Friday, July 26, 2013

Spying on American citizens makes for strange bedfellows - Guess who the White House found in their bed?

The Queen of Psycho-Babbling may not be running again but she certainly isn't being any less of a clown............As proven in her rant to the House in order to try and kill the Amash/Conyers/Mulvaney/Polis/Massie Amendment (Salon's "Bachmann defends NSA spying on Americans") - the bill attempting to restrict the over-reach and attacks on private communications put in place by the Patriot Act as it relates to the NSA collection of not just meta-data, but, entire email, telephone and any communication on social media.

As the WH channeled the spirit of Dick Cheney,, issued statements about trying to protect us from "terrorists", Michele stood on the floor of the House trying to teach about "false narratives".  The woman who screamed about how retardation is caused by Gardasil; The woman who ranted about the take-over by Sharia Law and sent Frank Gaffney ghost written letters to Obama about his installation of  the Muslim Brotherhood in the US government; the woman who claims to creationism tries to school on "False Narratves"?

Michele Bachmann, joined in the bizarre orgy of  the most strange bedfellows to include John Boehner and Eric Cantor as they mated with Nancy Pelosi to whip up fear and loathing of that evil bill - after all, who ever gave us the impression we had a right to privacy - just act Dick Cheney...

Peter King  (King of new age McCarthyism) joined in a romp with Michele and Steny Hoyer to  increase the attacks on supporters of the Amendment - Yep, resorting to Bush Administration tactics seems to be the best defense of the most offensive Congressional actions against us.

Read more at "The Guardian" - Glenn Greenwald's,  "Democratic establishment unmasked: prime defenders of NSA bulk spying"

(Glenn Greenwald, who may be the most hated writer, by the somewhat left of center in America. but who actually does know his stuff on NSA, attacks on privacy and the Surveillance State..Go ahead, read it, I won't tell anyone...Be our little secret)

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