Friday, December 6, 2013

As if we needed more proof that the Koch Bros. own a large portion of government

David and Charles Koch own the 2nd largest privately held corporation in America..and the largest privately held oil company in America. They inherited it from their daddy.

Expanding into minerals of all types, then paper products and "cleaning" materials, they have raped and pillaged the planet from South to North, East to West and all around the globe.

In order to maintain their standing as one of the world's despotic controllers, they have poured millions of greenbacks into framing discussions, perpetuating myths and lying to everyone - from climate change denial ... misogyny and anti-feminism; from health care reform .... energy reform...

......Oligarchal apology to Corporate whoredom, the Koch's are kings of the "Noble Lie" to perpetuate their continued obscenities...

As a member of ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council), they have led their friends along the primrose path of self-righteous hubris and into planetary decay.

$1 out of every $4 dollars darkly passed into the darkest of money machines influencing campaigns and elections - buying off politicians (willing to be bought) and the propositions, amendments and referenda placed in front of the voting public (or what was left of them after more money had been poured into denying voters, across the nation, their rights).

Robber Barons and hucksters have been pouring their ill-gotten gains into controlling our fate for decades - selling the soul of a nation for their Capitalist swindles. The Kochs are just making it into a demonic Dark Arts form.

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