Tuesday, December 17, 2013

9/11...9/11...9/11...Promoting the Militarization Mentality in a Militarized State: America, WTF?

America is great at refusing to let wounds heal..We rip open scabs and force scarring only to rip them open again...a never ending chant droning of "never forget" - as if anyone ever could.

9/11...9/11...9/11 is the war cry heard after every death in Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Every bomb, every mass shooting...every time we want to justify the militarization of schools, police, government offices...

9/11...9/11...9/11 - screeched by politicians wanting to instill nationalism and war-mongers wanting to instill fear, all in the name of "National Security".

We arm untrained, and often unhinged, police and sheriff's deputies with military grade weaponry; excuse excessive force in bringing down suspects; support murder committed on foreign soil as "justice" as we deny "due process"; allow gun manufacturers to dictate policy; and enact laws that legalize assault, and murder, when someone claims he was "threatened"...

Logic, reason and peaceful co-existence have been replaced by bluster, imperialism and a "might equals right" mentality.

Truth-out released "America's Child Soldiers: JROTC and the Militarizing of America," a re-post from "TomDispatch.com," "Tomgram: Ann Jones, Suffer the Children," addressing the issue of the militarization of our youth:

"...Too bad for the young -- and the future -- of those countries. But look at it this way: Why should Washington help the children of Sudan or Yemen escape war when it spares no expense right here at home to press our own impressionable, idealistic, ambitious American kids into military 'service'?
It should be no secret that the United States has the biggest, most efficiently organized, most effective system for recruiting child soldiers in the world. With uncharacteristic modesty, however, the Pentagon doesn’t call it that. Its term is 'youth development program.'..."

America, WTF?

Bad enough that we have destroyed the hopes for peace in our time, do we have to shatter the dreams of our children too?

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