Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Ending of 2013: There has to be a Revolution of Consciousness

Beware The Rabbit Hole

The end of 2013 in a continued spiral down the Rabbit Hole towards the blackness of the bottomless abyss..

Government spies, presidential lies, and fire from the skies – Due process, we don’t need no stinkin’ due process…The Kill List is our “justice.”

Guantanamo, no more than the monument to America’s Hubris, still holds innocent men dying for our humanity.

Government obstructed, Middle Class destructed, and the Oligarchy constructed – The people are of no consequence, only money is spoken here...

All eyes on the GDP at the expense of the people is the evil of corporate rule – The top ½ of the top 1% horde it all while millions fall destitute with deafening silence …

Torture out-source, War without remorse, and nations without recourse – Imperialism justified by post 9/11 might equals right mindset...

Exceptionalism and fear promoted by power-brokers whispering murderous death chants like an Iago in the ear of an evil lord.

Iraq lays in rubble, Afghanistan is dysfunction trouble, as we live in a neo-conned bubble -  Blood and gore  the color of the century, plastering the sands of time...

“Spreading Hope and Change” and “Spreading Democracy” become the battle cries to justify more destruction and oppression of the  planet.

Whistleblowers defected, truth is neglected, accountability rejected - "Plausible deniability" the NewSpeak by an Orwellian Ministry of Truth's daily MSM.

The whole world still watching ……….

Time to wake up………

With Special Thanks and Solidarity!

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