Friday, October 18, 2013

Huge PAC and Corporate Campaign Contributions are the root of evil in Congress - Was it the real reason for the Tea Party rebellion against John Boehner?

The New York Times reported on an interesting list of information about the "Stand Your Ground" (or "et tu, Tea Party") Tea Party Republicans that led the rebellion in the House of Representatives that created the shutdown of government over the past two weeks. In their article, October 1, 2013, "The Republicans Standing Their Ground", the article listed 20 members that pushed for the ACA Defunding and the shutdown, noting these members have been a constant thorn in John Boehner's side.

Well no wonder! According to,October 3, 2013, article, "Dissidents Haven't Seen the $ Love from Boehner, Cantor":

"We analyzed how much money those 20 have received from the leadership PACs of top Republicans in the House and how much assistance they were given in the 2012 election by the National Republican Congressional Conference.

According to data, there's been almost no money going to these 20 from top party leaders, and most were elected without any help from the NRCC. In other words, they don't owe party leadership much."

With all the campaign fundraising and money flowing, through both Boehner and Cantor, into the coffers of nearly every GOP member on the Floor of the House of Representatives, it appears the rebellious 20 were left out..They got little to none. In fact, most got no help in their elections from the NRCC (but the Kochs, I am sure, made up for that), almost none from John Boehner and just a little more from Eric Cantor.

1%'er Money talks through the US government and in this case, it appears money (or lack of campaign funds buying their fealty) may have led to rebellion of Tea Party children against Daddy Warbuck's money-changer, Boehner.

"May we live in interesting times" until we finally get a clue and kick the 1% out of the Halls of Congress and the Houses of Washington Politics.

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