Friday, February 1, 2013

Today's Mendacious Prevaricator (Lying Liar) Award Goes to (drum roll please) Wayne LaPierre

by Pat Bagley - The Salt Lake Tribune

Dana Milbank and I don't always see eye to eye...In fact, I often find him lacking in substance in that straddling the middle rail middle of the road kind of way BUT today's Opinion piece for the "Washington Post" syndicated out (to the Denver Post and other tabloids) was right on target.

It looks like even Mr. Milbank has had just enough of the arrogant bullying...The absolute HUBRIS... of the the NRA and their testosterone addicted lackies....

The piece covers LaPierre's appearance before the Senate...

As stated in Mr. Milbanks Op-Ed piece:

"From beginning to end, LaPierre's appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee was a study in vainglory. The written testimony he submitted to Congress came with a biography describing him as a 'Renaissance man,' a 'skilled hunter,' and an 'acclaimed speaker and political force of nature' as he preserved freedom."

Dana - you are being too nice here.

LaPierre is the epitome of fact, he is cartoonish and one dimensional ...a buffoon.

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