" but part of one of three known 
and one of hundreds originally
...until the Spanish went on their book burning tour)

In the typical American Capitalist media mode – no wing nutty, psychotic-deluded conspiracy theory is too inane for this form of over-the-top “journalistic” prostitution. The people who brought Sarah Palin to TV and  old-fashioned polygamy to prime-time   made wealthy stars out of over-achieving octamoms and made up, blatant, dumbed down bullshit to spin as history to the masses, now  brings us the perpetual whine of destruction.

Or, at least, that is the “spin” promoted on the Discovery Family of channels from History to H2 to Discovery to Science ... Besides the wingnuttery of "Doomsday Bunkers" ..(bringing fame to paranoid narcissists and ideologues in a Discovery vs Murdock competition against like-minded "Doomsday Preppers") and the schlock history of "Ancient Aliens", we have "Nostradamus Decoded", "Nostradamus 2012", "The Lost Book of Nostradamus", "Nostradamus", "Nostradamus Chronicles", "Doomsday Prophets", "The Nostradamus Files", "The Nostradamus Effect", "Exploring Nostradamus", "Nostradamus , "The History Channel : Apocalypse the Book of Revelation", "Armageddon Exploring the Doomsday Myth", "Doomsday 2012 : The End of the World", "The History Channel End of Days Prophecy","Countdown to Apocalypse (a multi-part series on the Mayan Calendar, the Doomsday prophecies, Armageddon and the bible.....)

Never one to be outdone, Rupert adds "Countdown to Apocalypse" (run Sunday night on NatGeo opposite The History Channel's "Countdown to Armageddon"), then "Evacuate Earth" as he led into the Monday night extravaganza round-down of back to back Doom and Gloomsday of "Doomsday: Book of Revelations", "The Mayan Apocalypse 2012", rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat with more and more doom and destruction from outside, inside, and all around.........

ALL cashing in big (hey...A Holiday special!  You can buy any and all the DVDs and Videos for 1/2 price through Christmas!! Better hurry...I am sure the sale will be void after Doomsday, December 21, 2012, when the "Mayan's predict :the destruction of the planet"  Or not).

Production upon production; Rehashed; Reorganized: Cut and pasted: and re-edited ruminations repeated, re-run and rotated through the Discovery and NewsCorp “family” of networks.

Documentaries, “docu-dramas”, movies, “specials”, promoted and hyped; repeated and re-regurgitated, in film and in print; pulling experts (or hucksters promoted as experts) mixed with bona fide educators and just a smattering of science in a way only those media moguls dare to do –

One hour, two hours, three hours or sequentially run hour after hour............

The Mayans and their Calendar and Codices (with the obligatory nods to Nostradamus and the Hopi “Blue Star”); Nostradamus (with obligatory nods to the Hopi “Blue Star” and the Mayan calendar), then the Hopi “Blue Star” Prophecy (with obligatory nods to the Mayan Calendar and Codices and Nostradamus) are trotted out interspersed with more on the Apocalypse, end of times discussion in the bible and predictions made on mass extinctions by comets, asteroids, Planet X OR Super Volcanoes, Mega-Quakes, Super Tsunami and ALL with obligatory nods to Nostradamus and the Hopi "Blue Star”, the Mayan Calendar….
Well, you get the picture…

Fear sells as does Magical Thinking – religions, fantasy based ideologies and just plain social psychosis.....

The Black and White - Fear vs Faith - Us vs Them split seems to be growing and those media capitalists will shamelessly...gleefully take advantage of the zeitgeist and wring it for every penny.

 Looking for the Party?

There is, most definitely, a search for the party happening...Where, when, what - how do I get there ( hire a limo, a cab, a Hansom?  Appoint a designated driver?)?

What to wear and who else has been invited?

One wonders just how many people are taking this seriously and looking for the party.....

