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The Psycho-Babbling of Michele Bachmann: ACA “kills” women and children and seniors… huh?


I am quite sure that portion of the fringy "mental health" community still firmly embedded in the thinking of the  1970's-1980's will be taken aback with my use of the terminology, “psychobabble”- a term for the verbal bullshit tinged with misused psychotherapy and psychological buzzwords emanating from con men and women (Werner Hans Erhard, nee John Paul Rosenberg,  of EST; the surviving L. Ron Hubbard family's Dianetics,  along with their “adoptees” from Cruz to Stallone to Travolta of Scientology; the bastardized  "rebirthing" and con game "past-life regressors") out to fleece the unsuspecting naive and all-too-often those truly in need of help; the unknowledgeable and uneducated who have heard a term and worked it into their lingo in order to sound “hip”; or “para-professionals” (another 1980’s creation) who were given the keys to psych wards across America in the “de-warehousing” or "de-institutionalization" (another psycho-babble term) that was no more than a justification to privatize and gut any treatment services offered to citizens resulting in throwing chronic long term patients into the street without a support system (creating much of what is now the homeless population), dumping low functioning or non-functional individuals onto families ill-equipped to care for them,  replacing professional staff with minimum wage, untrained, somewhat human fillers to meet legal requirements for institutional  care.

“Psycho-Babble” has grown up and gone mainstream.  Terminology  from “psychopath” to “sociopath” to  “psychotic” and even “projection” , “denial,” “defense mechanism”  and “identification” are thrown around in the Halls of Congress to describe anyone that may disagree with an idea or  to demonize an individual or group.  Circular logic tinged with just enough old time psycho-babble is used to justify fear, angst and anger – new words with a psycho-twist from “Islamophobia” to “Sharia-phobia”   - many used as an excuse to justify new legislation.

“Psycho-Babble” .....

What  better term for the bullshit espoused by the  inflated, self-perpetuating industry of “quick fix” and “sure-cure” (more 70’s-80’s terminology  for trendy techniques used to separate those in pain from their cash) promoted by politicians proving to be separating those in need from actual assistance and those hard workers from their financial security?

What better term for the bloviating from members of  the Wall Street and C Street  subsidiary called Congress, especially those most ardent and adamant promoters of the protracted war on the poor and middle class, the GOP?

What better term for the over-the-top ignorance espoused by the "fringiest" of extremists promoted to mouthpiece for the debased base to whom they pander (eg, Gohmert, Ryan, Paul I - the elderly self-absorbed - and Paul II -the younger like-kind but with a marmoset atop his head)?

The rantings of circular logic and attacks mixed with just enough buzzwords to sound “knowledgeable” and caring used to justify one's own, often baseless ideology and self-made reality is exactly that...


Michele Bachmann has become the posterchild for Psycho-babble.  With every speech and appearance, she demands a new call for some fear driven "investigation" or legislation - whether it is channeling her inner Frank Gaffney, in a letter writing campaign calling for investigation of the  'Muslim Brotherhood" that has "infiltrated" the government. (Letter to Inspector General Office of the Director of National Intelligence).  (Even Boehner and McCain thought this to be dangerous and over the top), or  calls for a "media investigation" of the "Anti-American activities of liberals,"  and who can possibly forget the continuation of the Palin "death panels"  meme (that is now being channeled once again)...........  

Michelle epitomizes Psycho-babbling.

In her latest, this week, as the Paul Ryan "Budget" (or plan for repealing Affordable Care Act, ACA,  for the 36th time - a tremendous waste of taxpayer funds -  and call for shredding the social safety net) came to the floor of the House of Representatives for a vote, Michelle, in her usual emotion driven, uneducated and false delusion makes her appeal ............

 The  American people, especially vulnerable women, vulnerable children, vulnerable senior citizens, now get to pay more and they get less. That’s why we’re here, because we’re saying let’s repeal this failure before it literally kills women, kills children, kills senior citizens. Let’s not do that. Let’s love people. Let’s care about people.

Michele, as usual, needs a little fact-checking and confrontation with the real world:

1. March, 2012, 22 covered preventive services for women, (including pregnant women, a group denied coverage under many medical plans) previously not covered or covered only by added premium on a separate rider, are now covered without additional cost.

2. January 2011, ACA , assisted seniors by making changes to Medicare Part D and the donut-hole or gap (Part D covers allowable costs for medication and drugs).  Under the original, Bush plan for Medicare Part D, the plans only covered to a certain dollar amount paid out by the plan or to a gap. The plan would  stop covering the cost of medication up to and until the senior pays, out of pocket, the full cost for medications up to the next tier or  the other side of the gap at which coverage kicks back in.  The  original plan would drive seniors completely out of the plans - poor and middle class seniors on little or fixed incomes would have to make a choice - food vs medication, a roof over their head vs. medication. Under AHA, seniors now automatically get a 50% discount on covered brand-name drugs, 7% discount on generic drugs, and these percentages change for the better every year until 2020 - in other words, assisting seniors to survive.

3. And for children, ACA extends funding for CHIP (Children's Health Insurance Program).

Three facts for Michelle and the GOP that will never be admitted into the seldom-right-but-always-certain diatribe perpetuating the war on the poor and middle class..................

More psycho-babbling

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