Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The giant testicles of the month award- John Fugelsang's new award and guess who won?

John Fugelsang - rapidly becoming my favorite guy with a mic. A "liberal" with a mic - what a concept. Actually finding a liberal on TV

Last night was the premier of the new award for those involved in current events. "The giant testicles of the month award."

That doesn't mean the pool of candidates are those picked from the smoke screen of a military "security" administration (NSA) trying hard to deflect and spin, duck and weave...caught with it's cyberpants down as it sticks it to the American people (and the people of the planet)...

Note: I will just drop this little link here for those curious enough ..
The Posse Comitatus Act............

It pulls from the very people who actually should be heard for what they say and should be held accurately accountable for lies, damn lies and bullshit.

But that, actually,  takes tracking the truth not the spin - unfortunately, in a country poised to pay attention only for 5 minutes (American adult at it's most focused on anything not "me") down to 2 nanoseconds (smartphone users), the Rovian soundbyte still wins (8 seconds is the maximum length for a talking point that will stick - it won Bush an election twice)...

Wow, what a concept! Paying attention to the REAL story - America, WTF?

Can we actually have an educated electorate?

I know, call me a dreamer - I reach for the stars and grab stardust as I can

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