Outside Denver, we have the Surefire Community 

From their website:

Our Communities

Surefire Living provides your family a safe and effective place one community at a time. We are currently reserving space for our East Coast location, Rocky Mountain Location and private Co Op locations Nationwide. Contact us today for a consult We offer
  • Natural and Man-Made Structures that are secure and fortified
  • Highly trained security defense teams in place 24-7
  • Healthy food, greenhouses, livestock, and protected water
  • Personal food storage and medical supplies customized for your needs
  • Medical facility with medical professionals, to include Doctors with surgical experience, Midwives, Dentist, and related medical staff
  • Schools, church, employment, and good times
  • Free training for firearm, survival and self-reliance training, before threats or alerts have taken place
  • Protection from Nuclear war, economic disaster/collapse, solar flares, geomagnetic storms, EMP/HEMP related threats/attacks, volcanic ash, natural events, and super cell storms
  • Surefire is equipped with multiple alternative locations, fully stocked and equipped in case of a threat/attack
  • Members are allowed to use cabins for vacations

There is no other secure community that can ensure your family's protection, good health, while supporting personal and spiritual growth…

Listen to one of our Podcast on National Prep Station
And a second  page from their website:

Surefire Living Lottery of Fate...

Surefire living is holding a lottery for 100 special families and kids who live on the streets. This is a very special lottery and incredible opportunity.

We will be hand selecting families (up to 100 families per community) that have a burning desire and are seeking a special place like Surefire community. All applicants will summit a written or video essay telling us about them and their family. We want everyone to feel that they have a chance, because they do. Each essay will be reviewed, pondered and prayed about. Those that are meant to be selected will be. This is a Lottery of FATE... Lottery opened May 1st, 2012, will end Dec 20th, 2012

Enter the lottery of Fate NOW!

They actually are merging the Mayan Calendar delusion with a smattering of Black Hole freak out and Imaginary Planet (Nibiru) -anxiety (as a side - we were to have collided November 21, 2012...OOPS.  Guess they got that wrong, too).
Then there is Utah (always good isolationist  desert madness in Deseret):
The Preparedness Pro all sounds innocuous enough until one reads in... Need a Bunker?   As reported in Boing-Boing and the Huffington Post, this little starter unit, outside Orem, is perfect for the coming Apocalypse... set to protect and if it doesn't work, go Guerrilla Al-Qaeda style within the nearby caves... Your own country and no Gub'mint interference to bother you!  And its all BLM - Bureau of Land Management -  land (guess the owner didn't quite think that through)
But for the  epitome of Doomsday Prepper Capitalism meets Doomsday paranoia....

Vivos - "It wasn't raining when Noah built the Ark"

Production and development now in  three areas of the US (Indiana, Nebraska, and "The Rockies")  and home based in Del Mar, CA  - Where the Surfers, wealthy developers, Bing Crosby's horse racing and the "beautiful people"  join in what was once a quaint beach community  (Only a l little over 4100 people live in that eroded beach community).  A town who has its own history of hucksters from major psychic hotline scams to large coke dealers to investment scams (J David and the Golden Girl, the former mayor of Del Mar, with her buddy Roger Hedgecock, then mayor of San Diego and now RWNJ media darlin', scammed and Ponzied their way into conviction back in the 80's) - Yes, where the "turf meets the surf at old Del Mar"


But those Bunkers aren't in quaint downtown Del Mar....

Originally, one had to go to Barstow - hot, desert, and deserted Barstow, where Robert Vicino (the "founding father" of Terra Vivos) started digging

The World’s First Everything-Proof Underground Luxury Community (only $5000 down)
Then moved it to the three new locations.

Looks like a great opportunity - And he promises to protect the lucky members from all the apocalyptic disasters - Bio-War, anarchy and terrorism to super Tsunamis, super volcanoes, earthquakes, Nibiru or Planet X, comet collisions, the shifting of the poles and electro-magnetic pulse and destruction, solar flares.... 

"The Thirteenth Bak'tun" 
will be finished (on) Four Ahaw, 
the Third of K'ank'in. ? will occur. (It will be)
the descent(?) of the Nine Support (?) God(s) to the ?."

But...you have to be in the select group chosen from member/applicants...

