Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Israeli Occupation of the Gaza - Supporting Gaza's Ark

Israel began their blockade of the Gaza in 1989.  A long time to create a "ghetto" and keep it isolated.

Since 2004, Israel has tightened the noose around the necks of the Palestinian strip as growing hostility, on both sides, catches the people in the middle. That's the way it always goes with neo-con type "right equals might" mentalities.

The Likud Party of Israel has held control of that country for years now and that Likud Party is the same party that has pushed for destruction of the Palestinian homeland, razing farms and homes in order to settle and permanently displace thousands of people for a claimed "biblical" lie - the lie that "God" promised the land to belong to "Israel".

We can go on and on about the book of moral fables called the Bible and what it does and doesn't state (depending on which of the 150 ++ versions one wants to claim to be the "true:" book) but the facts are:

1. The people of the Gaza Strip are being abused and killed by the hubris and imperialist aims of the Israeli government (not all the people of Israel but its government).

2. Israel demands peace on its terms and will not allow for anything else.

This is not to say that Palestine has always been the martyr, Groups from Hamas to the PLO have fought just as hard and have been just as unreasonable as the Israeli government but, again, it is the people of the Gaza who lose.

The blockade has been made worse by the continued unrest in Egypt since the only clear way in and out of the Gaza remains open or is closed depending on the political winds in Egypt - treaties, accords and agreements change with every new government.

More on the specific issues are discussed at Amnesty International's website discussion of the Gaza Blockade.

Gaza's Ark, is about to set sail again... Gaza's Ark  is a floating protest challenging the blockade of Gaza by sea - a crew of Palestinians and international activists on board, the Ark will sail from the port of Gaza, carrying Palestinian products to buyers around the world, to defy Israel’s illegal and inhuman blockade.

More on the latest effort, "An Interview With David Heap on Gaza's Ark
Sailing From Gaza to Break the Blockade".


  1. So glad to see you focus on this cause that's too often ignored or viewed through an Israeli lens. The Palestinian people are among the most abused in the world - Their home and land destroyed or stolen, their human rights almost non-existent.

    1. Rosemary - Thank you for your thoughts.

      I agree wholeheartedly with your statement! Sadly, the US is so tied to Israel that we continue to take the side of the oppressor in this conflict.