Friday, September 6, 2013

Deer Trail, CO: Where men are "men" and drones are scared - not

As reported here by our intrepid reporter, Anomaly, “Colorado town considers granting residents hunting licenses to shoot down drones for bounty money,” July 18, 2013, Deer Trail, CO, (a town of 550, that lies southeast of Denver, in Arapahoe County) was to “debate an ordinance that would allow residents to purchase a $25 hunting license to shoot down ‘unmanned aerial vehicles.’”

Well debate they did – the town board presented a proposal to license drone hunters and added a $100 bounty for each drone caught…

I have to wonder if those drones hide in the brush and can get flushed like a pheasant with a good ol’ hunting dog or do they light on the water as easy target from a drone blind…but I digress.

The town board failed to approve the new ordinance last month. According to the Denver Post, the vote was deadlocked at 3-3 so they will be holding a special election, Oct 8, so the town’s citizens can vote on the measure…..

But that didn't stop Phil Steel, the resident and on-line entrepreneur that proposed the original idea to the town board.  Mr. Steel jumped the gun, so to speak, and started selling a novelty version of the proposed license on-line.  On Tuesday, he said he had sold 100 fake “licenses” and pulled in $2500 (at $25.00 a real steal for Steel – especially since they aren't worth the paper on which they are printed).  He “donated” a portion of the income to the town in a magnanimous gesture at the monthly board meeting, according to the Town Clerk, Kim Oldfield.

Now one might think that’s all there is to this story, but no, there is more.

According to Ms. Oldfield, that isn’t the only money coming in to the town right now.  Apparently, the town, and specifically, Ms. Oldfield, has received more than 983 requests for the new license issued by the town (well as of last Tuesday, when she stopped counting them) and more than $19,000 in checks from all over the US.

The proposed ordinance will  provide a license that entitles the licensee to shoot down drones flying less than 1000 ft above private property (no public property, that wouldn't be sporting.)  The fees collected would be used to fund a local community center (No drones allowed).

Ms. Oldfield is not happy.  All the funds that have come in thus far have to be returned if the ordinance does not pass and she does not think it will pass…currently 38  people out of the 550 population have already signed a petition opposing the measure – 8 of those “drone-lovers” came to the board meeting last Tuesday to oppose the special election….

And they wonder what we do here in the Mile High City for fun…well that and legal marijuana….

{Hey, don’t Bogart that joint…pass it over to me}

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