Monday, September 16, 2013

Rumors of our demise have been greatly exaggerated-On the Ground: Occupy Boulder Flood Relief

The latest news in Colorado:
  • 17 counties effected by flooding (an area the size of the state of Connecticut);
  • 1000 still isolated and in need of rescue;
  • National Guard of Colorado has been involved in the  largest helicopter rescue operation since Hurricane Katrina (some reports that the numbers now exceed Katrina). Helicopters remain grounded as storms run through but continue airlift as the storms break.  On Saturday, 85 5th graders and  14 adults were airlifted from Jamestown, CO, area, and taken into Boulder.
  • Over 1750 have been rescued to date - 1200 human species and over 500 of various other species.
  • Ft. Collins National Guard as well as other units throughout the state have been activated on a regular basis for nearly 2 years now.  Since May, 2013, they have been deployed to fight forest fires, brush fires and to fight the firestorms and now are actively working this flooding t0 saving lives, setting sandbags and bringing supplies.
  • Big Thompson River, St Vrain River, Boulder Creek, Platte River, Cache la Poudre River are still breaching their banks - St Vrain swelled a second time this morning in Longmont; Salida, CO, is the latest town to be hit by flooding 0 yesterday evening, the town of Firestone was evacuated and traffic diverted through Pine Cone and No Name (just love the names of towns in Colorado... Ted's Place on the Cache la Poudre was hit early in this flooding)
  • More rain predicted this afternoon with smaller cells moving out of the western slope and into mountains and eastern foothills then over the plains - some predicted to bring rains of up to an inch every half hour
  • Death toll is at 7 but expected to rise once crews can reach the 17,000-19,000 homes destroyed as well as the isolated bridges, dams, buildings and towns that have collapsed and or washed downstream

An animated gif consisting of before and after false-color satellite images of the Denver-Boulder area. Water is black or dark blue; sediment-laden water or muddy ground is pale blue; vegetation is green; and bare earth is tan. (Images: NASA. Animated gif: Tom Yulsman)
An animated gif consisting of before and after false-color satellite images of the 
Denver-Boulder area. Water is black or dark blue; sediment-laden water or muddy ground
 is pale blue; vegetation is green; and bare earth is tan. 
(Images: NASA. Animated gif: Tom Yulsman)

And in Boulder, CO, Occupy is doing what Occupy does - early on the scene and working with the people to save the people for this is what Democracy looks like...

#BoulderFloodRelief was born from the flooding waters of the Boulder Creek and the needs of the people.


Occupy is not dead - far from it.  Gone are the tents from the 16 months long "Occupation" of parks around the US, Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, and even in Asia - that was merely an introduction. The protests still occur and are, often, echoed throughout the planet, but are rarely televised or reported; The people are still actively educating and "activating."

Occupy was on the ground after Hurricane Sandy, helping victims in hard hit areas of Staten Island, Rockaways, Sheepshead Bay and along the New Jersey coast (and are still actively involved in rebuilding those areas)


Occupy was on the ground in Oklahoma after the tornadoes destroyed towns throughout the state (#OPOK)

#OPOK 2013
#OPOK 2013

Now it is Occupy in Colorado.


For those who want to help


Follow on Twitter at:

#BoulderFlood Relief


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