Sunday, February 10, 2013

Obama’s spooky choice for CIA head, John Brennan


John Brennan is career CIA.  The man who stood by and fully supported everything from kidnapping, torture and indefinite detention of thousands (not just the few hundred in Guantanamo but thousands from Bagram, to Guantanamo, to hundreds of black sites across the planet); a CIA bigwig who has helped to turn the CIA into so much more than an ”intelligence agency”.   The CIA is a paramilitary group acting undercover and behind the backs of the American people.  That is what the bouncing baby spooks have grown to be under the tutelage of the likes of George Herbert Walker Bush, Porter Goss, Dick Cheney, Leon Panetta ........

John Brennan - Chosen for Chief Spook 
John Brennan - Chosen for Chief Spook.

.......... and now, it appears, John Brennan.

The CIA, under such "upstanding men", has gone rogue - all mavericky.  One could argue that the only difference between the CIA and a rag-tag group of paranoid militiamen in Idaho is the size of their budget - an enemy under every rock, behind every tree....ALWAYS, "us" vs "them", the vague "them" always, always, out to "get" us.

The CIA is the manifestation of the darkness - the sociopathy -  called "American Exceptionalism" -  everyone is just a failed attempt to be us,  everyone is jealous of us and "everybody" awakens every morning wishing to find a way to bring 'us" down.

In September, Human Rights Watch tried to blow the cover on the CIA's use of torture in Libya, Egypt and other countries. The CIA’s support of the oppressive and criminal regimes from Qaddafi to Mubarek -  Torturing those who stood up to the brutality of those heinous dictators and working with governments around the globe to torture anyone deemed "possibly, maybe...could be...or we just don't like him, her, them anyway."

That report was met without a whimper by the American public.  Publicized just enough to bring 1 or 2 articles :

CIA torture techniques in Libya included prolonged diapering and insects

U.S. Used This Torture Box to Interrogate Gadhafi’s Enemies

........Then buried before the end of the news cycle.  The people of the US chose to ignore it.  After all, we have more important things to worry about now don't we?   Ah...The new "Survivor" season was about to begin; Football (how 'bout them Broncos?) and wasn't there a new season for "Game of Thrones"?

What "evil men do" in the name of the War on Terror is laid at the doorstep of America and the blood is on all our hands.  We have become that which we claim to abhor.

From the darkness of bull and bear fights replaced by televised gladiator sports - beating the crap out of each other...the bloodier the better - to the acceptance of kidnapping  indefinite detention  and torture of innocent men, women and children (wringing of hands until we realize there is a sale at Nordstrom’s), to the over-the- top national day of   “HOO-RAH” and glee with the news that we slaughtered Bin Laden (vengeance over humanity), we have assured our place in history as a warring society that cares little for concepts of "Justice", "due process" and human rights.

There will be those who read these words and claim..."BUT, Obama stood against torture, closed all the Black Sites, tried to close Guanatanamo..." and "...but, but the Muslims..."

To that I say:

1. Guantanamo is a "Black Site" and the flagship of the "Black Sites"  under Obama - Bagram was expanded as was Guantanamo UNDER Obama;

2. Obama passed the NDAA allowing  the potential of naming American citizens for kidnapping and indefinite detention;

3. Obama is in  full support of the Patriot Act allowing for spying on the US citizenry, among other things (try buying real estate, traveling to another country - hell, traveling at all)

4. Obama supports and expanded Cheney's "Kill List", making him the new leader of Murder USA, Inc.

5. Drones coming to a city near you

6. "but, but..." Nothing.  We cannot live by comparing ourselves to the actions of others - that is corrupt, narcissistic and manipulative.  A nation of conscience; a nation of moral compass doesn't depend on the acts of others to justify its actions - It strives for RIGHT not excuses.

John Brennan

Bringing us back to John Brennan - the new choice by the Obama Administration for head of the secret paramilitary group of spooks called the CIA.  The guy who flips positions on a dime in order to keep gaining power over a secret cabal of self-important men of hubris - claiming the right to become a death squad.  A group of men who decided that they have the right to determine who lives, who dies, who can be killed and if those who just happen to be in the way can be counted as "human" or not. More of the same - from Panetta to Gates to Patreaus to Goss to Bush senior – murder and torture for hire and business is good .

As response?  We couldn’t be bothered to even care other than “look at that silly Code Pink”!

Diane Feinstein, that big “liberal” from California, made sure they were removed.  Afterall, they were screaming about the very thing she was promoting…

Not ONCE did anyone really confront the hypocrisy and lies of the Obama Administration, John Brennan or Diane Feinstein…What about the slaughter of children swept under the rug that all three have been lying about repeatedly?

Do "We the People" really not care about the slaughter of innocents on our heads?

(Jeremy Scahill on Democracy Now about the Brennan Confirmation Hearings.....)

For those who care a little, or a lot:

Delivered Into Enemy Hands - Human Rights Watch report released September 6, 2012

Report: These 54 Foreign Governments Helped the CIA Torture, Detain, and Transport Suspects After 9/11- Mother Jones, February 5, 2013

 "Globalizing Torture: CIA Secret Detention and Extraordinary Rendition,"  from Open Society Justice Initiative

"The dangerous rebranding of John Brennan" , Mark LeVine is professor of Middle Eastern history at UC Irvine, AlJazeera

More on Guantanamo:

Andy Worthington's "The Guantanamo Files"  as well as  his ongoing work with Wikileaks that can be found at his website

"Accountability for Torture"  - ACLU

"Center for the Study of Human Rights in the Americas", UC Davis:  "Guantanamo Testimonials Project"

Special thanks to Rock Cosmos - the "Monk" to my "Warrior"

Friday, February 1, 2013

Today's Mendacious Prevaricator (Lying Liar) Award Goes to (drum roll please) Wayne LaPierre

by Pat Bagley - The Salt Lake Tribune

Dana Milbank and I don't always see eye to eye...In fact, I often find him lacking in substance in that straddling the middle rail middle of the road kind of way BUT today's Opinion piece for the "Washington Post" syndicated out (to the Denver Post and other tabloids) was right on target.

It looks like even Mr. Milbank has had just enough of the arrogant bullying...The absolute HUBRIS... of the the NRA and their testosterone addicted lackies....

The piece covers LaPierre's appearance before the Senate...

As stated in Mr. Milbanks Op-Ed piece:

"From beginning to end, LaPierre's appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee was a study in vainglory. The written testimony he submitted to Congress came with a biography describing him as a 'Renaissance man,' a 'skilled hunter,' and an 'acclaimed speaker and political force of nature' as he preserved freedom."

Dana - you are being too nice here.

LaPierre is the epitome of fact, he is cartoonish and one dimensional ...a buffoon.