Sure, sign up for "free", then they go through each applicant to cull the lucky mark:
"The Vivos Selection Committee evaluates each member applicant's profile for determination and candidacy of their membership. Vivos then looks for those individuals who may best contribute to each Vivos shelter community, for the greatest chance of long-term survival of the entire group. Each candidate is reviewed based upon a number of criteria and psychographic information, including: their profession, education, expertise, skills, benefit to the Vivos community, proximity to a Vivos location, current health, and desired family or group ownership. Vivos then selects certain candidates and extends them an invitation to purchase an interest in a specific Vivos shelter closest to their home area. Those candidates are then provided the Vivos reservation agreement to make a reservation for one or more co-ownership interests in a Vivos shelter. Due to the cohabitation of owners, a rigorous screening process is necessary, however, discrimination of any sort is not be allowed or tolerated, nor a means of qualification, including that based on age, race, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, national origin or sexual orientation."
Only $35,000 per person in Nebraska; $50,000 in Indiana and $35,000 per child; and the Rockies....
General member co-ownership is priced at $35,000 per personPrivate Suites for 4 people at $85,000 per person, complete with all food, fuel, clothing, water, medical facilities, supplies, furnishings, and of course security systems.  There is no comparison of a hardened and virtually indestructible Vivos shelter to the flimsy fiberglass, retrofitted "drain pipe" and "container" storm shelters now being sold to unwary buyers.  Those structures are NOT built to withstand the predicted catastrophic forces that Vivos is prepared for.
CHEAP!  And, your money won't be worth anything anyway.  Robert Vicino says so! What a nice guy to take it all off your hands!

Of course, one wonders what Robert will do with all those worthless pieces of paper after the planetary destruction....

Guys, guys, the Mayan Calendar does not predict the "end of the world" or the "end of time", it is the end of a cycle and it starts another...JUST like we consider the end of an era, an end of any historic period...a change from one to another.

A 26,000 year cycle - using astronomy and mathematics (I know, how could these ignorant savages know this without alien help, right).  They tracked patterns in the sky and used it to predict eclipses, weather and seasons.  They calculated the orbit of the planet and the relationships to celestial bodies.  Their mathematics rivaled ours.......

They were writing on paper before Europeans knew how to make it.

By the time the Europeans found them, their great civilization was in decline.

If one read actual scientific research, anthropological studies of the people or even spoke to Mayan descendants - yep,  there are REAL Mayans among us -  one would understand that the meaning is not for destruction but, to many of the people, it means a realization for many ...TO realize...

In fact, take a trip to Antigua, where many Mayan descendants live and one might be shocked to find out that many probably don't know what the fuck, the December 2012 Mayan Prophecy is all about...More crazy Americans and Europeans.

If one learns anything from the Mayans, it could be that all great civilizations peak then decline - like the Greeks, the Romans, the Egyptians, the Persians, the Babylonians, the Phoenicians, the Ottomans, the French, the Dutch, the Spanish, the British, The Mayans and the Americans.

War and over consumption; hubris and greed...Their fate was assured.

The "End of the World" - It is all part of the zeitgeist now.

After years of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (that came shortly after the war in VietNam that came shortly after the war in Korea and WWII which was just an extension of WWI), brought about with the zeal of a mad hatter and his joker nightmare called Cheney - they used propaganda (that good old Neo-Con "Noble Lie and Pious Fool" philosophy) that created fear of anyone brown, middle eastern and Muslim.

Islamophobia has become so prevalent, its time to add it to the DSM V.

There appears to be a constant imagined threat of the destruction of the US from the outside that it is tearing her apart from the inside.

This is not a recent thing but it appears to be rising, full throttle, to a crescendo and that awareness is being played upon by those Media Whores...

 Party at Ground Zero - Surprise, you were already here! (or "Oh that magic feeling...nowhere to go")

It is written in a Christian book of stories,  that a man called Yehoshua or Yosua  (or Jesus or Emmanuel to many) said, "............The kingdom of heaven is at hand....."

It is said that, the Buddha stated that he had "gained" nothing from his "enlightenment".....since his "enlightenment" was  realized, not attained. (There we are again.. "to realize")

Fritz Perls, unwitting and unwilling "Guru" of the "60's Counterculture" stated there is no past, there is no future...all there is is the "Here and Now"

Teachers and prophets; philosophers and wise ones throughout the history of humanity that have all said the same or very similar things.

The kingdom  of heaven is at hand; can be realized; and can only be in the Here and Now.
That state of grace; that universal comprehension and all knowing One enveloped in peace and tranquility is only here and not there, only now and not then...

No Black and White, No Fear vs Faith; No us vs them... That all melts away - there is no "Black" for that is the absorption of all color.  There is no "White" for that is the reflection of all color; there is no "Us" and there is no "Them" for "WE" are all the One (All together now) - to understand this is to eliminate all fear and to create only faith in "We" the One. 

"My God, She's Full of Stars"
Celeste 2012

So, from the Cosmic Surfer and her friends - LIVE like it's 2012, Realize, BE...for tomorrow may never come and if it does, you can do it all again, for tomorrow may never come......

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